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I please Hannah wasnt sleeping. Perhaps some carbohydrate will wake her up! Huh? Hey, thanks for the give, friend! Think you can catch one of these in your mouth? Ow! Only kidding, that didnt really hurt. Hey, whats that over there? Sick of shedding marshmallows? Why not try this Tik Tok challenge then? Oh yea, this is gonna be good. Apple? Check! You thinking what Im mulling? Gives do this. HA! Come and get wise, Claire! How much longer can we do this for? Lucky number four? Yes! This is crazy! Now what do we do? We have ourselves a snack, of course. Mmm! Thats crispy. Whats up next? Looks like the gasps challenge! You ready, daughters? Im ready to put on my pants! Lemme grab on now for match And in one swift climb, Hannahs in! You sure are agile! Okay, conclude Claire can draw off this stunt? Exclusively one method to be informed about! Ready to dive into the T-shirt, Claire? And thats how its done, females! Aw, theres nothing left for me to put on.Oh well. Check it out! Olivias got something special up her sleeve. You think you guys are swift? Ill show you how its certainly done. Um, this is childs toy Olivia. Give yourself a real challenge! Try jumping into these bad sons! Gah! Maybe this leg is currently working! Woah! Cmon OOF! Ive had enough! Whats wrong with the old school way, huh? See ?! I prevail. Is Olivia wound up tight or what? Let give this thing another spin! Hey, its time to go swimming, folks! Weve went this next challenge in the bag! But no one told us it was 60 magnitudes today Well really warm ourselves up. Hey! Watch those arms, Claire! That looks mighty deep Can you get your knees dry without fallingin? -Aha! Woah! I cant belief I did it! Now its your turn, Claire! I hope my legs are strong enough for this Slowly GAH !!! These besties really do do everything together! For this challenge, Tie a braid with the string exercising your tongue.Hmm, if I pull this to the right, And give this part a grind Yes! Check it out! Want to see it again? Hannahs got a strong tongue, alright. Wanna give it a try, Claire? Woah, your tongue is doing somersaults! My tongues lodge! Cmon, Claire, concentrates! ACK! How did you do this so quick, Hannah? Well, I tried at least. Hey! Maybe I precisely need different fibre. Ooh, its strawberry flavored! Ok, maybe Im doing this all wrong. Mmm! And it looks like Hannah did it again! What? Cmon, share the wealth! Why didnt we start with this stuff in thefirst place? Ooh, this savours road better than string. Oops! Well, its really par for the course, I guess.Think you know whats next? The container challenge! Hey, whos that? Watch the WALL! That had to hurt! For this challenge, fill a big bucket withwater. Once its full, assemble round your best friend And “ve been trying to” simultaneously counterbalance it on yourfeet. You got it girls? These shoes are killing me! Maybe if I just take them off Easy Ah, thats better. Hey, why not all take turns taking them off! Keep continuous, noblewomen! Its appearing a little wobbly Think you can handle it, Claire? Yes! One shoe down! WOAH !!! OOOH! Hope you fetched a towel with you, Claire! How much water was in that thing ?! Its so cold !!! Admit it girls, Youre secretly stimulated that wasnt you! Spin again, if you dare This is gonna be messy for sure.Berry liquor? My favorite! So is this challenge to drink some liquor? Musics pretty easy. No, theres more to this challenge thanthat. You ready? Woah! You didnt spill a thing! I can manage that. Yes! Pound it! Lets supplemented a little more juice, shall we? Hopefully the ability of physics is still onour side. Now becomes good-for-nothing! Phenomenal !! Causes try the opposite way! Grab your umbrellas, people! No! Hannah didnt have it that time. Now Im all sticky! Uh, clean up on aisle four delight Too bad that liquor went to waste.Only a couple challenges left! Yum! Look at those things! Hey , not so quickly! Watch. Can you poise your cookie like this? Then drop it down into your opening? Ah, virtually got it! And bullseye! You give it a try, Hannah! Okay Cmon little cookie No! Let try it from a different direction. Hey, shes not even searching Mmm. Why struggle for a cookie, right? No! Eh, cheers.Time for one last twirl! Hope youre thirsty! Is this how people are comprising wine-coloured glassesthese days? For this challenge they are! Can you still maintained the glass? Good! Because now you have to pass it to your best friend. And neither of you can use your hands! Oh gosh, here it comes! Youve got to have some strong back musclesfor this! Mm! Tasty! That was pretty impressive, ladies! Now think you can do it the other way? Make sure you have a good grip on that. Its comin in, Hannah! And we have contact! Man, that are actually does appetite better that method! Teamwork realise the dream labor! Think you can do these Tik Tok challenges? Then share this video with your best friend andput their endowment to the test! 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