WE TESTED VIRAL TIK TOK TRICKS! Easy DIY Experiments You Can Do At Home! Science By 123 GO!CHALLENGE

Discipline !! It so cool and recreation! Especiallywhen you get to do discipline ventures. Maybe its inducing unpoppablebubbles, or interesting hues! No matter what you do, somethinginteresting and cool is gonna happen! Yes! Im energized to see whathappens when I contributed this! Bombs apart! What happened ?! Oh no! I didnt mean to make aliteralbomb! All freedom! Time for a science test then! Im going to clean up. When Imback, that measure better be done! Oh! That tree tried to attack me! Ugh. Exams are the worst! Let get out of now! For this venture, Im gonna need a glove Because I need some cases of dry ice Ooooh. Look at it smoke in the air! Thats so cool. I affection this trash! Whoa! Youre right! It IS cool! Now its time to situated it in the glass of ocean! I like how the inhale fells down to the table Yeah, well, you want to see something really cool? I can use this little glass tojust scoop up some of the smoke There it starts! Dropping down like the rest of it Woooooow.I adore this. Hey. Grab that fabric. Look. Im dunking it in the soapy irrigate Okay its rain and soapy. Letsput it on top of the dry ice glass Ill exactly drag the soapytowel in all the regions of the top like this That should do it! Now theres soap on the glass Look! The soap made a bubbleand its load with fume! Im gonna style it. Careful. Careful . . . It popped! And there goes all of the fume! Whats that? Oh no! The smoke detector! We setit off with our experimentation! We gotta get out of here! Run away! Ooh milk! Perfect because I am thirsty What “are you doin “? Thatsmilk for the experiment! Sorry.First, Ill need a illustration. And somedifferent food colorings Ill need droppers for the food coloring, very And I cant forget the q-tips! Im gonna pour the milk into this glass Next, the milk is going onto the plate. Now for a dropper and some food coloring Well start with dark-green. Its my favorite hue All title , now its experience for a q-tip. Were going to dip the q-tip into the liquid soap Now were ready to see something really cool Whoa! Its like occult! The colouring is spreading out! Wooooow. Coolest thing Ive ever done with milk Oh yeah? Well. I bet I canmake an even cooler one! Okay, Im just gonna movethis layer out of the action Time for a brand-new slab! I need the milk please! Back onto the plate it vanishes Youre splashing kind of a lot Time to dip the q-tip into the soap Wait.It didnt work! Maybe I really need to stir it some more . . . Ugh. Nothing! Wait , no! It IS moving! It manipulates! Youre right, it is! Good job, Olivia. H 2 O. Its gonna be important H 2 O. Okay. I can treat that. Oh my god! When did he write all of that ?! Oh, I better write this all down! You got it all, right? It reaches appreciation? Tells simply do the experimentation. Okay, Ive got my spoon! Sort of. But Im ready! Grab your bottle of petroleum Got it. Ugh, its ponderous. Put your spoonful in your glass of ocean like this Now carefully pour the petroleum ontothe spoon. I said carefully! You stop saying that formerly your glass is mostly full Oops! I forgot somethingwe need. Ill be right back Hmm, whats in that container? They inspect various kinds of like Mentos Maaaaybe Ill precisely add a fewand well see what happens Here he comes! Now its age for the next step. Open your bottle And pour some of the food coloring into your glass It doesnt have to be a lot ofcolor.That should be enough Now we need these effervescent tablets, right? Thats right! Now “theres going”! One for me and one for you Ooh, glance! Excavations was beginning to bubble! Mine . . . isnt. Whats goingon? Why isnt it manipulating? How come Olivias is working sogreat? Shes horrendous at science Ohhhh I enjoy this. Olivia. Why isnt mine working like yours? I dont know. Maybe yourejust bad at this venture. There must be something wrongwith the tablet. Ill take it out This doesnt look like one of thetablets. I think its a Mentos Here you go, Olivia! Just returning your Mentos Okay, “re ready”? And. . . Look! Ummm, well a bathtub.I dont get it. Well, the thing is, youre thistall. And the bathtub is this long And Im this tall. Which signifies it has to be you to get in the tub. Me? Well, if you say so! Goodthing Im ever prepared for a trough! Wow. Okay yeah, you really are. Okay. Im in the bathtub. Im kind of nervous though. Are you ready for . . . coke? Dont worry. I got you some floaties, very. Ooh, I do love floaties! Theyre so cute! Okay, “re ready”? Becauseits experience for the coke Pouring this coke in the tub is fun! You “ve tried” it some time, Olivia Nope.Nope! I change my knowledge! I dont like this! Dont worry, has only just been gettingstarted. Time to add . . . more coke! Im getting thirsty. Hold on asecond, let me fill this glass Mmm, thats more like it! If Im gonna bathein coke, I might as well get to drink it, very And were done! Thats all the coke! Oh no. This venture is justgetting started. Time for the Mentos! Oh no. No no no! Youre not goingto pour those working in now, are you ?! In they extend! Every single one! Is it happening? Is the reaction starting? Whats is happening? Am I in danger? Should I be scared ?! Is this it ??! Nothings happening, Nick.Its simply illusion. Dont tell me I came in thisbathtub of coke for no reason. Well if Im in here, I might as well enjoy myself! Nows some music to set the mood! Actually, perhaps Ill join you! No. Theres exclusively space forone in this tub. And thats me Gonna need irrigate and Styrofoamballs for this experiment These sud projectiles are the best.I could play with them all day So colorful! So recreation! We get it. You adore the Styrofoamballs. Is there an experiment? Of trend there is. First, causes pourthese lumps into the funnel for the bottle.Were ready for the next step. This part is difficult. Ihope Im up for the challenge Eww. Gross. Okay. I simply get one shot at this. Here I run! Ive gotta flip this bottle full ofwater on top of the sud clod bottle I did it! Now watch what happens! The bubbles between the two bottles causesthe foam balls to move to the surface bottle! And the liquid is all drained so its done! Huge success! I speculation I can do it even better than you AND a blindfold Thats right. Ill do itwithout being able to see. Heres my funnel! And I simply have to stick it into the empty bottle Get out of here, I said I can do it by myself Okay, next gradation, pour thefoam missiles into the funnel Wow. Handsy much, Nick? Jeeze. Cant forget about this part. Ummm, Olivia. Maybe you should take a quick look Oh. I “ve been meaning to” do that. Science is always betterwhen youre wearing a scarf Blindfold back in placeand ready for the next step Ugh.Nick! What is your problem ?! Uh, youre spilling spray andfoam missiles all over the table! Now the missiles are all over the floor! Okay here we go and flip the bottle! Im falling !! Science is so fun! Whoa. What happened to you ?? Oh my deity! You need a chair! Here. Sit down. That should help Thanks Nick. The chair IS a big help Youre probably red-hot. And thirsty. I can set that. Aww thanks, Nick. That irrigate was great Oh, that breeze is nice, more. Hold ona second. Let me just set this here. Oh! Anyway, look at this great watermelon I have! Yay! I enjoy watermelon! Not so quickly! Were gonna need these Fanta spices. Watch. First, well take the detonator off oneof the bottles and use it on the melon Just got to twist it until it makesa hole in the watermelon. Like so! Now to clear two more openings with the other ceilings. Now its era for the amusing part.Are you ready? And causes pour them inside the watermelon! Wow! Look at that Fanta proceed! Its draining so quickly. And now were ready for thenext step. Which needs a knife! Time to cut into this watermelon. Its gonna be savory. Only gonna cut it in half all the way around. And voila! Our watermelon masterpiece! Its a rainbow of colors fromthe Fanta we swarmed inside! Now lets slice it and serve it! Wow. Youre really good with that pierce, Olivia. For your snacking desire, blue-blooded, orange, and lettuce watermelon! Oooh! I want to try one of these green slicings! I miss a off-color one! Ohhhh, it smacks sooooo good! Like watermelon and blue-blooded Fanta! Youre right! This one very, except for dark-green Fanta! Okay, class! whats going on in here? Youve been doing unsupervised ventures! Yeah but theyre yummy! I dont even know why I rile toteach the youth of this generation Have you conducted any of these ventures? Let us know in the comments! And dont forget to share this video with yourfriends!

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