Viral Video Ronaldo Buang dan Tendang Ban Kapten Usai Portugal Kalah 0-1 dari Belgia Euro 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo was really disappointed that Portugal was kicked out by Belgium in the round of 16 of Euro 2020 Ronaldo immediately threw apart his captain’s armband and knocked a bottle on the sidelines during the Das Quinas selecao it was really difficult throughout the match after Ronaldo and his friends’ attacks “couldve been” stifled Belgium could take the lead since the first half hard-bitten knock thorgan Hazard In the 42 nd instant to make sure Portugal trailed 0-1 at half-time in the second half Portugal’s attempt to equalize again met a stalemate Portugal still struggled to equalize the score of 0-1 defeat was ultimately swallowed by Portugal the representing champ had to lift the suitcase after the referee blew Cristiano’s long whistle Ronaldo examines so trounced, the striker was identified slamming his captain’s armband then submitted on the field then Ronaldo shook mitts with various Belgian musicians before leaving the field on the edge of the field Ronaldo was seen again venting his disappointment he kicked a alcohol bottle that was on the road to the stadium hallway then slammed g his captain’s armband was also knocked after falling to someone’s ground then approached him and returned the armband back to Ronaldo, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player accepted it again but still examines vexed and disappointed.This disappointment is understandable considering that Euro 2020 could be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last happen in The next European Cup there will still be the 2022 world cup finals in Qatar which may be the last international happen for the owner of 5 Ballon d’ Or that’s all right. Don’t forget to subscribe this time. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the latest news from this canal, hi hi.

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