Viral Video of Form 1 Student Reporting to Maranda High Onboard Chopper Lights The Internet| News54!

you’re watching information 54.[ Music] even as the form ones continues to report to their various secondary education of choice a student at miranda high school inside county has amazed many after he reported to the school on board chopper in a video that has since gone viral online parents and brand-new students who had arrived at the school ready for admissions is dealt with to a rare panorama when a helicopter wavered around the school compound before eventually territory after the sand settled on the school’s field a student clad in academy costume alighted accompanied by a person believed to be his father it was not immediately built who the wealthy man was and his arrival immediately inspired heated actions among kenyans online this comes exactly a period after photos of parents and new students reporting to capsabet boys high school in nundy county rocked the internet[ Applause][ Music][ Music][ Music ].

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