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You shouldn’t be dining from other’s parcels. And who asked you to give feedback about meat? I was hungry. Sorry, sir. And it was in offer. The proposal is for “the consumers ” , not for the delivery boy. Jiju. Not that again. I have told you many times that bellow me sir. Now proceed from here. Yes, mam. I will be there in 10 instants. Thank you, mam. When will they understand that it takes time? Anuradha Ji? Yes. Who is he, and why is she wearing your saree? Look it’s your dress. And from the background, it looks like it’s your residence. It looks just like you.It’s you. review. It’s great. No no, it’s not me. Then what? Your husband is with somebody else who looks just like you? It’s amazing, you are an influencer now. Anuradha mam? Did I annoy you? 340. Isn’t it you? Is she your wife? Bhaiya? your coin. It’s a discus from me. I have understood it and I will do it. Thank you so much, sir. Have a good day sir, bye-bye. Anu? Listen. Do you know who was on the phone? Who? Vineet. Who? Don’t you know who is Vineet? He has thousand of partisans, he is an inspiration for a new generation and he called me. The new generation doesn’t know what is inspiration and what is passion. Please keep your teacher instinct to yourself and listen it’s important. He has told me that we should keep the background good so people should watch our dance instead of the background.We should try, it’s good input. Anu? See if our next two videos disappeared viral like this, our life will change. Look at it. People are mimicking our dance steps. We going to go viral. All of “its good”, but. We concluded it for recreation. It doesn’t ogle good, what people will say? We have other plans. Really a hour. Have a look at their lifestyle. See. She is your age. They have lives, automobiles, devotees, and everything else by merely shaping videos. You might have seen this Dabu uncle. And see this one. He is from our Jaipur. From Jaipur. He makes in lakhs and has millions of devotees. Look at their lifestyle. How did they get coin? By precisely concluding videos. Anu? I believe we should make a thank you video for our devotees, it will be great. Look carefully, the government has saw so many videos they have done so much of hardwork.Only one video of our was liked by the people and in today’s world daily a new person departs viral. Anuradha Chaudhary? Success is at our entrance and here are you who is not ready to open the door. Just try to understand, we have gone viral. Viral means we are immortals. Okay, we will see it tomorrow. Who goes to school after becoming far-famed. Me because I was a teacher before becoming famed. In the future, you have to leave it because of followers and all.And when money comes we will have a makeover which will do you most beautiful. For the love, You are still so beautiful for me. Go start ready food. Okay. Just a minute. Why conclude meat? we should order it. From our eatery, you just say what do you want to have? Cake? I will succession it. Hello, Didi. Hey. You won’t say hey guys.What? Don’t act like a dupe. You become videos and now behaving like a chump? You dupe, think about Anu. Didi, listen to me. It’s not like that. Then? You “ve sold” your 10 th class books time to watch a movie. That was the working day when you terminated your career. It’s starting now. You have got one job, make love properly. And stop all this. I don’t want all this. That’s I am trying to do something new.Why? Will you be able to acquire living out of it? Look. Now stop all this. Understood this thing. Hello. She hanged up? I was talking about this. Didi will not be having any problems. It’s because of Fufa Ji. They all are resentful of us. What are you thinking? I will talk to her. You should do what your mind says. Why should we think about someone else? Yes. You are right. I have decided. I will do what is right according to me.We have gone viral. We will fulfill our dreams. Anu I am saying if it extends like this … We might get invited from Bikaner’s got ability. We have a plot, we should try for a lend. And formerly we met our home, I will open a diner and hire Jiju as a delivery boy. Now, who has come? Look who is here? Please come in. He has been possible to seen our video, Uncle? have you seen our video? Have you hear our video? How will I see it? The government has banned all the websites. Why are you there? You guys are vexing others. Neighbours are deploring. I don’t want to listen to anything now. If it croaks like this, you should look for a brand-new residence. And you leave 500 less compared to others.Prepare a Rogan Josh. The purchaser is ready to give 300 additional. But they crave transmission from exclusively Devinder. Hello Anu mam, good morning. Good morning mam. Please one selfie with you. Please one selfie. One more. Thank you. I contemplate Mam wants to talk about her daughter, she is struggling for the past two years. I should get going, I will label you. From now on you can ride my bicycle. Thank you, sir. Not sir, announcement me Jijaji. Thank you Jija. Jija Ji. Leave that, call me Jiju. Don’t think about what your didi have said. She says what I told me to her. Now enjoy. Good morning mam. Good morning. Congratulation on the viral video. Thank you, mam. Sorry, mam. take it. It must be your devotees. My daughter was asking for your numeral. Oh. For the last two years, she is trying very hard. For a viral video. She has seen a lot of dreams.What about your schedules? I have no such projects, I am happy with this teaching job. All of this happened suddenly. All this happens suddenly. Now gape Suddenly 40 students have asked for an android telephone from their parents. All of a sudden all the students want to do videos. And all of a sudden parents are worried about their children’s business. Sorry mam, but there are so many children who are starting videos earlier likewise. I know. You explain it very well. I have realized it on that day. You were coaching class 10 th. You excused it very well. What was that? He restrains him is the discipline by…What was it? If I am not in self-discipline, then what about my younger brother. That’s why he used to be in discipline. See Anuradha Ji, I don’t have any problem with you. I am not saying that you should leave this. In fact, your partner belong to you. Regents were concerned about the school reputation They want that you can do one thing, either schooling or uttering videos. Have a good day ..

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