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Vampire Bloodlines 2: Publisher feuert alle Entwickler – News

[ Anmod] Paradox shoots the developing crew of Bloodlines2 and shelves the release, Xbox is planning an occurrence on the future of Bethesda in Marchand Google is being litigated for Stadia. Today is 02/23/ 2021, thank you for all of yourfeedback on my news comeback yesterday! We’ll try that again today. The story with Jules follows.[ Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2] New development team and no liberation in 2021 The signeds of Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines2 are unfortunately still anything but good. After the game was originally supposed to be released in March2 020, but in the past the lead scribe and inventive directorhad to take their hats, it has now been decided to replace the part developmentstudio Hardsuit Labs. Likewise, the strategy exhaust for 2021 willnow be deferred indefinitely.In a sales report published today bypublisher Paradox, it said in a statement that they are able to now working in collaboration with a brand-new studiopartner to complete the game. It was not an easy decision, but they believe it is the best action to do justice to the game. Who this mysterious new studio partneris is currently not known. Since a new secrete appointment for Bloodlines2 is still in the stars, publisher Paradox has also decided tostop pre-orders for the claim until further notice.[ Xbox after Bethesda purchase] Microsoft is planning a big event in March It is pretty certain that Microsoft will take over Bethesda’s mother companyZenimax. Also that Microsoft will in all probabilitypay 7.5 billion US dollars for it if the slew was finally curved through by the EU, among other things- and that could now be the case soon, because according to activities journalistJeff Grubb from GamesBeat, Microsoft is planning in the March a big event wherethey will talk for the first time about the future together with Bethesda and their plans for futuregame handouts from the publisher as soon as the spate is in the towel.It is still uncertain whether the happening will bevia a public livestream or an happening behind closeddoors. What is certain is that aftersuch an buy, Microsoft MUST have big schemes in order to capitalize on it. The question grows again and again as towhether future Bethesda games would still appear for Sony consoles at all. There was no clear statement, Bethesda chief developer Todd Howard was in favor, while Xbox boss PhilSpencer said that this would be decided on a case-by- case basis, but was not dependent on sales ofthe Playstation.[ Lawsuit against Google Stadia] Alleged speciou announcements about expose excellence& answer In the USA a prosecution has now been filed against Google. The tech group is said to have madefalse promises involving streaming qualityand answer when responding to its play streaming service Stadia. The lawsuit also includes studios Bungieand id Software, which are also alleged to have spread false information about the qualifications of the their gameson Stadia. Specifically, it is about a statementthat Google CEO Sundar Pichai did in March 2019 at a Stadia announcement.He claimed there that Google Stadia wasmore powerful than Xbox One X and PS4 Pro blended. Google’s Vice President, General Manager andProduct Manager of Stadia Phil Harrison continued to claim in October 2019 thatall Stadia games at opening are in favour of 4K solution, but that was not thecase. Checking these statements isnot that easy, because there is currently no way to display the interpret resolution ofa game on Stadia. With browser plug-ins such as Stadia Plus, for example, exclusively the resolution of the brook is likely to be exposed, but that doesn’t necessarilymean anything. The only direction is through an unofficialdatabase of Stadia games, which likewise demands information about the resolution. If you believe her, thennumerous plays, including Final Fantasy 15 and Destiny 2, are only offered in full HD resolutionat Stadia. In months of preliminary negotiations on the lawsuit, which currently only applies to purchasers in the United Government, Google is said to have tried to compensateclaiming Stadia customers with a $ 10 voucher. After the attempt to reach an out-of-courtsettlement has flunked, it will now be seen how the matter will proceed.[ Watch Dogs: Legion] Delayed multiplayer mode will appear in March Watch Dogs: Legion will finally getits multiplayer state, which was initially promised for shortly after the release, in March. The free update should be available to all ownersof video games on PC and console on March 9th. With an updated version, four brand-new online modes comeinto play. There is a free procedure in which we explorethe slightly futuristic London with up to three friends and terminated side activitiesand challenges … or precisely wreak havoc. Then brand-new co-op operations come into play, in which we recruit a perfect squad of agents with 2-4 participates and fightfor the fight at innumerable visions in London. Leader of the Pack is the first so-calledTactical Op, which seems to be a bit of the Watch Dogs equivalent to an endgame challenge, ie a floor for 4 musicians consisting of five contiguous assignments thatis special what weighs is perfect teamwork and efficiency. Now we will really have to make surethat our squad is up to the challenge and that we have upgraded our gadgets.Last but not least, there is the firstPVP mode, the Spiderbot Arena, in which 4 musicians can conflict with armed Spiderbots. Announces like entertaining chaos. For season pass owners there arealso two new single participate assignments with the March update, namely Guardian Protocol and Notin Our Name.[ Steam Summer Festival] Date for the next demo incident is set. At the beginning of this month we were able to try outover 500 demos of still unreleased plays at the Steam Game Festival. Now Valve has already announcedthe exact date for the next episode: From 16. to 22. June the Steam Summer Festival will runand even if nothing is known about the exact scope, we will probably be able to try a lot again. The respective makes can decide for themselves whether the demos will remain available after the eventor not. Many demos are actually onlyplayable during the event period. Registration for the festival runsuntil April 14 th, all activities involved must have aplanned release by January 2022 at the latest and may not have previously participated in a previousfestival or be playable in an early access account. So we really expect there will betons of brand-new plays to play again.[ Resident Evil] Theme week at GamePro – that’s what you can expect! Finally, a message on our own behalf: Our appreciated colleagues from GamePro are currently organizing a themed weekaround the famed Resident Evil game serial. From yesterday until February 28, you can expect two articlesabout the favourite Capcom franchise every day, with which you can get in the mood for the handout ofResident Evil Village in May. But it’s not just about the future ofthe series, we also want to look into the past together and inspect the greatestResi minutes, opt the most wonderful playable character and tell youwhy Ethan from Resident Evil 7 is more exciting, than you might think. Currently we have already gathered the most curiousfacts from the Resi universe for you and my colleague Dennis will tell you howhe use Resi 7 in VR as an anxiety care … because it is … eerie. Have a look at or the GamePro social mediachannels if you are interested in the topic.[ Abmod] That’s it for today’s story, it wasalways a pleasure for me. If you like, please leave asubscription for our direct so that you don’t miss any more videos. I too warmly recommend thevideo by my esteemed colleague Christian Fritz Schneider, whosummarizes the current status of Star Citizen very extensively and likewise explains what awaits us playersthere this year. Thanks for watching and always remember: you are beautiful! Never told anyone tell you otherwise! Your Jules.

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