– Last week, Uncle Roger say, “If this video come 100,000 like, Uncle Roger will wearorange sleeveless shirt, just like Chef Wang uncle.” Haiyaa. Happy now?( roaring) Hallo, niece and nephew. It’s daddy, I make, Uncle Roger.( beep voice) This weejio sponsored by Express VPN. Uncle Roger need to dressproperly, for sponsored word. Niece and nephew, doyou know Netflix blocks so many show depending onwhere you are in the world? Using Netflix without Express VPN, is like determining egg fried rice without MSG. Something missing. I use Express VPN towatch anything I require, to unblock content. I live in UK, Netflix UK, so many show not on there. They don’t even have “Naruto”. Haiyaa! But look at this.I only deepen country to U.S, and now I can watch “Naruto”. Fuiyoh! Netflix beings think they canhide Naruto from Uncle Roger. They so wrong, UncleRoger too smart for them. Express VPN, super fast also. Can watch show in HDquality, with zero buffering. Buffering is most annoying thing. Imagine, if, you, watch, Uncle Roger, like this. You will throw computer out window. Find out how you can get threemonth Express VPN free of charge, by visit expressvpn.com/ UNCLEROGER. Or click join in description. And now, we go back to orange tank top.Today, Uncle Roger going to review some viral nutrient TikTok, in my orange cistern top. This year , not red-hot girlfriend summer. “re going to be” hot uncle time. Make sure you watch until dissolve of weejio, because niece and nephew, going to see something super tragic. – And if we reach 200,000 likes for this video, Uncle Roger is going to start an OnlyFans. – No , no , no, I won’t. – Let’s use the wok to become pizza. We do have an oven but, Idon’t know how to use it. This what the oven used for. – That is correct. In Asian household, ovenused for pot and pan.Same go for dishwasher. We don’t use dishwasher, it precisely storage. Our children, they the dishwasher. – Put some petroleum, made the meat in first, put the egg, and then situated the- – Is this pizza? – And then applied cheese onthe top, oh( declares) – Oh, he fucking crazy. – Let the wok do the design. – Wok is so multipurpose. Can oblige egg deep-fried rice, canmake pizza, can use to made kid. – It done, let me, ooh, perf … cut a slice. – Ooh. – Whoa, look at the cheese. – Okay, okay. It kinda look like pizza. But little nephew, just go to Pizza Hut. No was also necessary meet your own ghetto pizza. I think he spent all hismoney, colors his “hairs-breadth” off-color, and can’t even render Domino’s anymore.-[ Narrator] Hello TikTok, I’m … – Okay, what this architect do? – I cherish Chinese food. – Oh, automated fried rice machine. – Previous video, – No, I think too, toorigorous. Too thorough! Stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop, wasting, oh no , no. Oh. You consuming nutrient. If you want to build robot, make sure it don’t have Parkinson. Haiyaa. By the method, niece and nephew, retain to comment below, which one your favorite TikTok. – Or leave some thirstcomments. I’ll realize Uncle Roger react to them in the future video. – Haiyaa. Don’t giveniece and nephew bad idea.This one’s spicy Enoki mushroom. – We made some fiery Enoki, ooh. All title, first we’re goingto grab a suitcase of Enoki. We’re going to cut aninch from the bottom. – So nice that you can cutoff one inch from Enoki, and still usable. Uncle Roger can’t afford tolose one inch from anywhere.( sexy music) Sorry children. – Rinse your mushrooms. Splash oil. Tablespoon of garlic – Good, good.- Going in Enoki mushroom – All step correct still further. – Now fill in these Vietnamese red pepper. Kung, kung, kung, kung. – Good chopping.- Put that chili in. Tablespoon of pepper paste.Now desegregate that sauce up. – No , no , no , no. – And mixture that sauce up. – He utilizing metal on non-stick pan. Haiyaa. Uncle Roger say this so many time now, from first BBC food weejio. You cannot use metal on non-stick pan. Metal, you can use on wok. Because wok not non-stick, but don’t use metal on non-stic … oh. The meat glances so good, butyou killing your sauce pan. Haiyaa. – Now, desegregate that sauce up. – You likewise raking up the Teflon. You gobbled Teflon, you getcancer, and then you die.Uncle Roger want to keepyou alive Chef Chris Cho. – My Asian mom-in-lawtold me that this thing … – He buy sushi, okay. – In Asia. So I boughtsome from the supermarket.( gasps) Did he, he cooked the sushi? This must be war crime. Is this how world war three starting? Where is cancel culture, when you need it? Cancel this guy, offset him. Haiyaa. Uncle Roger particularly concerned. Iput my leg down from chair – But I don’t think it’s worth the money. – Who is this Asian mum in regulation?( sighing) If my children, ever marrysomeone who cooked sushi, I will cook them, and thenfeed them to Auntie Helen.How you like that? How you like that – Meal prep is too expensiveand takes too long, bro. – Hold my protein. – Daddy Noel. Hmm. He go to gym, he’s so buff. Maybe he should be theone in orange tank surpas. Haiyaa. Uncle Roger don’t like this outfit, I feel like male stripper. They should make a movie announced, ” Magic Roger” – Egg fried rice. Add your prepare spray to the pan. – No , no , no. Cooking spray is most disgusting oil ever. Real food should not come from tube. – Where am I in Charlie’s bedroom. Add three eggs, bowl of rice, and then mix it together. Veggies of selection, anda little bit of soy sauce. And you’re good to go. – I recollect his egg friedrice need some aromatic, like garlic, or pepper, or spring onion, and no vegetable. Vegetable tastes like sad.( bonking chime) Okay she cooking flesh.( instrumental music) Why she protruding so awkward?( instrumental music) No, grease not disgusting.Grease is where all the flavor come from.( instrumental music)( gasps) I ensure colander, Uncle Roger bad hallucination.( instrumental music) No , no, you’re not going to … That’s a do it shit, like.( instrumental flog) – No, don’t, don’t wash. Oh my God. She washed beef with colander. No , no,( buzzing) no Stop, leant the colander down. Haiyaa.( instrumental pummel) -( sigh) Niece and nephew, don’t concoct like this.Because is not merely the meat no spice, you too positioned the grease down the drain, and you’ll ruin all the piping, Haiyaa. And then plumber “re coming up on”. – Why the hell is this pipe impediment? – Because I detest flavor. – Let’s conclude vegan steak. – Vegan steak – This is a Japanese yamcake announced Konnyaku. It’s got a slight fishy feeling. So we’re going to start parboiling them. – How will vegan people knowwhat fishy taste, smack like? – For the seasoning we’ve got soy sauce, Mirin, rice vinegar, molasses.- Not bad , not bad. Good seasoning.- Oil, Konnyaku in. Fleck of light-green onion. That texture is just like fatty beef. – Again, how do vegan peopleknow fatty beef texture? This chef can exactly foolall the vegan parties. This recipe examine good, but don’t call it steak, call it in Konnyakuwith random shit on it. Uncle Roger believe, ifyou want to go vegan, don’t call it steak anymore. You’re supposed to give up steak , not find replacement for steak. That like Uncle Roger saying, “I gonna give up AuntieHelen, but as substitution, I going to have blow up dollversion of Auntie Helen.” This vegan steak glance good. Need to show this to thevegan teacher, oh wait. – I’ve heard that athree Michelin star chef was using sparkling waterto tenderize his steaks. – Oh, this is Guga. Uncle Roger examine him before.He with the most difficult guywho positioned MSG on steak. – It’s like, there’sno way that this works. So I travelled onward andtried it exerting$ 1 steaks.( mimicking) Abusing one dollar steaks. – One dollar steak? Which fresh store you’regetting this steak from? Fuiyoh! So cheap. – But then I led aheadand cooked it on the grill. Does the carbonated water actually use? – It works.- Yes it does. – Oh my God. This is good life hack. But meat, in sparkling water.That must be the mostpretentious meat out there. Shrimp fried rice for Uncle Roger. – One pound, peeled deveined shrimp. Mince garlic, one and a half cubes – Garlic, good- Then ginger. Slice lettuce onions. Bird’s eye chili, fresh or dehydrated. Wok, medium hot. Prep onward before cooking. – Correct. Egg fried rice extend very fast. So niece and nephew, you should have all your part ready. – Oil. – Wait, the lubricant options, canola lubricant, peanut lubricant. Okay. But avocado oil. That the most white woman oil ever. But I guess it fit her vibe. Oh, ogle not bad. Thank you, Niece Shereen. Your egg fried rice not bad.( chef’s kiss) – So right there in the center, we’re going to do one more. Ha-ya. – Is she saying Haiyaa? -( gasps) What? What, what the fuck is? – Gently. And notice that thespaghetti is still uncooked, special recipe, that I liketo call, Getti spaghetti.- Getti spaghetti, more like Getti that shitout of Uncle Roger face. Haiyaa. -( laughs) Here comes the entertaining responsibility. – Oh my God, she’s still croaking. – Bell seasonings. – Nothing you do can save spaghetti now. – And then season like this.( chuckles) Wait, wait. We got onemore special ingredient. -( gasps) Oh no. Oh, Oh, What, what, what? – Yes, yes, yes. – This look like can- Is this candy? – They’re going to release the sugars, and it’s going to be just enough sweet. -[ Camera Man] So that’swhat’s going to soften up. – Exactly. -[ Camera Man] I’m still abit confused by these Nerds. – Who framed candy in pasta? Getti introduced candy in spaghetti. Haiyaa.( instrumental voice) I suspect I know why shesay Haiyaa in beginning, because her food so bad, she have to Haiyaa herself.-( roars) Don’t have to cover it. All liberty, it’s been 20 minutes. – Oh. Ew. Who want to eat that? -[ Camera Man] Amazing. – Who say stunning, that examine outraging. Where she get this recipe from? Jamie Oliver cook book? Check, all right? Oh my God. This is ridiculous.( mocks) I look ridiculous.( beep resound) Hello niece and nephew, it’sdaddy, I convey Uncle Roger.( laughing) So stupid.( beep hubbub) Today, Uncle Roger going to review some why, why bun, viral, why go,( giggling) why bun.( beep phone) This time , not sizzling daughter time. It “re going to be” hot Uncles.( chuckling)( beep clang) Who you saving the last quarter pack for? For your mother. Your mother don’t demonstrate shit.( laughters)( beep tone) Stop. Stop. Stop wasting, oh no , no. This machine, the oppositeof Uncle Wang gang. And this too much thrustingfor egg fried rice. Are you sure this egg fried rice machine? Are you sure? proprietor never use thismachine for anything else. So soiled this machine ..

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