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Transformers ‖ Future Technology According to the Imagination #2

Don’t be afraid of tall buildings catching shoot With this Transformer ambulance, you can put out a volley in no time! Tall, brave, particularly vehement , no matter how big-hearted the attack! It’s a futuristic morphing aircraft that turns into an OFF-road vehicle when it territory Are you guys tough? Ah, this is not good elder brother iron and sword proceed west, to eat a slider , not inhale, inhale coughing, this old car is you? This is an old-time auto. Does it change shape? Let me depict you The vehicle became Guan Yu in this way, more powerful! Here comes another robot pony, very brave This buried red light bazooka Are you sharp-witted? It’s a good shot. See who dares to blink the red light This delivery robot has no attitude at all Give him a kick, learn him a lesson, and picture his attitude continue to be so bad! If YOU roll a red light and slap you right off, are you tough? Today we will show you the whole process of the transformation of Transformers.Ok, we invite our exponent to appear Ok, you can start to transform, you can see that the transformation of Jingang is now starting to transform, his front end is retracted Very superb. Hold on a second. Okay, we can now take a closer look at the anatomy of his organization, the rotates that can be worn and the rotations that can do a lot of damage to him Locomotive, I believe you must be as scandalized as I am! With these hanging mallets I don’t think anyone dares to run the red light anymore This is what happens when you traverses a zebra bridging! I’ve got a lot of swelling in my honcho See you next time dare not, do not cross the red light, obey traffic safety, red light stop dark-green stop, be a legal citizen Don’t park in the fire escape, or the fire engine will give you a hammer and knock your auto! I reputed I sidestepped it, but there was a bigger one! With this remote parking device I’m not afraid to park anymore, are you It’s ridiculous that this tank can fly like apache helicopters It’s really inventive! Cross the red light road bomb, whoever traverses the red light will give you a gun! This is a battery changing terminal Later into last-minute electric car, you can change the artillery so, you say cool not cool Never cross a zebra spanning Or you get a drumming like this, Let’s be cool about it I bet you don’t have any missiles in your artillery Run a red light and saw you in half What do you think of this setup Intelligent automatic car cleaning robot Get your car scavenge and fast Gatlin to prevent guiding a red light Anyone who runs a red light will give you a round of missiles Such eight motors aqueduct automobile is not too arrogant There’s a flat tire! 44 Can lift the car and step immediately over you! Please show the Keycom Code Thanks for your cooperation wish you a fortunate animation This illustration tells us that viruses are everywhere, we must be careful!

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