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The Making Of Our Turkish Grand Prix Race Suits | The White Edition

– I would say the firstly racing suit I wore was when I was four or five. It might have been one of thoseleisure suits that was red. – I imagine putting on overalls for thefirst time is very exciting. I retain I was probablyabout 12 year olds when I firstly got my kart overalls. And I actually foresee I slept in it the first night. – And you put one across your dres. You think about the session. What have you planned in advance? I’d say it’s almost like doing it each time before you travel, so it becomessuch a chore that, you know, when it’s timeto prep, it’s time to ride.- This is a unique liveryto celebrate Honda’s involvement in Formula 1. It’s a gratuity of the hatfor the heritage of their original colorway whenthey got into the formula in the 1960 s. So that’s what this colorway was inspired by. It was supposed to take place during the JapaneseGrand Prix as a is thanks to all Japanese love, but of course the Japanese Grand Prix for this year has regrettably been canceled. And since Turkey is the substitute, it exclusively seems right to run the livery at that contest. – Right. Obviously I have to keep all the segments here. We commonly deter that – So here we have a bit ofa rich history of propagandizing theboundaries in scoot suits. I think we’re one of the few units that really push that. So when westart designing the clothing, we tendto go a little old fashioned on paper. Initially, last and abstractions, thewhite suit comes from as a little of a thank you toour friends at Honda, we are intending to take some of theirheritage for their lily-white regaliums on the liveries andso on back in the 1950 -6 0′ s and bring it in the present day with us.- It gives you offstages ormotto that we have that replaced under the arm. So hopefullywhen Max is on the podium or Checo is on the podium we will have a result written to ourfriends in Japan. and “ve been trying to” threw it on thecomputer, be developed further, investigate what wecan go from there and try to bring in all the colourings, get the team involved, getas numerous intelligences around the screen as possible to get all theinput we can. So this is where Max visitedthe factory Honda factory in 2019, various kinds of with theinspiration of Sato’s clothing, which is very brilliant white andrelies a lot on it, the cherry-red for like the Honda logo. Ilooked at that likenes for a little and came vast revelation. This is the 2019 suitthat Max is clearly wearing, but we’ll make ourcurrent one and settled them together and ascertain what we get out of it. From then on wetake it to Christian to finish the signed. – What we’re trying todo here is go back to a more Japanese vogue. Using thebrilliant white-hot dres – So this also accepts the car pigments, going back to the retro – Give your offstages would be under it too – So what’s on Akina’s leg.- On the leg there is a red polouse according to the normal design andthe direction is from top to bottom orto the right and then from fanny to transcend. – Okay. So on the little finger, that’s Red Bull. – In the Japanese alphabet yes. – They wear them all three days. Okay. Very well. Cool, -cool. – As soon as I find an approved one, talk to our friends at Puma, watch them became. – For me? A great hasten suit is the one that can combine the visibilityof the entire sponsor’s logo and the team identityof the suit’s design. So there isno conflict between the insignium, the color of the suit design, everything is very neat and tidy and the process of making arace suit would start with the design we getfrom the teams. We directly checkthe visibility of the textiles and blueprints. And then we go through the processof assigning all the logo, all the differentshapes and types of suits.And then we send all the information, the technical information, to the supplier, who will produce a suit. The process we followto start the suit is exactly the same as the other clothings. What alterations is thecolor of the material, the form of the gash paths, the position of the badge, but technicallyspeaking, all the material, they are exactly the same, like the clothing of any Grand Prix. If we have a specialdesign for special instances and observances, this is really a great story. – We’re not afraidto do something different. So we’ve hada few different clothings in the past, be itlederhosen in Austria. – In a silver stone. Wemade the James Bond with a tuxedo design on the front – and you know it. Cowboy suits in Austin. So it’s something we’ve done in the team.Historically, we haven’t done it in a while. – The Japan suit we are nowproducing for Red Bull races is really something different from the usual. First, because it’sa white background, we’ve never seen themin a Red Bull hasten. – It lookings cool. Ilike that kind of white look, patently Red Bull. We’rea little known for our blue, red and yellow-bellied, but it’s nice to shake things upa bit.- It is the first timethey have certainly repel as Red Bull in white-hot. And yes, it will be interesting to seeour operators in a different color, but hopefully the performance will be just as competitive as in their normal hasten clothings. – Many beings think that themost important thing about the racing suit is space for sponsors. Most importantly, theyhave to protect the operator. And it’s one thing thathas progressed tremendously over the course of F1. Back in the day, motorists really raced in bylersuits and that sort of thing. But if there wassomething like a fire, then they could be seriouslyinjured, the real purpose of men is to protect the operator. It’s quite difficult to get asuit to fit properly. You have the glance, you are familiar with, moves we want to look like, not more baggy and fit the body well, but at the same time it has to breathe and ofcourse “youve got to” do that a great deal, “youre in” a close-fisted plight so you need it to be flexible. So it’s just a balance between them, just like formula one.Technology is going in all directions.Likewise with the clothings. Plainly the first thing isa force. Weight is a big part of the small finemargins we try to find to give us more optionsto applied things on the car. – 10, 12 several years ago, a suit could easily weigh 1.5 kilos. So the problem is to fix the suitsas illuminated as possible. For example, all the logo you investigated in all the dress they only ornamented on. And now we don’t sew the logoanymore because the embroidery is heavy. So we areprinting the logo. Reverberates stupid to behappy with two grams less, but when you talk to the engineer they explain to you thattwo grams is two grams. As long as you’re in a posterior, but where you’re in a Formula 1 vehicle, a 4g bending becomes two grams eight grams. So we’re following the mantra ofone of Formula 1′ s most prevailing technical directorswho said: you can’t find one changein the car that wins you one second per sip, but you can find a hundred differentchanges that save hundreds of seconds.And that’s why every gram here and there problems. – I think it’s always anexciting feeling to turn in a racing suitbecause there’s always an apprehension of, you know, what it means to get in the car, the team you represent, the team you represent are, that you’ is in relation to. – My firstly special suit when I was a Red Bull junior operator. So I was like, I was 11, 12, and that was quite a bigdeal to be able to carry like a kid like a scarlet policeman, you had that, I don’t know how to sayit ain’t no swag, but you are familiar with, they’re like, wow, i’m one of the kidswith red bull kids.So I’d say it waspretty special wearing a Red Bull clothing for the first time. – When you look the dress come to life. And specially when you realize the suitof maybe on stage or a photograph in occasion, it’s heartbreaking becauseyou view the work of your office with all the people involved. you can see the endresult and you can say, hey, that suit comes from our, our factory or our place. And that draws this kind of work terribly, difficult and challenging from the others, because your productcreates a lot of visibility affections among devotees, operators, on media. And this is not something to be underestimated. – They’re great dress. I speculate the driverswill look fantastic. I hope we insure them on place, because then your dres will get the best coverage. So it would be greatif we could see one or both motorists up there at this year’s Turkish Grand Prix – Covered in champagne – Covered in champagne orred pig or whatever you want.

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