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Ted Lasso — A Conversation with Hannah Waddingham & Juno Temple | Apple TV+

Tomorrow’s your daylight to die. What’s your last banquet? Filthy, dirty, buttery potatoes, with a beautiful Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand, and old school prawn cocktail. And you? A really beautiful cut in half avocado with fresh vine ripe tomatoes and a little bit of mozzerella, and a really good Spaghetti Bolognese. How did Rebecca come into your life? I got the pilot sent through in a kind of secret squirrel type way. One of those, like curious, where you cant … You can see this, but you can’t see this. On one invention, yeah. You know it exists, but you don’t. Mhm. And um, yeah, I wasn’t told what it was for, who it was for, who’d procreated it. Nothing. But that actually opened me the comfort to got to go, oh who is this woman at face value. That’s the first time, I judge ever because it was so secret squirrel, do you have a, is there a different phrase in America for that? Like secret badger or something? Um, it’s just like top secret, right? Its almost like So not secret squirrel.Well no but I desire that, you know. Um, so then I just learned, learned all the sides and went into town to a shed, and I don’t know about you, but I only, I, I lead( gibberish) leave what you think is the best you can do on camera and I ever come out and tear it up. Me more’ cause likewise you want to leave it in the office when it’s that top secret. Yeah, yeah. Youre like, dont give me the responsibility! It can’t be in my recycling, oh my god. Because if that gets out … With my appoint on it! Exactly. I’d kind of forgotten about it. and went back to being Mama, picking my girl up from institution. And then the working day it, they said no youve got it, I had to go and pick my daughter up from institution, walk through the most, very normal playground and not move, oh my god my life exactly reformed! If your room extended up in flames, what would be the things you would grab? It “wouldve been” my daughter, over my shoulder and I’m good to go. You’ve known Jason for ages, haven’t you? I knew him for a little while yeah, beforehand and I’d been working in Europe for about six months. Got back to LA, turned thirty which was epic, don’t tell anyone. That is quite a long time ago for me. Don’t tell anyone. Twenty-eight forever. But I got a text from Jason being like, “Yo yo, uh, Jason here.” “Got your number.” “and, uh exactly just wanted to chat to you about something.” to which I reckoned, oh he reflects Im someone else.Oh no. I love your faith in yourself. So, so yeah, well Im working on that. But so then he, I was like Hey, what can I do for you? and he said well I actually have this pilot that I would love you to read if you have a moment or if you would be interested. Its something that I am reaching out to you personally about because it means a lot to me. And so, I was like, gotta be kidding me? Quietly thinking, what if its not required for me, like this is a disaster. So I did read it and I time thought it was such an exceptional captain. I hadn’t read anything like it’ cause it became you laugh and also made you feel really psychological from the get-go, You know? And, so then I announced him and where reference is said, “Hey Juno! ” I was like aah.There has been no confusion. It was for me! You and I collected from two such totally different comfort zones You are fearful doing humor, which nothing would believe on camera, and I come from … The world-wide of theater. Big sell was he did talk to me about this relationship between the two of us. Which was one that first and foremost he was really passionate about and certainly cared about these two women helping each other in ways they didnt know were even possible. So you knew about I didnt know anything about this relationship. I knew there was going to be such relationships that blossomed. And I didnt know the specifics of it.Like when I speak that write that where it immediately is about about you naked on a yacht and thats so specific and I push you, push you and push you to see it because Im like is everything all right, you were dying to show someone. Yeah. And that instant of you kind of being like oh, I actually should be proud of my beautiful as the status of women. and its special where it is on this couch right here, isnt it? Like Rebecca in her formality. Even the shape of what that incident looked like. And its a real turning point. And I think its the first time in a while that Rebecca has examined a compliment from a female that shes believed I felt in that moment. Because Im not sure either of these women have knowledge love and alliance like you say from another female and very much of different generations.It feels like they are kind of soul mates, but they didnt is a well-known fact that until incidents start progressing and by the end of season one I rightfully believe that. And then theres the construction that happens at the end that I know weve talked about. Being able to call each other out. Being accountable. Yeah. But its spooky isnt it and I anticipate like as two women sitting here talking about these reputations, we can relate to them on such deep grades. I “know what youre talking about”. Your, your insight into Rebecca as a woman is something that I watch as we’ve done press together about it. And learning about how much she meant to you in a penetrating, deep lane that utters “youve had” such understanding of her which is why she is such an extraordinary character in this. When you first started representing Rebecca, do you feel they constructed her more in tune with Hannah? Yeah, I picture I felt a change around the…Oh my idol, the representation at the gala outside with you and Jason. Yes. That was probably more personal than anything? Yeah, yeah it was. Yeah, because I belief by then, Yeah. I see by then, Jason, I represent he was lit … you know what hes like fiddling around with dialogues and writing up up against a wall with Brett. SNL world. I signify, yeah. Can learn texts like that. Yeah, I balked at that. I was like oh my god you cant give me something like 10 times before were gonna be on camera and he still did because he knew that I was limiting myself. And I was just like this is getting ludicrous how close to my life this has been. Our sweethearts are the most important beings. Oh my god, yeah. They ground us, they save our lives, and hopefully we do the same for them. Certainly. Precisely the charm and informality of which you are a mother, you are an extraordinary actress, and you are a woman in a way that I, Im excited to grow up and be a woman because of it I think its a particularly inspirational package.No one could have played this reputation Rebecca better. You is a well-known fact that, you know that’ generate you understand it all. You know I am horrific with praises. But I feel the same about you, and its, and I cant feel my luck that you were even back for season two. I pictured shes so big-time shell be like off. Oh come on. Suddenly exit, Ill suddenly hear Junos not coming back to this.No no no, because shes doing this monstrous thing somewhere in outer Mongolia. She saved my mental health. I wouldnt want to miss this for the world. This whole cast, this gang, like everybody, this attribute is like. Sure, I desire the darkness, you are familiar with I do. But I too, when we sit here, I get set out in a convenience store with person disappearing like Hey, did I attend school with you? ” “Oh no, Ive just seen your tits in a movie.” And you’re like over Cheerios in the Trader Joes or something, its like um I know, but I have told you before you have to celebrate the fact that people say that because they are magnificent. Great. All of it is. I represent, touch. Touch. But I reckon like the fact that we get to do it one more time, is like thank God.I was literally just about to say what does that spawn you feel about wrapping on season two? Proud, but also really nervous because youre just like, you only want to make beings proud. Now that we are aware of the success of season one, you exactly to be expected that parties likewise respond to it in a way that they enjoy our reference journeys and still connect with them in a way that they did with season one even though they are they generating different affections and brand-new passages and all that. Yeah, I fantasize season two is quite different So do I. In calls of certainly get into the dirt. Yeah, accurately the human side of it which we all bottle up. that we dont necessarily talk about. I think they should have a jelly fight in season three and really go for it. Or a pillow campaign, in a hotel area. Or a bathtub. I precisely obstruct pushing. Our fantastic female novelists do us such a great service. Yeah. You know, and one storyline including that I have this year, I even spoke to Jason about it and I was like whos mainly responsible for this and he said well they are and they are.And I was like I should get going give them a mash and croak come on the girls!’ cause its just blindsided me and I adoration that they have literally vanished go on, do that that comes you out of your convenience region. Yeah, dont be reticent. Theyre very brave. Big time. And the most important female thats participated us this year is splendid Sarah Niles. Sarah Niles! And I would like to genuinely put in a bit of individual complaints, in fact I did to Jason. I was like I wouldve liked to have more to do with Sarah. With her. Because yes, the stuff we done so in now with Sarah I was like oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! The first read through that “weve had” on Zoom and she started speaking that character of a healer, sports therapist and I was like … She imparted a highly chilled out, effortless capability and is a brilliant foil to where yours and my people are.But also has an arc that, gatherings be excited because again, as per customary with Ted Lasso, dont adjudicator a record by its cover. Yeah. Maybe this time next year well be able to have her on the couch extremely. Yes. I will never forget that moment where individual said to us this is a show I want to show my daughter” “because of the relationship you two have created. And it certainly made the wind out of us both, didnt it? Thats the highest compliment we are also able do.

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