Squid Game Episode 1 “Red Light, Green Light” Reaction & Review!! – FIRST TIME WATCHING

hey everyone welcome back to the channelwe’re times cavazos and today we are starting a brand-new succession this is squid tournament so we weren’treally projecting on reacting to the series we had kind of considered it we were like wellmaybe we’ll lean it on a poll for patreon but we were like you know what let’s just goahead and do it everybody’s talking about it it seems energizing it seems like something a littlebit different than anything we’ve reacted to very different um so we were like you know whatlet’s just go ahead and watch it and i’m very excited yeah so we don’t know beyond what youknow the brief little description that we understood on netflix about a uh parties perhaps get invitedto play a game who are kind of down on their fluke um but it seems like the stakes are really highbut like the games are very childish it almost kind of seems like they’re playing childhood gamesbut with alarming causes like beings could yeah that’s that’s what it seems like um to the extentof that i’m not really sure this is the only way watched like half the trailer before we were like oh wellwe should stop the trailer because we might want to watch this like you know react for it andnetflix is kind of bad about trailers sometimes they’ll support you two more so we watch like apartial trailer and that’s all the knowledge we really have about it so yeah we do know thatit’s a korean line so it’s gonna be subtitled that we’re watching it plainly but beyondthat it really seemed highly colorful like i don’t know what it was like it just like inspects right theartwork that was on netflix was just kind of like it doesn’t seem like you know it would matchlike the the dark manner that apparently this show is about like bright and enjoyable yeah so i feellike that’s really going to be interesting to see um if it is as dark as i’m imagining it to be thisshow was also extremely very highly requested so thank you for giving me all soliciting it and we are ready toget on into it alright if you haven’t already don’t forget to like and subscribe and check outour patreon if you want to watch our full-length reactions we likewise do have a second channel calleddos cavazos irl which is something we do vlogs and other non-reaction content if you want to check that outthe links down below all right let’s jump into it well that explains that and you lose that’s why they say gambling’slike flushing your coin down the toilet hoping it comes back up man got some issues i intend it’s literally a idiocy shoot do you owe person somethingmaybe maybe you like “ve got nothing” maybe time has a gambling addiction yeahthat’s true i mean addiction’s a disease oh okay he won perhaps he’s doing this forhis daughter the money the benefit okay well i’m hoping that this was all for yourdaughter and that but i wonder like you know this thing that he’s eventually gonna get brought intoi’m assuming is like is he gonna get kidnapped in order to or is he gonna get bro this looks likehe’s probably gonna do bribed into it or like you know not bribed but oh does he owe themmoney “i m feeling” he owes them money oh ow oh well at least he was niceenough to say like are you okay you know that was nice i meanhe even are caught up the straw that’s why you flowed did she steal it oh[ __] yeah she took it oh my gosh okay so he’s probably going tojoin the thing to try to pay him maybe but how is this thing even uh like a thing so he has month to get this moneywhere he’s taking his kidney mm-hmm why would you ask for his daughter oh is he going to ask forit back oh that’s so awkward probably to get the daughter chicken yeah uhhe has a oh a doll okay for the daughter right i’m giving you the benefit out here dude i feellike so yeah i feel like you’re not all the way a frightful person don’t you should have just gotthe chicken she’s gonna[ __] lose it all he exactly could you not have just gone and like purchase a toyor was it not enough maybe he’s trying to give the the cheaper inexpensive way out oh thanks kid watch himnot be able to prevail oh it’s like a little carton prize oh yay oh is that his daughter she’s cumbersome[ __] oh it might be a water gun thewhole look little actually yeah oh my gosh don’t scare me likethat why would you do that what is it have a proposition for you so you try to flip it overi’ve never heard of this play oh now he’s just gonna probably just keepgoing because it’s like what’s a smacking you know a song from like yeah like when he was akid so i bet when he was a kid started his maybe his like kind of i don’t want to say hehas a gambling addiction because i don’t know but his like at least enjoy of like you knowgames and gambling and substance like that oh what’s going to be the thing that like becausethis guy has to be the person who like gets him into this whole gosh can you slap the otherside like is he eventually going to get it oh i was going to land on its side i speculation stillah wait does it need to be the other side up oh there we go this is the other side soyay you prevail some coin but it’s probably not gonna end here he’s probably gonna be likewell you could play this other tournament today oh wait you just like don’t you want the money how much is that in dollar i have noidea we should look up some alterations so we have more material you won foot fourmillion earlier right and this is 100 000. we’ll look it up after sothat we know for next time oh yeah here it comes yeahhere we go they started small-time it’s multi-level marketing actually oh how do you know thatyou’ve been watching me videos okay now we go this is for the game buthe’s not going to know the ventures i gambling mm-hmm you know because he likewas like hey pay with your person and started swiping it’s probably going toget worse and worse like as you go maybe it’s not a smacking perhap we cut off your finger to thepoint you know like it continues running and croaking oh they’re moving maybe that’s the the reasonwhy the daughter was yes because he said next year and she didn’t want to tell him i pickedup on that but i didn’t think anything of it oh so he required to get coin he’s gonna do itto try to take a city over i already really like this show yeah it’s good it’s a pikachuit’s not what i expected but i really a moment shoot i don’t know did he get one you’relike oh okay are there other musicians back here are you exclusively coming picked up right now ohthere’s another one are you like okay sleeping or are you like passed out do they knockhim out watch them get like put to sleep okay oh my goodness i don’t want them to knowwhere they’re going so exciting i feel like it’s so easy i’m just like so excited it’s sucha unique planned like you think it’s all about like maybe like like the elites betting on them soit’s just like a different form of gamble possible like gambling with people’s lives i guess it’skind of like betting on mares i entail not like hunger plays but like you know beings watch andstuff i mean that’s like the vibe i’m getting freedom that’s totally good that’s like that therewas like that one repugnance movie which i forgot kind of reminds me of that i mean we don’teven know more examine they’re getting watched and like their vitals being modeled theyjust got like dropped into this place is this the guy it’s like the game master or isit somebody else it’s him right it kind of looks like his improve well maybe i mean well couldnot be like the other guy who could have just been like a recruiter and not that big into it likei don’t feel like the primary person would be like oh yeah gosh i just got freaking dropped inhere nobody knows what’s going on all they thought was an opportunity oh he’s an old man ifeel like he’s gonna die no i’m getting scared he’s the last one yeah dang you got the lastfreaking spot i wonder if you’re going to wish you weren’t in this we’ll see i’m just assuming thatthis recreation is going to go like real real bad but today your mother’s so good oh my gosh that’s the one who misappropriate the money yeah oh my gosh is impossible to not do this someone step in oh yeah you step and you protecther it’s like give me my money oh that’s frightening yeah oh he toy the game very so all thesepeople are kind of like down on their luck and i bet every single time they said likeyour body you know shoot i’d be like can you let me out i don’t even care anymore gave themtake my kidney don’t trust this this is weird so i guess each tournament it gets isthat a boar oh like a piggy bank i mean they’re giving them the options still butthey all probably have some oh some are leaving okay i am only leave too yeah but some of them mighthave a gambling well they likewise probably don’t think that they’re frame their lives at risk orthey’re really down on their prosperity and they’re like oh this is news it’s gonna be fun but they’resigning contracts oh don’t signed the contract you gotta read that read it like does anyone needa solicitor does it actually say you’re gonna die or does it have like some read thefine print okay what’s it saying players not allowed to stop playing ohshoot refuses to play will be eliminated wants eliminated you better turn thatpaper over and read the back because i mean i feel like that’s enough eliminatedterminated this really is paroles that are like a duet different intends but it said ifthe majority agrees they can stop the game but no one they’re all like so desperate or stopa game i approximates i suspect we’ll have to see after the first one this is the thing that we experienced rightthey search bright and funny color recreation and cute like i want to go play there really gives people somelike i feel like it’s getting it’s taking pictures of people so that other people can bet on themyou know be like just like the horses and i feel like it’s going to be like kind of symbolicin that way i think you might be right um beings probably like sizing them up be like okayi feel like he’s a opponent or something like that oh okay let’s see okay who’s watching who’slooking and they’re numbered so you could probably target your wagers oh maybe not and the latter are workersso these are laborers so it wouldn’t be them so i feel like this is the facilitatoryeah unless they’re just really sadistic and you know this one guy but i feel like there’sa bigger rationalization and it’s probably coin involved oh that was the chap yeah they were talking aboutit yeah so he maybe had been lying to his mom about like how successful he was this is thefrontal mount speaking oh english explorations for the first game are complete you can pick itnow you coming potting that’s got to be right there’s got to be a bigger purpose for this gameunless someone is crazy what is this game is it going to be like they get killed are those realbirds why the game or is it like they lose they get killed after the game right it’s somethingscary liberty he’s always like oh what the heck but is it like red light greenlight murder death killing oh my gosh what if they like blow up or somethingor get shot yeah who knows what they did to them when they were passed out perhaps oh my gosh i’mgonna cry if the old person dies he’s gonna i’m gonna cry you know he’s gonna die they showedyou him so you can have an emotional bond who’s gonna be the first person ohcause he moved oh my gosh they shot him okay so there’s snipers somewhere oh my gosh andthey’re all like they’re i hope nobody panics oh my gosh i entail “ive seen” that coming butyou know somebody was there it’s like they’re checking on him oh my gosh this terrifyinglittle thing she only doesn’t realize they’re in collapse oh my gosh she doesn’t did he been shot orsomething inside him that happened no it’s shot oh we moved oh no no it’s a shotoh they’re getting shot oh my gosh they didn’t understand they’re like oh my gosh no my gosh don’t[ __] move there’sguns everywhere oh they’re force parties oh he got pushed oh the eyes were crazy ohmy it’s a friggin blood bath oh my gosh oh my gosh this is so sad where’s the prime chap hewas under somebody i feel like this is the guy who recruited him now but i don’t know maybe herecruited the last one precisely wait uh it’s hard to tell yeah i don’t know what i would havedone i probably would have freaked out and moved i’m appalled that some of them didn’t movehow could you not move because they realized that they were getting shot like they positioned ittogether really really quickly like oh he’s the old man oh he’s like all smilingwell he’s got like a death sentence yeah he’s i approximates merely doesn’t have anythingto lose nobody else is moving they’re all freaking out he’s gonna try to win because ifyou make it then you get to be out of the game right i think so yeah it’s in all the regions of the red lineokay so they’re all going you better play this oh he scarcely moved i feel like you need to goyeah i feel like if you stay you’ll lose the game oh my gosh there’s like scarcely anymovement oh so stay behind somebody abide behind oh so you’re seeingwho’s the ones who are the smarter ones hey i they barely even moved what constitutesa crusade i thought it was like your hoof that was that didn’t oh my gosh oh my gosh oh[ __] you better find somebodyelse you better stay still oh oh no no no no oh i can’t please let me get dude oh i feel like he might just be sadistic you knowlike maybe nobody’s really potting perhaps he’s just a psycho the old man is having fun oh my goshthis humankind he’s like liking it yeah i predict if he goes out here like he’s going out on his own turnso as to report to like having the tumor kill him taking a shot yeah they like barelymove it’s like you know what it comes you approximately have to stop before they evenstart right because it’s like after all so do you have to move could you not juststay in the same spot i make yeah but like i still a little mystified that they have to crossthe line before the the instant markers i did right i believe they did have to cross the linebefore the five minute yeah okay and they all surpassed so oh the old man oh humanity so you couldn’twrite it out over in the back you needed to go you better[ __] dive oh[ __] he’s gonna tripno no no no you stay stay stay no don’t move oh who saved him don’t move don’t ohmy idol oh that man you’re live 199 you’re a real one 199 oh my gosh did wejust become best friends okay get over come on dive yeah please 199 too 199199 199 “ve been told” he progressed it okay oh who didn’t they all get shot oh no oh damn hewas right there yeah they’re all gonna been shot i thought they were gonna start withfingers oh wow well this is a really good show yeah that was like the open i meanit was the open sky are you like a billionaire you’re like a creepy like oh you’re on an islandwow that’s like a really[ __] up survivor that was like really good it was so freakinggood this i’m so glad that we decided to watch this uh yeah that was good this is an insaneshow just based off of the first occurrence but in the relevant requirements of like we various kinds of knew what wasgonna happen in terms of beings dying right but the road that this was done and the spirit yeahjust seeing it is like whoa like you didn’t expect that like only bam they all just got shot likethat it stimulates me like sad because i don’t want to see other parties die but like energized to see therest of the game yeah and i likewise want to know what is the motivation of this happening crazy likemy first initial thought was that it was going to kind of imitation what was he was going through interms of like bet on mares and these humen are the people that parties perhaps like richpeople are truly gambling on um you know i’m trying to think about like what it reminds me ofin all honesty you mentioned like kind of a little bit like hunger games-ish you know if that islike the dispute you know like the wealthy person what not um spoilers if you haven’t seen this moviebut like unfriendly hostile was a movie that um that beings like you know the rich people paid tokill people um so that was a little bit different but i got a little bit of vibes like that but thisone it’s very simply be like a peculiar like kind of session demented bruce wayne character person like whohas a lot of fund and a great deal of available resources i’m just gonna have these beings play games like perhap hejust likes to watch this take advantage of how desperate they are and they all had to willinglyparticipate and they committed them multiple possibilities even before the game started they were like if youwant to leave and they could have left probably but it was the fine print the terminologyeliminated terminated and trash like that it was like okay well you think eliminated you thinkwould be eliminated from the game not actually eliminated you know this is such a good showi’m so excited that we started watching it i’m really excited to see how it all progress herewe construe obviously that uh his friend who which it kind of shed me off for a second like inthe moment i realise what was going on when he talked to his mom back at the members of this house later buti thought it was his mom that he was talking to in the fish market i are of the view that very yeahyeah but i guess it was just like a friends person’s mommy and then patently my best friend who’ssupposed to be a successful business person is actually here too so obviously he’s not asuccessful but he is smart yes yeah he figured out the thing behind and so did that daughter so ifeel like we’re gonna get to see the ones who not certainly just smart-alecky but the people who havemore of like that game mindset and then also i feel like there’s something to be said the peoplewho didn’t move since they are figured out “whats going on” and didn’t panic were the only one they’rethe ones who are gonna go farther because like patently if you panic you’re done and if likethe ones who which i feel like i would have passed i would be like i symbolize i guess you don’t knowunless you’re in that situation yeah or would you be frozen stiff right i want i guess it’s likefight or flight i can’t really defend though but serviceman it’s just i just can’t even imagine that likeseeing that you know and then they were all in shock at the beginning like they didn’t realizehe just got shot you know so it’s just crazy all right well thank you so much for watching andif you haven’t already please don’t forget to subscribe and strike the buzzer so you can staynotified for all of our future videos likewise intelligence over to our patreon if you want to watch ourfull-length reactions to the squid activity we upload them over there the links down in the descriptionbelow okay we’ll see you next time bye everyone you

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