Speak up Technology 2 (The Impossible) فعالية سبيك اب تكنولوجي في الجامعة التكنولوجية (المستحيل)

Hello there, I swear it will be a short story at the age of 12 and after coming home from clas surprised I questioned my mother, Mom, what is strange about me that makes people look at me in a strange lane and some of them even ask me, Whats wrong with you ?!, Why? Are you walking like this ?! ” She replied, “There’s nothing, you just have muscle weakness, as the last of the doctors said.” So privilege after these discussions I took a flashlight, went into my office, turned off all the beacons in the office, turned on the flashlight, positioned it on my bunked, and began to walk in front of the brightnes, and watched my dark. On the wall, then I hollered, “Mom, come quickly.” I move like a penguin. She smiled and left me. After a while I went to the doctor, but this time it was different because the doctor told me that I had to undergo surgery to find out “whats wrong” with me, so I experience the operation. Then the doctor told me that I have muscular dystrophy. Hereditary, a disease that affects muscle cadres and prevents them from dividing, and astonishingly, it is an incurable sicknes. He told me that it was impossible for me to reach the age of 19, turning 20, by the way, at that time, I thought about many things, how would I deal with my disability! How am I going to live my life! Will it be a normal life ?! To got a girlfriend? for example! I never thought that it was possible for me to enter university or even finish my preparatory studies, but here I am standing in front of you, talking to you about the absurd. So what is impossible ?! What a incidental question! It is the opposite of “possible”. -You might say- but can you really think of a specific definition for this word ?! And does it actually exist ?! Do not inconvenience yourselves and search for its meaning, for I handled the research for you. Impossible means: 1- A. It is not possible to happen, or it sees B. It is not possible to achieve its attendance, or to achieve it also conveys: 2- A. very embarrassing, b. not acceptable c. It is difficult to deal with. We will talk about the first two intends of this command. Is there anything that is impossible to do ?! So that we can say that we suffer from the incapacity of us, we humans ?! I believe that there is no lie, greater than the word “impossible.” other. If I find a person like this without any limb or any hoof, who had a child to play with, and a beautiful bride to live with for the rest of his life, he had two jobs, one paid and the other voluntary, do you still believe in the inconceivable I want you to answer please Do you still believe in the inconceivable The subconscious inside of us all believes what the self-conscious is telling it and it has been proven in practice. You have to convince yourself that you have the power to do anything.Yes, you heard it right. Everything and nothing is impossible, perfectly. Even if “youre ever” paralyzed like this guy who has told us so many times that only if you are alive is enough and you have no excuse for not doing anything at all but we must remember that there is a bad nature and a good way to do things or as I prefer to call it a bad course and a hard way of doing things We humen achieved so far the absurd in the eyes of the ancients and too some people in this time but after all we have accomplished it there is no such thing as “impossible” for things that happen, are generated, are done, or achieved. Thank you there is no end too I’m joking with you Thank you Ibrahim, that was Ibrahim from the chemical engineering agency

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