Smoothy Finance $SMTY Low Cap Altcoin Review: 0 Slippage Swap & Yield Farming for BSC & ERC20 Crypto

welcome back to invest world today we’re focusing on smoothie finance this is a decentralized exchange focused on creating zero slippage stable coin swap so we see out of the whole decentralized exchange ecosystem whether you’re looking at ethereum blockchain whether you’re looking at binance smart chain solano one of the problems is these barters like uni barter for example or for buying and smart chain pancake swap are great for various kinds of a general opinion of the decentralized finance ecosystem for each of those different projects but when it comes to specifically stable coins we need a project like smoothie to actually go after this niche of having virtually zero slippage stable coin swapping so what does this mean well think about it just like in the central you could say streamlined or centralized finance or traditional finance ecosystem where currently you have fiat currency let’s say you want to go to a money converter now the slippage there is actually very small you will have to pay things like potentially a foreign deal reward you can pay these other costs but actually with decentralized finance we want to have zero the smallest to zero um friction from changing from centralized finance to decentralized finance so it’s all about incentives you know formerly someone investigates the incentives are high enough in the decentralized finance ecosystem they will start learning more about it they will start moving over to it and enjoying some of the payoffs you can get for example being a liquidity provider on part exchange you can get nice crop but on something like smoothie swap that is much much more emerging i would say you know if we’re looking at world speculations uh you can look at countries that are emerging but in the blockchain ecosystem you can look at projects that are emerging that really have a real world operation case like this does you know let’s just say i wanted to for example use this practice metamask account and lead from five hundred dollars in usdc to usdt well what’s my slippage less than 1.50 whereas you go to something like uni swap you go to something like sushi swap you go to something like pancake swap and the slippage is ridiculous you’re going to pay a stupid quantity especially as you go higher and higher in the amounts so let’s say i’m at 5000 i want to trade well what about 50 000 i want to trade well you’re gonna start losing more and more based on these costs and based on the slippage quantity between exchanges smoothie focuses there’s really single focus which “i m loving” when a project really really niches down like i say and um it kind of goes after an individual category in this blockchain ecosystem is drawing stable coin swapping as easy as sucking a smoothie that’s kind of their their slope you know by the way this is not a sponsored video that’s just purely me going over this you know exactly what’s going on with smoothie and kind of uh how this is different you know i think a lot of people verify a epithet like smoothie finance or pancake barter and they run oh you know it’s a meme it’s a joke no no if this project they’re actually doing something in the decentralized finance ecosystem it’s not like dogecoin it’s not like these produces that explicitly meme silvers i focus on projects with the real world use cases and smoothie finance is one of them so obviously with a project like this since it’s very early stage since it’s extremely low mark cap by the way it’s retraced ridiculously so you’re literally buying all-time lows right now yes it can fall further but the market has insignificant literally a micro micro ceiling okay so smoothie is an interesting play especially when you appear okay what’s the most difficult entrant in the erc2 0 opening well veer finance um i’ve talked about this one in the past we talked about it in daily d5 sometimes but you can see the mark cap here i mean this this in and of itself has retraced awfully very far back um to these lows since this kind of uh this 15 top there um where we’re sitting at what currently around 1.58 and uh with swerve you look at the market cap 500 billion dollars i personally repute curve can go well above a billion dollars in marketplace cover based on their use case and uh and in a lot of other things undoubtedly technical analysis fundamental analysis but i’m bullish on curve overall and then if i look to kind of the into that yang kind of a micro detonator play in the same niche that’s where i look at something like smoothie finance now again “youve got to” do your own research you have to watch that video i have a link down below every single video that i do in my must watch videos slouse which is how to dyor how to do your own research how to pluck profits and altcoins with with the do your own research video are talking about here maudlin fundamental technological and on-chain analysis unite all those together forming your opinion pas watch too the world investment structure video that talks about these similar things but it’s always important to understand what doesn’t matter what asset class you’re you’re researching utilizing these frameworks applying these sciences even if it’s not for let’s say even your even if you’re not gonna invest in it let’s just say you’re newspaper trading it’s still important to build these practices every single day you know michael jordan practice bounce progress every day at rehearsal a lot of the best people in their province places great importance on the fundamental rights every day whereas you are familiar with some new chap comes in and they’re exercise manoeuvre shots they’re doing 360 s they’re duncan michael jordan’s doing jump oversteps you know that’s that’s where you see the true skill in in ecosystem for example look at the top actors you know leonardo dicaprio’s not all over instagram showing off his lamborghinis and his flying sprays he concentrates on his main thing and that’s what i look for um in projections you know focusing on the main thing gary keller has a great book on this by the way called the one thing and gary keller has built improved an incredible business keller williams go check that volume out um it’s actually in my surpas works roll if you taken to ensure that out down below in the description but moving on to uh to a bit more details with smoothie finance i just wanted to kind of lay that out all for you guys so you understood why i’m looking into smoothie finance it’s not because it’s really low-pitched cover it’s really because of their abuse client you know the low-spirited cap thing is an added benefit in my opinion because if you understand okay there is heavy risk when a project has an anonymous squad which this does but bitcoin had a ponderous risk you know so you it because of satoshi nakamoto so if you understand how to read open root engineering if you understand how to read code if you understand how to go into more advanced things like understanding token functionality understanding the health risks it’s always extremely very important to understand the risk so i will have this association down below always understand what’s going on now you know for example they actually lay out here in the opponents exactly what their beliefs are here exactly what the failure to develop the the all the potential drawbacks and that’s what i talked about in that global asset framework video is actually okay even if you’re able to identify immense excellence projects you have to seek out disconfirming indication you have to contemplate the downside and expenditure that in kind of factor that into your investment strategy into your thesis so let’s get into this i apologize for all the back and forth but i really need to build those things clear simply you guys understand this fundamentally when it comes to researching different investments so this is going to be talking about basically they’re the kind of token functionality a little bit more into details around you know how this liquidity catering thing undertakings how they’re uh i can’t remember their exact name for it oh yeah their dynamic cache make algorithm method manipulates i’ll be going over that that’s why i have duration paces in this video so if you’re not interested in this part you can ricochet to you know what i’m talking about the gab kind of their more basic things but uh we’ll talk about some of these detailed things then some high level things and then i’m kind of wrap it up with merely my general conceives on smoothie finance so maximizing liquidity provider token incentives the liquidity providers or lps in a consortium are able to obtain generally received basic token motivations in two parts first trading fees from customers who wish to perform swaps and or additional compensations from third-party interest earning protocols such as compound in avec however the drawback of supporting the compensations from third-party interest earning etiquette is that significant gas is incurred so fees by moving clues to and from different etiquettes to address such concerns curve.phi renders the puddles for liquidity providers lps with and without participation from third party interest earning etiquettes at the cost of lower liquidity so essentially what they’re laying out here is how curve wields and how smoothie is doing it better okay so they have reduced liquidity because they have s pool barter simply and why kitty swap plus interest whereas smoothie is merely a single pool with both barter and interest okay so this is where that their dynamic cache turn algorithm comes in um we’ll talk about this and then kind of wrap things up down now so dynamic cache alter algorithm smoothie address the concern by expending dynam the dcr algorithm the basic idea is that smoothie will reserve about 10 of the clue as cash in the reserve and money the remainder 90 into the third-party interest earning protocols if a exchange causes in the cash earmark is greater than 20 or there is insufficient cash reserve to complete the exchange smoothie will accomplish a rebalance so that if the money stockpiles is greater than 20 of the token 10 percentage will be retained in money and the rest is likely to be cash modesties deposited into underlying etiquette to earn interest or if the currency funds is insufficient to complete the barter extra tokens are withdrawn from the underlying protocol so that 10 of the clues becomes earmarked as cash after the barter so these are a bit more detailed things this is a bit more you know kind of gathering up the bonnet on the car and looking at the engine title so this is what you’re going to see here is is the you know the car on the road you know this is the car on the road what this is when you’re diving it when you’re doing your own research when you’re digging into things like the white paper this is just in their documentations of how the project works is you’re looking at the engine right you’re studying how the engine cultivates how the lubricant moves through the car how all these i’m not a huge car guy but i hope you understand that analogy i’m trying to constitute that’s kind of what you’re looking at now when you’re pulling up the hood and this may sound a bit complicated to you the main thing is you understand the macro of it right so it’s also important in my opinion to understand a little bit of this you have a little bit of understanding but uh to invest in something like this obviously you should understand in my opinion you should look under the hood and look at exactly what’s going on because if you precisely look at the car on the road well you can get scam very very easily but if you do your own research you properly dig into a project like this looking at sentimentals looking at technicals looking at fundamentals looking at on-chain analysis using things like ether examine for example uh you can really really dig into what is this project genuinely all about so as a result if as long as the swap does not trigger a rebalance occasion the gas costs of the swap can be extremely low by removing cash earmarked currency owned by smoothie and bypassing gas overheads withdrawal lodge procedures of underlying etiquette so “youre seeing” mostly how it cultivates here um by frame 90 percent expected of the tokens into the third-party interest making protocol the lps of smoothie can maximize their sign incentives by trading rewards um so including swap fee and sanction fees and paying interest from third-party etiquettes and sanction fees incurred by slippage so you can see exactly what’s going on now with smoothie you have all these with msable you is not have these things like disadvantage rewards um with curve you can see what’s going on here so yeah that’s mostly all for that um i did want to point out this they’re medium again everything we talked about clearly will be linked down below but um i mean they’re they’re the people that are behind this are some heavy hitters i mean they have hashkey they have definance capital they have a sendex signum capital they have x2 1 quark chain all these are actually big names in the uh especially in the kind of uh you know venture investing in the blockchain space master guesses a lot of great uh enormou projections there so overall i think i will probably end up doing another video on this project maybe talking about the roadmap let me know in the comments if you’d like to see that you know the roadmap their clue financials we are able to just kind of review the roadmap quick so um the future roadmap entails genesis liquidity quarrying governance and decentralized autonomous organization funding more stable coin support more blockchain structures so that is awesome to see go give them a follow now on chatter smoothie exchange at smoothieswap expend world-wide highlight io is our twitter um you can see their clue here smty be standing 37 cents that time recording this below a two million dollar market cap tiny tiny tiny cap guys be borne in mind that so increased risk high-pitched compensation i talked about the contestant now veered out i talked about uni swap now m stable mstable’s another competitor they talk about that in their risks over here so again guys ever contemplate that downside but actually the main thing is you want to look at is you should feel confident contemplating the downside you should feel more confident than other investors because most people precisely look at oh what’s the upside what’s what’s the best case scenario and they never foresee okay let’s let’s disagree at absurdum the worst case scenario privilege so if smoothie goes to zero you have to price that into your kind of investment thesis around a project like this or the way that i like to do it that i talk about which is really narrative based investing so the narrative here is we watch decentralized exchanges we accompany these various dexes for different blockchain ecosystems but what about a niche down decentralized exchange that focuses on zero slippage stable targets now that is a great niche you know that that’s something that’s very very important to understand in this ecosystem just like if you’re looking at the investments in diners you can invest in something like mcdonald’s which is very very broad right it’s fast food or you can invest in a highly highly niche down restaurant like uh i don’t know let’s say like it like an ice cream shop you know like freezing stone that’s a niche in the meat infinite so so that’s kind of my narrative based investment kind of outlook that’s all for this video again let me know in the comments your thoughts around this one what you think whether you think it’s a swindle or not um i love when people contemplate on that because it’s like man if this works it doesn’t matter if it’s a defraud or not you know the the what matters is you do your proper research you understand how the tokens are distributed you know the risks of if the team drops all these different things are vital and i mean in my opinion we look like we’re at a jolly dang low now and we’ve kind of steadied out and if we’re looking for a new leg highest in the crypto marketplace might be a good chance to opt uh to average in if you if you’re looking at that so that’s all for this video if you experienced it smacked the like button subscribe to the channel thump the notification buzzer to stay up to date so to recap like subscribe button all invest world and until next time

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