Skeletal remains, 3 children found abandoned

tonight. Some of those devotees detailing what the hell happened. >> And in this business for along time and I had never heard long time and I had never heard a scenario like this. It certainly call me by surprise and horrific discovery. Thats what Harris County sheriff Ed Gonzalez iscalling a crime scene at an calling a crime scene at an apartment complex. 3 boys found abandoned inside an accommodation cell. Their ages 15 to 10 7. >> The Harris County Sheriffsoffice says skeletal remains of office says skeletal remains of a 4th child, possibly a 9 year-old sibling likewise witnessed this disturbing discovery made during a aid check. >> Now deputies are working to learn exactly how thishappened. Thank you for meeting happened. Thank you for participating us tonight. Im hear on roads and Im Jonathan Martinez. Weve also learned the mother and her boyfriend are being interviewed by homicide. Investigators. It happened at the city Park to accommodations ongreen Crest drive near the lettuce Crest drive near the Westpark tollway thats in southwest Harris County in that is where we find KPRC 2 S bill Barajas and Bill, were learning other new informationtonight as well. tonight as well .>> Well, thats right. Harmonizing to the sheriffs role, the 15 year-old boy. The oldest found in that apartment unit is the one who actually called the sheriffs bureau to tell him that his 9year-old friend had been dead year-old brother had been dead for about a year and was in the chamber right next to him. He also told reviewers his mothers had lived in the homefor several months. Crime scene for several months. Crime scene strip was out front.The apartment in question on the 3rd storey of the city Park to a West oak apartment homes, residents and visitors to the complex shakenby the disturbing discovery. by the disturbing discovery. This is very shocking for me. >> I think is where the parents and why would you leave your children. 3 children senilities 1510,7 year olds, search for and 7 years old, were found abandoned together with them. The skeletal remains of a minor and maybe a sibling to the 3 Boyce Joe shorter tellingus there was an odor in the us there was an odor in the air. It was coming out >> And so we wanted an some smells bad news. The districts exceed patrolman announcing the situationhorrific at. frightening at .>> Plainview it. It their Levy and are living below fairly grievous problems. I havent been told that the that the that they were necessary locked you know, but that senility, it appears that they were carrying basicallyfending for one another. Sheriff fending for one another. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez saying the children did appear to have food but didnt know where they were getting it or who was paying the hire at the complex. We tried querying managementabout the incident but were about the incident but were asked to leave the property instead, guys with it now .>> I get all the information collected >> I get all this information “re coming in” in the last few moments.Its still unsure right now how that 9 year-old a sibling died and the sheriffs bureau saying the children did have some injuries but are nowin the care of the cost of the in the care of the cost of the county. Again, the mothers have been discovered and are being questioned by.

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