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SEE — Season 2 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The mighty Baba Voss. A fearless warriorin a macrocosm without spate. Everyone close to youalways points up suffering. Now it’s your turn, brother. I swore I would neverreturn here. Edo took my daughter. She would never saywhere she came from I’m going to find outwhere he’s hiding her. Yesterday don’t matterif it’s gone What do you see? A shift in the world. Goodbye Ruby Tuesday We are chosen to usherin a new world. I carry within me a childborn with God’s talent of seeing.[ shouting] Sight will return, and the first nationto harness its influences will predominate the world countries. You’re declaring waron the greatest military force in the world.This is not our fight! If we walk away, thousands of people will die.[ grunting] I know this enemy. I was this enemy! They crusaded to enslave! We fight for freedom! I say we open our gateright now…..and welcome them to hell.[ praising] There are weapons more powerfulthan swords. They won’t defeat our future. Welcome home, Baba. Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday.

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