„See – Reich der Blinden“ Staffel 2 – Offizieller Trailer | Apple TV+

The mighty Baba Voss. A fearless warriorin a life without sight. Everyone close to youmust end up suffering. Now it’s your turn, brother. I vowed never to go back.But Edo kidnapped two daughters. Which is why i he concealing them? What do you attend? A converted nature. We are chosen tousher in a new world. I have a child within me who is consecrated with God’sgift of vision. The eyesight returns. The first nation to use its powerwill guideline the world. You declare fight on the greatestmilitary power in the world. This is not our fight. If we go, thousands will die. FACE THE PAST I know this enemy.I was that opponent. PROTECT THE FUTURE You oppose to quash. We fight for freedom. Let’s open our gate! And greet them in hell! There are more powerful weaponsthan swords. You are the keyto our future. Welcome home, Baba. REICH OF THE BLIND NOW MAKE UP SEASON 1.

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