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Rune 2 Publisher wirft Bethesda Sabotage vor – News

The squabble over rune 2 continues, Ubisoftreplaces Uplay with Ubisoft Connect and Devolver Digital buys the growth studio from Serious-Sam. I’m Natascha and that’s the news. The law engagement over rune 2 is entering the nextround. As Michi reported to you a few cases times last year, the publisher of video games, Ragnarok and the former evolution studio arein a dispute over the rights of Rune 2. The game was under development at Human Head Studios, which previously had Prey among others and The Quiet Man developed. Rune 2 has been under discussion since 2012, announced in 2017 and finally exhausted on November 12, 2019, albeit in a terrible country. The day after the secrete, Human HeadStudios announced the dissolution of the studio, founded Roundhouse Studios and connected the publisherBethesda or Zenimax. Ragnarok had no idea of the wholestory and had actually expected the studio to take care ofthe game after it was released.Now that this was not possible, the company wanted to employ another studio, but Roundhouse refused to give away the sourcecode and the assets of the game. Only a prosecution for mismanagement, withholdingthe code and concealing the studio ending impelled Roundhouse Studios in January 2020 to releasethe source code to Ragnarok. Now the lawsuit has been changed to accuseZeniMax Media and Bethesda Softworks of collusion. Officially, it is said that the employees ofHuman Head Studios exclusively turned to Bethesda after the closure or the establishment of RoundhouseStudios, the lawsuit now states that the companies havebeen in discussion since summer 2019. Bethesda is alleged to have actively contributed to the sabotageof Rune 2 and video games in the comic book series Oblivion. They are even said to have received keys to rune 2 in advance, which is said to have led Bethesda to recognize serious competition to Skyrim and tohave interrupted change. Ragnarok is now demanding at least 100 millionUS dollars in compensation plus pays for rates already incurred and further retributions inorder to prevent such defrauds in the future. Ubisoft announces the end of the current servicesUplay, Ubisoft Club and the affiliated ecosystem and feeds UbisoftConnect. The new service is intended to replace, update and expand all old-fashioned business. It peculiarity a brand-new user interface throughwhich all players on all scaffolds can interact with Ubisoft’s in-game services, activitiesand Societies, which started with the exhaust of Watch Dogs Legion on October 29 th. Ubisoft Connect will also introduce cross-progressionfor numerous plays across all programmes and works. The sports that start instantly with the cross-progression optionsinclude Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Immortals: Fenyx Rising and Riders Republic.In addition, mostof the company’s multiplayer recreations should also be able to be played fully across stages in the future. Ubisoft Connect is due to exhaust WatchDogs Legion on October 29 th and will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox SeriesS and X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and iOS andAndroid. Anyone who represents Minecraft in the Java versionwill soon need a Microsoft account anyway. So far, this form was still playable without an history, from the beginning of 2021 that will change. Microsoft would like to ensure more protection. The transition will stimulate two-factor authenticationpossible, parental powers will be enhanced, and chit-chats and requests will beblocked.In addition, all editions and recreations, currently Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, should be linked in one account. The nicknames of the players are retainedand brand-new musicians can still choose their in-game specifies freely. Anyone who has relation the report will receive acape for their attribute as a gift. If you don’t want to tie or appoint your note, you will soon no longer be able to play. Due to the huge number of musicians, the reform will berolled out in stages. You will receive an e-mail with all the important information about the change, butnot all players will receive this e-mail at the same time. The publisher Devolver Digital has bought the developmentstudio Croteam. The two companies have beenworking closely together for several years, and this cooperation has obviously worked well. The official report says that Croteamand Devolver Digital had been dating for so long that they decided to justget married. Croteam is a Croatian studio andso far was best known for developing Serious Sam activities. It should continue inthe same direction, fans is looking forward to new Serious Sam games, The Talos Principle 2 and brand new IPs fromCroteam and Croteam Incubator Studios.This officially supported The Talos Principle 2and the further implementation of the Serious Sam series. A few days ago Ireported to you that musicians had received commercials in NBA 2K21. Now the publisher has officiallyapologized for the in-game advertising. However , not for advertising to beshown, merely for how it is displayed in the game. In a statement issued on Twitter, they write thatthe ad should not run as part of the pre-game introduction. That would be fixed in future episodes. Baldurs Gate3 started early access about week ago. The play is not finished yet, so far only the beginning of the game is available and some scoots and categorizes are still missing, as well as multiclassing and much more. The modder ShinyHobo has now set about makingother genus available as playable anatomies. Officially playable at the moment are humen, elves and half-elves, halflings, dwarves, tieflings with various subspecies, drow and half-drow. The mod does not bring the otherraces of the player’s manual, Dragonbrn, Gnome or Half-Orc, but species that we generally seeon the defending side.Thanks to ShinyHobo we can now too represent aminotaur, goblins, including six different subspecies, hobgoblins, grottos andeven mind flayers. The mods are offered via Nexus-Mod, there you will likewise find instructions on how to implement them in the game. There is a glimmer of hope for VR devotees. So far things haven’t lookedso good for them with PlayStation 5. You can alreadypre-order a camera for the brand-new PlayStation, but it is not compatible with PSVR. The old-time camera for the PlayStation4 cannot be connected to the PlayStation 5. A PSVR-2 headset is not yet insight. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply your PSVRwith the new console, because there is an adapter forthe old-fashioned camera. In Japan, PSVR packets containing theadapter will be available starting October 29 th. However, the adapter is currentlyonly available in these bundles with the headset.However, it can be assumed that Sonywill soon be offering the adapter individually. So far, as I said, the packet is only available inJapan, but the opportunities are pretty good that it will too be offered in the west during Christmas business. Hopefully by then theadapter will also be available individually. And with that I say goodbyeagain for today. Tomorrow we’ll see you again at the usualtime in the usual place, if you don’t want to miss that, you should definitelysubscribe to the direct and activate the buzzer. There existed tons of othercool videos on the path, such as this video about Deathloop or ourtest on Aquanox: Deep Descent.Until then, have fun and good pillage ..

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