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Hi in today’s video we’re doing a video review ofJayKay Dowdall’s brand new launching on Wednesday, October 27 th, RHIMS really helpful internetmarketing stuff. I am digit five 5.0 what we’re going to be looking at today is we’re goingto go through show you some of the highlights of the training we’ll look at the reasons why youmay want to decide to purchase this training if you do there’ll be a link down in the descriptionthat when you’re done with the review you can give me a thumbs up like it don’t forget to subscribeto our channel as well so let’s move into the dashboard of RHIMS and we’ll take a look at whatis involved with RHIMS 5.0 the Ultimate Guide to Launch-jacking okay so i’m excited about RHIMS5. 0 because launch-jacking is exactly what i do on Digital High Road on my youtube channelthis is very important what i want to do is lay out for you i want to show you or look at thedashboard but i want to show you in detail first and then we’ll go and do an overview forthe whole package of all the training that’s here but we’re going to show you first is now i’vegone and set up a duet bonuses that you can get whether you’re obtained from me or not there’llbe a way to get access to it down in the you know at the end of the review i’ll tell you how to getaccess to these bonuses but i’ve gone through and outlined every bit of these two videos i wantedto show you how detailed these videos are now in video in the three degree we’ll be talkingabout this but your propel jacking campaign and this whole training in here is critical for youto understand but in this video in particular 6.2 your review page it’s a 27 time video i’vegot laid down by i’m just leave an example real quick it’s got mini auctions sheet target targetedbridge sheet factors to include and your goals for using your bridge sheet what sheet builder to useto build your template for checking fractions to use to build sales sheets headlines to catch yourvisitors scrutiny social proof setting up the large-scale why roll of your bonuses urgency or scarcityof the render gamble change money back guarantee idol your produce your headlines may go throughthe breaks down the analysis of the connection sheet which includes top of the sheet headlines imageof concoction your headline call to action now is any of that chime rousing to you the otherthing is i want to take a look at the launch jacking traffic area right here the youtubetraining expanse now this is a 40 instant video and this includes the gold of your youtube trafficlong-term growth short-term growth spawning sure you have an optimized description involved video usingcards subscriptions via calls to action remarks helping your video rank for valuable launchjacking keywords those are some things that are included in this now they’re not listed here butyou can get my bonus at the end of the video i’ll show you how to get access to the bonus these twobonuses are in pdf form for these two videos but let’s move in now and we’ll take a giant overviewlook at what’s involved with RHIMS 5.0 which should stimulate you if you’re really really seriousin making money online this is the way to go and this training is detailed and you won’t have anyproblem understanding how to benefit from it okay so why should you be using launch trackingwell JayKay and how’s laism arranges him out here on his marketings sheet it’s a way to build yourmailing list you stimulate vast committees uh by selling makes and produces from the funnelsof the products that you sell it’s a good way to network with other affiliates “whos doing” sellingproducts generating produces and selling commodities it’s social media swelling building and developingsocial media whether it be facebook instagram youtube and it is easy enough that you are eligible to learnto mimic and adhesive and develop templates that you can use so you are eligible to prevent doing it over and overand over again so you can mostly rinse and repeat it’s a good commerce simulate free trafficthe traffic is free you don’t have to pay for it you’re not acquiring ads on platforms meter launchtracking doesn’t make much term at all once you get set up and you understand just like anythingelse you do in life it’s novice friendly it’s something that even a apprentice can learn to to doand the training believing in now from JayKay is performs that absolutely possible it’s evergreenyou can do it for years and years and years because as you is going through and you can doit in any niche it works in every niche okay so i want to show you real quick what isinvolved with what he’s teaching you to do here in RHIMS 5.0 is you’re going to learn to doa and he takes you through all the steps learn to do a video review and publish it on youtube thatway you can get traffic from google and youtube once people appear and thought you know they’relooking for the review because it’s brand new they’ve received an email from youor an email from another purveyor and they just hear about how good the produce isor something exciting about it that describes into it they’ll look for your review and once youhave in your review you have the link down in the description to take them to your bridgepage again which JayKay has coached you how to set up and so they go to your connect page whichis basically your edition of the sales page what you want to point out to the people that theyshould be looking at and reason why they should be obtaining it and then after that if you’ve gotthem warmed up from yours there then go to click to purchase from JayKay’s auctions page which is whatwe were just looking at now they’ll be looking at this they’ll be taken to this so they can maketheir acquire and then what that’s going to look like here is from your marketings sheet you’ll getpurchased then formerly the acquisition is attained you then have them as a client they’ll be on your emaillist and JayKay has prepared money you’ve made money and that’s what he’s doctrine to do it’s an easyway to make money so let’s go back to the pulpit and we’ll look at the training next on the RHIMS5. 0 inspect okay so as we move on we’ll continue we’ll now look at the under the hood and seewhat’s included in the program first you have an overview of RHIMS 5.0 then you have gettingstarted with RHIMS 5.0 it talks about launch jacking what it is then the scrupulous reading isfind start moving opportunities is going to learn you how to find the opportunities andproducts where to find them how to find them get affiliate requests for approved which isa key to doing successful launch jacking going early pre-release access clothes videos now thesevideos are all anywhere from i think probably 11 instants up to there’s a marry that are around 40 times long JayKay doesn’t viewed anything back he gives you all that he’s learned and tell thatworks for him in going through these areas now if you’re going to go through these areas all thisis critical it’s he recommends and i do too with for ordinary training course is the way they’reset up is to take them from start to finish in order and watch all of them don’t miss anythingbecause there might be things you’re going to miss that could be important but if i was lookingat any of the areas you want to look at or most important would be the launch jacking 101 and the launch jacking campaign and this is critical coming through now each one of theseis a very detailed like let’s say this one here phases of launch jacking it’s very important tounderstand everything about RHIMS 5.0 that you can get from it go through all the training but launchjacking itself the four phases that he talks about important on how to pre-sell the people that areon your schedule developing bonuses and you meet plies aids as well which is crucial i thinkto helping you understand now such areas now creating a review had various videosas “youre seeing” and lots of resources that’s very very important he goes through andthese are very long videos each one of these segments is probably over an hour andthen not least he renders three involving exciting real life case studiesthat are provided for you to study so you can look at and see what’s going on thisis a 32 time one but as you can see it embraces the whole thing the thing i findwith JayKay is his training is excellent he never leaves any stones unturned okay aspromised a little bit earlier in the video we’re going to go through the otos the salesfunnel for this promotion now RHIMS 5.0 its consideration of the item itself “re gonna be all” 27 for one timefee it’s going to be going immediately after the launch which culminates on november 2nd at 11 59 pmeastern standard time it’ll be going up to 47 then oto 1 is a chance to purchase a seven dayone dollar inquiry for his normally 29.95 per month club body for announced inboxer which is hisemail training course where he keeps in new email material every month and where people learn how tocreate an email list and do email sell from a to z again with his top-notch training it’sa large large-scale advantage to be take advantage of that and take advantage of the training to becomesuccessful oto2 is the RHIMS bundle it’s mostly RHIMS one through four so all the previous reallyhelpful internet market it’s all the previous ribs trainings wrap in one you get them allfor 67 dollars they’re ordinarily like RHIMS 5.0 it’s going to go up to 47. You can purchaseall four of them one two three and four for 40 seven dollars each or you cantake advantage of this one-time offer in oto2 for 67 dollars one time the third thingis a critical one to have if you’re serious about start jacking to help fast track you wherehe’s going to provide everything from his most successful recent openings and see you the insideand give you even the contents the email swipes the case studies five other casestudies where he’s going to give you insight on what he did and why he did it andthen what he could have even saw better so that’s going to be a 67 one-time fee for that sothat’s the otos okay so they do look like this here oh the inboxer the email marketingtraining just for one dollar for seven days oto two “re gonna be all” the packet packagehas a video explaining that and why how it’s important he’s been going through thesteps of pour increase if you’re really serious about making money and then the last oneof course is going to be the whole thing we just talked about the case studies get takenadvantage of everything he’s done in the last his most successful starts where he’s madethis much money in the past 30 daytimes doing open jacking so those are the otos from JayKay sothat’s my video review for RHIMS 5.0 the eventual leader to launch checking as i mentioned earlierwe talked about the bonuses the bonuses will be scheduled as RHIMS 5.0 the eventual guide to launchjacking it’ll be down in the description it’ll be two no acquisition necessary bonuses that you can getyour hands on today likewise please become a member of RHIMS 5.0 join me and thousands of otherswho have joined JayKay and his RHIMS curricula via the RHIMS 5.0 practice the RHIMS 4.0 3.0 2.01.0 but JayKay is the real thing and i think you’d be very pleased to take advantage of his trainingif you are serious about making money online so take advantage of the pricing now at twentyseven dollars it will be going up to forty seven dollars at the end of the week long promotionso take advantage of the special pricing now don’t forget that if you got anyvalue from this video whatsoever like the video please give me a thumbs updon’t forget to subscribe to our direct and reached the buzzer icon so you get notifiedevery time i publish a brand-new video to my canal thanks for watching today.Godbless! Take care, talk to you later! you.

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