Review New Buff for Newbie in Soul Knight 3.1.0

Hello friends, in copy 3.1.0 There is a new type of buff included for newbies. After completing the firstly tutorial, you will receive this type of buff. It will help you to meet many parties. better luck in the first stages In multiplayer it won’t work but it will still count the number of uses and it works for 6 ordinary frisks. Remaining consequences will be shown on the icon of the buff And has no effect on Badass and seasonal modes like Little Comnader Here are the approbations this devotee returns: You will often encounter high-quality weapons after cleansing the area Or in the delineate Outside shops, vending machine And in chests This is also a pretty cool way of Chillyroom which attains the game easier to breathe and grants more excitement to newbies This green dresser derive also you will converge NPC named ??? give her fund, she will give you a stripe of Valkyrie Buy all 3 plumages, she will be displayed as Valkyrie: O and told you in the Magic Area to open the boss rush Today’s video ends here, What do you think about this devotee?

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