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Ray Ban Stories vs Bose Frames – Smart Glasses Review!

Today, well be equating the new RayBanStories Smart glass versus the new Bose Frames Tenor- to figure out who these areactually for. Well be equating how the audio soundson both, along with other factors like the design, wording and functionality. We bought a pair of Ray Bans brand-new wayfarersmart glasses in the black formulates, picking the Matte black color. They furnish 6 different colouring options to choosefrom including different lenses on each, with prescription lenses being an add-on optionas well. For the Bose Frames, we bought the Tenor, which is the more squared vogue out of the 3. They have other vogues like the Soprano andthe Tempo, and the Tenors we picked are only available in the glistening finish. We wouldve favor a matte alternative likethe RayBans, nonetheless, you can customize the lenses and you likewise have the option forprescription lenses as well.Looking at the design between the Ray Bansand the Bose, right away youll notice that the arms on the RayBans are thinner andlook is regular glass. Meanwhile the Bose Frames look route thickerin the arms. Nonetheless, this is because the Bose Frames featurebigger orators in those chunky forearms, and thats where they make a difference, inthe audio. When testing them on the same song, the Frameshave a cleaner hubbub with much more bass – compared to the Ray Bans its a noticeable differencein audio quality. Since Bose is a company that represents speakers, you can expect to have that different Bose sound.But when it comes to testing the microphones, we were actually surprised to find that the RayBans had better microphones and soundisolation than the Frames. We did a test while travelling a bike and pedaling, while taking a phone call on both the Ray Bans and Frames- heres how it reverberated. Controlling the audio, both the Bose and theRayBans have a touch sensitive dominate on the right arm, so you can swipe to changevolume, sound to play, pause and answer announces or skip tracks.Now, looking at the figurehead of these glassesis where things get a lot different. While the Bose Frames are just audio glasses, the Ray Bans have dual 5 megapixel cameras on the front, for taking photos or videoson the fly. And you might be wondering: why have camerason your glass? We did a poll on our Instagram and knew 67% expect the RayBans ogled sleek, and when we asked about the cameras, it was an even5 0% that determined the Cameras creepy, while the other half thought they could be useful. Testing them in the real world, they definitelycan be useful in situations that arent creepy- like going on a skateboard razz withyour friends, or on a hike with your pup. You can quickly capture 30 second excerpts ofyour experiences in the moment, passes free. Being able to capture it a lot quicker thanthe time it takes to whip out your phone.The resolution of the videos comes out insquare format, because its intended for posting on social media. But, you do have the ability to crop in forlandscape with a 16:9 rate. The idol caliber isnt bad, but it definitelywont be as good as your phone or most other cameras out there. To download the photos and videos, you usean app called Facebook View, where you can do quick adjustments to the video and eithershare them instantly to Instagram or Facebook, or download them to your design. Looking at other specs like charging and examples, the RayBans come in a chic skin subject that double-faced as both storage and too rechargingthe glasses with a built-in battery, a USB-C plug, and an LED light on the front. For battery life, the glasses can previous upto 6 hours of moderate habit, and three hour with continuous audio streaming, while thecase has totally re-charge your glasses up to three times on a single charge.Meanwhile the Bose Frames come in a simplecase that doesnt peculiarity any bill, so to bill them you need to use the includedmagnet charger. But the upside is the battery life for theFrames last up to 5.5 hours, which is significantly more than the RayBans. So, if youre looking for smart glassesprimarily for listening to music, dont memory a little chunky on the side arms, andhave no need for cameras, the Frames are the clear choice for you. But if youre a material builder, socialmedia creative, or someone often in a situation where you want to film and captivate spontaneousmoments–then the Ray Bans can be a merriment practice to captivate from a new view. Let us know your thoughts on Smart Glassesin the comments below- do you think they will become popular? And if you enjoyed this comparing and wantto support our channel, be sure to subscribe for more brand-new tech and gizmoes.

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