Phonics Song with TWO Words – A For Apple – ABC Alphabet Songs with Sounds for Children

A for Apple, A for Ant B for Bat, B for Ball C for Cat and C for Cup D for Dog, D for Dots E for Egg and E for Elephant F for Frog, F for Fish G for Goat and G for Grass H for Hand, H for Hat I for Ink and I for Insect J for Juice, J for Jar K for King and K for Kite L for Lamb, L for Leaf M for Man and M for Monkey N for Neck, N for Nose O for Ocean, O for Oar P for Plum, P for Parrot Q for Queen and Q for Quail R for Rope, R for Rat S for Sun and S for Sun Flower T for Tap, T for Tub U for Uncle, U for Umbrella V for Violin, V for Violet W for Well and W for Water X for Box, X for Fox Y for Yacht and Y for Yellow Z for Zoo, Z for Zebra

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