Hello Riders and welcome from your MadHorse! Today I decided to open a NEW SECTION on canal related to Reviews Let’s start with an Italian symbol! We’re gonna are talking about here: Ohvale Gp-0 This Project borns by the mind of parties which worked for many years on the 2 pedals sector, principally with Aprilia. Their purpose was to build a motorcycle not unmistakable as an existing bike like a Pocket Bike or a Pit Bike but principally as a “Little Motorcycle” capable to give the same fun, the same feelings and the same riding issues related to a Sportbike without being expensive as a Supersport: Less Manteinance expenses; Lower prices for spare parts … … and certainly it solves the problem related to Bike Transfers. Infact with this Bike We’ll don’t need no more trucks, trailers or spend money for a storage facility It’s enough a vehicle with a large Trunk Let’s go to discover the technological luggage of this “Little Supersport” The Chassis is a perimetral Trellis Frame with sword tubes 100% Made in Italy Everything on this motorcycle has been studied maniacally: This study makes on a perfect load dispensation As a modern Superbike 53% On Front and 47% on Rear Let’s watch Exclusions On front we’ll note a 33 mm USD Fork with anodized aluminium submerges On rear we’ll encounter a Monoshock entirely movable additionally, recently Ohvale released a special Kit in collaboration with hlins and Andreani: Both Firebrands excessively specialized about adjournments The Braking System outdoes, with technical solutions like a Superbike kind On Front: Radial Pincers Monoblock with 4 Small Pistons and a 180 mm Disk capable of Stop bicycle in tiny seats with a perfect modular restraint power On Rear: 155 mm Disk with a 2 tiny pistons Pincers, the whole thing is actioned by Aeronautic Twist Pipes and Adjustable Levers.Descending more let’s watch wheels Those are of a 10 ” size, made of Allumium Alloy with 5 splitted speaks those are one of the main features of the Ohvale GP-0 that’s why 10 ” is the minimum size let on certain kinds of tracks and the maximum by others, this allow us to use Gp-0 on a lot of tours. Now We’re gonna deal with the “Hearts” of this “Little Pests” Infact Ohvale offers a large selection of devices by displacement Let’s Start from the 110 cc, Sold in 2 Configurations Version 1: Automated – 8Hp Version 2: 4 Speed – 11 Hp Going up of dislocation We find: 160 cc 4 acceleration – 16 Hp Least but not Last We find the Top with: 190 cc 4 Speed 24 Hp (!!!) On a Bike that Weighs 60 Kilos are a lot of Hp 110 and 160 devices are made by the Great Chinese Manifacturer Zhong Sheng( 4 Million Engines Per year) Don’t worry … Engines are Made in China but builded with occidental standards 😉 Furthermore there’s an daring Project for Ohvale: the majority of members of the divisions are Made in Italy and “theyre trying to” become on future the engines Made in Italy too It will increase the value of the Bike Different case for the 190 this bicycle attaches the Excellent Japanese Engine Daytona All this Bikes prepare an outstanding Arrow Exhaust Tyres are offered by PMT, Leader of small-scale wheels area Carburetors are offered by Mikuni and Keihin on 26 and 28 widths, both Quality brands.Riding Sensations: this bike is really, genuinely Instinctive Initially by coming from different Bikes it could be “Traumatic” because the bike is very sensitive and responsive for its heavines. Fast or rude gestures will represent destabilize our motorcycle and it will end on a loss of time on Lap. So for the 1st experiences, specially for who comes from bigger motorcycles( which forgive some kind of hard campaigns ), the equestrian should have a first period of “knowing” After a 15/20 Minutes session You should start to feel pleasant, enjoying the Ride and have Fun. The force somewhat concentred on front will give Us a lot of feeling, infact after the “knowing period” We’ll start to force, trying to find our restrictions, that’s why this bike permits Us to make love. I advocate it to every kind of Rider: From the Amateur, that wants to have fun on track, without justify to the partner the constant red stage on bank account to the Young Champion which wants to grow up Furthermore the Ohvale is the only motorcycle with 10 ” motors which has a category on CIV( Italian Championship ). If you’ll go to visit the CIV’s Website, you’ll find the Ohvale Category. The Engines are spunky, excepted the 110 Automatic, but it’s acceptable( without control and 8 Hp) and I felt it more because my sizing: 190 Cm for 95 Kilos It’s a bit “Turned off”, specifically on Low Rpm, so the finest way to Ride it’s close the Throttle as little as possible From start We’re gonna meet super lists and Have Fun I also experienced the Brakes: Powerfuls and with a lot of modulability, which let Us to take stunning hard-bitten brakes And now Let’s watch the latest feature: Premiums Ohvale It’s not the cheapest bike but it has a lot of quality, but if We have some currency to spend We can consider it a great investment. Let’s Keep an Eye on Price tag: 110 Automatic: 3.850 Euros 110 4 Speed: 3.990 Euros 160 4 Speed: 4.150 Euros 190 4 Speed: 5.100 Euros Which is expensive, but if someone has financial faculty to buy it, it can bring a lot of fun and satisfactions.One of the finest features of Ohvale is the possibility to customize our livery with dedicated graphics Ohvale has a lot of Testimonials around the world, like: Valentino Rossi, Danilo Petrucci, Chaz Davies, ecc. that replicated the SBK and MotoGP Graphics on their “Little Sisters” I Hope You all Liked this video 🙂 I invite you to Share it, let me know what you think by mentions below this video, Let me know if You previously had an experience with Ohvale and how it was I invite You to Subscribe on this Channel, to keep updated on my latest uploads 🙂 salutations from Your MadHorse !!! Lamps 😉

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