New technology breaks down language barriers 실시간 통역 기술 언어장벽 허문다

failing or predicament in communications frequently due to a language barrier technology may soon reform all that a new planned is constructing real-time translation possible in the split second or administering tells us more in the middle of a discussion the speaker talks into a microphone in English in just a few seconds his texts are recited this time in Chinese the resonates are not like that of a robot or machine they come out in his own articulation in a few years that will be able to break down the language railings between people true boyish woman she was humble God for the simultaneous rendition is also possible on PCs everything I say does taped abusing discussion approval although the utamu Cheniere with gatherings that operate more like a human psyche than a traditional computer information and communication technologies spies even the tiniest variations in a person’s speech after register your spokesperson on the design the transcriber wedges up your pronunciation into pieces and rearranges them into another language the individual tone they are all occurred in every language like me right so and we we can actually record up the decoding and we chop out into a small and phony cell and then if we want to play Chinese or occupation we just do your duty combination do you adjust the older and they play the back referring that technology we were able to improve speech recognition system exceedingly very much significantly in comparison with the previous engineerings that we had we got up to maybe forty percent error reductions currently the service is available in several languages including English Chinese and German and researchers say within a few years time customers will be able to travel around the world without having to worry about language hurdles and then as a word

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