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My earnings leaked online…

– I had a really weird dream last-place light. But I’m not going to tellyou what it was about. Let’s do some tech news! -[ Riley] Linus, what, what was it? -[ Linus] There was aTwitch seep yesterday. -[ Riley] Oh what was in it? -[ Linus] Twitch. -[ Riley] Yeah, but what seeped? – Twitch did. Yes. The whole thing.( Riley chortles) – Yesterday, an anonymous4chan user announced a deluge for a 125 gigabyte filecontaining the entire source code for the Twitch website, its various apps and SDKs, and internal “red teaming” implements designed to test spoofing protections, which I guess,( laughters) didn’t work.-[ Riley] Hey. -[ Linus] Twitch confirmedthat the breach took place, but didn’t confirm thelegitimacy of its contents. Which also included payout information for literally millions of streamers evidencing the top designers were paying numerous millions of dollars per year, which may actually be an underestimate since it doesn’t include income from multimillion-dollarexclusivity agreements. And this is leaving witness who thought that their favoritestreamer was, you know, too a member organization participating in theproletariat, utterly shook. -[ Riley] Who’s gonna bein the revolution with us? – But, perhaps the mostinteresting part of the leak is an unannounced play storeintended to compete with Steam, codenamed, Vapour .( Riley chuckles) – Get it?’ Cause it never came out? – Anyway, convert yourTwitch password everyone. -[ Riley] Hey, what? No, what does it represent? – Ey. -[ Riley] Steam vapor, sea vapor. – But likewise vaporware,’ campaign, -[ Riley] Yeah, sure. – Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger has declared that AMD’s win streak is over! Okay, he didn’t quite “re saying it” like that because Pat’s a nice husband, he wouldn’t, pitch that kind of shade! -[ Riley] Get’ em Pat! – But he did let loose someFlanders-esque fightin’ texts in an interview with CRN.Gelsinger says that, “Intel won’t dismiss them of the good work that they’ve done, but that’s over with AlderLake and Sapphire Rapids.” -[ Riley] Great! -( roars) “Won’t dismissthem of the good work, ” Anyway, these codenames refer to Intel’s upcomingmainstream and Xeon CPUs. Gelsinger likewise besmirched ARM’s progress in the server processor cavity, saying that Intel is going to make sure that ARM’s role there, remains minimal.Dang! It’s more like Pat Gel-zinger! -[ Riley] Ey! – Ey! The criticisms from Team Blue’s leader make the web along with asocial experiment video where Intel maneuvers Mac loversinto cherishing Intel PCs instead, which to be fair is pretty easy to do when you’re paying them for it. -[ Riley] Some of them are pretty good. – And yes. Microsoft officially launched Windows 11 yesterday, beginning a brand-new era! For the PC. One that seems to be definedmore by equipment requirements, rather than major software features.That is unless you count the myriad defects and conduct issues thatmany consumers are running into. AMD has said that they’reworking on a give for a glitch that is causing their CPUs to run slower. Plan with Intel’s gunman networking are experiencing droops in fast and collapse for loadsome websites and games. A retention opening bug seenin the pre-release improves has apparently survivedthe launch process. It’s like a, it’s likea memory leak cockroach! -[ Riley] It won’t die! – And we’re still waitingto see whether that horrible VBS feature is going to causemassive act stops in tournament operation onpre-built computers. Of direction, many consumers are also reporting that their new Windows 11 installations are running, penalty, just fine, and we’re as happy for them as we are in favour of the survivingmembers of the Squid Game.-[ Riley] Oh, Spoilers! – How is that a spoiler? -[ Riley] Do parties die or survive? – Oh my deity. You know what? It doesn’t matter. The time is, it’sprobably gonna get better. And if it doesn’t, what are you gonna do? Switch to Linux? -[ Riley] Yes. Yes, I will. – Let’s switch to the, Riley, things that go fast. – Now it’s time for Quick Bitsbrought to you by SignalRGB, the free app that syncs RGB lighting across your entire setupwith zero compromise.Because installing a separateapp for variou symbols for each component in your organization, which then don’t even work together, is, I entail, I’m gettingfrustrated, just thinking about it. SignalRGB patronizes over 300 machines, from Razer, Corsair, ASUS, MSI, Oris, EVGA, Steel Series, and more! And with a pro license you are eligible to do your RGB-equipped devicesreact to in-game episodes from corroborated sports, reflect what’s on screen to match the ambiance, and even react to music fora synched-up light show. So numerous emblazons. Download SignalRGB forfree at the link below. – Could you have everimagined there’d be this countless short-spoken news item? Valve has secreted a video telling parties they emphatically should not! Open up their Steam Deckand replace components themselves because theycould break-dance their maneuver or even die. Then, they show themhow to do exactly that. Not the “die” part, the open-it-up part. It’s kind of the bestof both macrocosms, actually. You know , now I exactly demand an Apple video make the same thing, except it would just stop after the first part.- Yeah.- Don’t open it!( Linus blows raspberries) -[ Riley] And that’s it! – Syniverse, a company thatroutes SMS text themes for hundreds of carriersworldwide has said that, mortal had, unauthorizedaccess to its database from May 2016, to May 2021. -[ Riley] That’s five years! – For five years.( laughs) US-basedcarriers have so far said that there is no indicationthe breach led to sends or personal details being compromised, but wow, five years is a long time to simply not is everything with access to that kind of feelings information. -[ Riley] Here’s a cookie, don’t eat it. – But hey, we’re not just telling you this to raise your anxiety. We’re telling you this to, make this be your semi-regularreminder to not use SMS for, anything. But specially two-factor authentication. It’s bad.But too don’t panic. Trust Facebook. Google has proved onceagain that they are serious about YouTube Music a good music app, and have finally addedbackground listening for non-premium customers. Five times. Wow, we got a theme today. Five times after theylaunched it and a whole time after they killed itspredecessor, Google Play Music, which had the same feature thatthey’re now precisely lending back into YouTube Music.But wait, it’s only in Canada. Wait, what? – Oh! – Wow, we got something first? -[ Riley] Nice! – All is forgiven, Google. Actually not all is forgiven. Play Music had a featureto only natively shed my Sonos stuff in, and Googleand Sonos they’re feuding, and they won’t fix it, so I’m going to Spotify. -[ Riley] They’re a assortment of hosers. – Samsung’s upcoming mobile processor with AMD’s RDNA2 graphicswill reportedly support ray retrace distributed according to a upright on China’s Weibo social media platform.We can’t imagine what portable competition would authorize taking aframe rate dip like that in order to have fancier thoughts, but hey, we said thesame thing about PC competitions and now mostly everygaming PC in the world has ray find on, 100% of the time. – I have it on me now.- Now. – It’s paradigm shift. And Nintendo exposed the final character joining the roster ofSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s Waluigi. Is who it should have been. -[ Riley] Ha! – Ha! Got you. But instead it’s actuallySora the keyblade wielder from the Kingdom Hearts franchise, which is really sortof related right now. -[ Riley] Have you played any? – Nah, I can’t say I’ve everplayed a Kingdom Hearts game, -[ Riley] Me neither.- But yeah, it’s stillcool Sora’s in there, but what’s next? SpongeBob? And that was the final narrative. So is coming on Friday for more Tech News. You wanna know what mydream was, by the way? -[ Riley] Oh, what? – It was that I was not goingto do the Tech News today, but now, I was afraidof telling you about it in case it didn’t come true, but then, – I thought you like doing the Tech News? – it didn’t come true. -[ Riley] I thought you enjoyed technology. – Did I say dream? I wanted nightmare. – Oh.- I desire doing the Tech News ..

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