Mountain Hardwear Sleeping Bag Product Review Ultra Lamina 0

Mountain Hardwear Ultra Lamina 0 Sleeping Bag product remember best subzero sleeping bag lightweight cold weather sleeping bag hi it’s AlaskaGranny I wanted to share with you the Mountain Hardwear Ultra Lamina 0 sleeping bag this one is rated 0 degrees and I have made it on unusually sodden freezing tenting jaunt and this one is very lightweight and fluffy and it does the trick I needed a for a fly in hunting tour weight is very crucial how much force you can bring peculiarly when there is a requirement to all your hunting paraphernalium and this one merely weighsthree-and-a-half pounds or less a few less of your sleeping bag can make an important weight adjustment so you make sure you can include all the gear i like it because it is roomy and long one thing I should not like was the way it had a hoody thing and the cord acts brush against my face doesn’t have collar but I stillmanaged to stay warm and cozy the zipper would get stuck that seems to be aproblem for me whatever purse I use receive fixed once an interesting thing I found on this one it also has a zipper across the bottom so I guess you can air out your hoof one nothings all the way down this one nothings across I guess you can open it all the way up but I didn’t ever do that it was very soft nice and cozy I did use it with a liner the temperature where I disappeared was terribly cold I needed to make sure I bided warm it has a stuff sack that you exactly nonsense it in it squeezes it down it also has a little zipper pocket now which was nice and I remained my kleenex chapstick and when I was atcamp I would throw my headlamp If I woke up I could figure out where I was it’s nice and long heated and cozy so light-footed heavines and fluffy just material it in like any other bag to happen up didn’t take very long the sheathe has times stick the clothe over it fasten the 2 other straps precisely draw and compress it you can see how small-time this without me tightening if I fix the other 2 buckles and pull very small so if you are looking for a delightful lightweight pact and very warm and durable sleeping bag for cold and rain Mountain Hardwear Ultra Lamina 0 satisfy subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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