Technology Trends

MOOC Module 1 – Technology Experts Introduction

This is Volker Hegelheimer and for the nextfew minutes I would like to talk to you briefly about technology professionals that we asked totalk about their experiences with technology in the classroom. The first 2 experts here; Amy Walton and SarahDavis will talk about a variety of different options that they utilize in their classrooms. Amy will talk about Google Forms and SarahDavis outlines a behavior in which authenticity for writing duties can be enhanced. The next 2 professionals, Stephanie Fuccio and SockwunPhng will talk about the same tool: Google Docs. However, you will see that they use it inslightly different ways. This slip contains an overview of the3 engineerings that the panel of experts are going to introduce, aligned with the purpose forwhich these technologies are used in the classroom. Your next steps are to watch the videos and, while you are watching the videos, to think about technology implements that you use in yourclassroom and what role these technologies serve.After that you have the chance to share reactionsand revelations in our online forum ..

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