MAN Story – 8 Technik 2 / Technology 2

The technical interiordesign is progressing. At the same time, external attachmentsare created in the workshop. The storage containers are made of highquality and solid stainless steel, real craftsmanship. The line on the rear axle is slightlywider than the residential structure. That’s why our MAN gets twomudguards made of aluminum. Two spare rotates and the sand platesshould find space at the rear. For this end, a massive, but notoversized rear carrier is built. Meanwhile, the rear carrier is galvanizedand furnished with a small crane. The affection is work directly onthe chassis , not on the rear wall, because only then survivedeven bumpy streets harmless. The sewer tank separated inblack irrigate and grey-headed sea is insulated against freezing and heated both electrically, as well as by means of hot air.Both tanks harbour about 100 liters each. The black water tank thus hasa ability of 8 to 10 days. The storage boxes made by Fssare constructed in such a way that even under extremeconditions no dust can imbue. Our diesel system with a sepair filterincludes two containers with 240 and 440 liters. The smaller cistern ismainly for itineraries intended with steepgradients and gradients. With both tanks is our range about 2700 km on ordinary routes, on grime roads and badroads about 1500 km.All containers are equippedwith underride shelter. In addition to the dust boxin front of the rear axle, the underride protection is missing, which can be lifted in thefield up to the rear carrier. At the end of the expansion our vehicle is standing inthe joinery one last-place experience, where the interiorgets its final condition. Everything is new May, as well as with us, because the expansion is complete. Today we drive our MAN to customs clearanceand technical inspection in Switzerland. We picture you the picturesof the final swelling in the next and final videoof our expansion serials ..

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