Mac Pro 1 Year Review: How Apple Screwed the Pro AGAIN..

it’s been over a year since i got my 15 000 mac pro and i can officially see that apple clamped the pros again and i don’t think they even care to be honest i think that they gave up on the mac pro little than a year after its freeing and then this video i’ll let you know how and why and to add to that yes i do are of the view that even on the mac pro is a very powerful and competent machine it’s officially a disappointment and it’s very hard for me to recommend it to people who i consult for who really need the implementation of its only it can offer on a mac and they can afford to drop 10 to 20 000 on a machine now before i jump into the three biggest cause why it neglected why you should be careful buying one and what you should buy instead if you need a potent machine let’s touch on apple’s previous downfall the trash can everybody was shocked when apple showed off the mac pro cylinder and phil schiller proudly boasted on their achievements and innovation can’t innovate anymore my ass a lot of people including me were very skeptical of the expenditure degrees and scheme but apple tried to assure parties that they would have upgrades as the graphics cards could be swapped out to newer modelings and the cpu was socketed and the thermal core layout was groundbreaking allowing the pro to run cool and speechles and that external expansion was the future with that a fair chip of pros resolved up rendering it a shot including a much younger me seven years ago when i was just a few years into my photography and filmmaking busines i used to work a basic full-time job and built up my business on the side and i objective up taking out a six thousand dollar loan to buy myself the pitch-black cylinder which back then was a much bigger chunk of my income than this 15 000 mac pro is now and you know what it wasn’t a mistake paired with final trimmed pro it allowed me to edit faster than my custom-made pc that overhead fewer and had mode better specs and it pointed up has become a phenomenal financing for my growing the enterprises and it established me fund while it did eventually miscarry because apple didn’t ever amend it even 5 years later the first few years it was very very powerful and although apple last-minute admitted its mistakes and now went back to a amply upgradable scheme i’m not sure it actually matters and i’ll explain why fast forward six years and on the surface apple gave us everything we asked for we had this gorgeous all aluminum cheese graders intend we had tons of ram and ssd ability crazy cpus and a bunch of pci slots so we could modernize as we delight and even use third-party parts and supplements instead of being locked in and yes we even had 700 rotations i was all about this pro machine for a few rationales first off my previous mac pro was a great investment but it was all locked down so it didn’t last long term but this one promised to fix all of those issues we had all the ports and support for easy third party ameliorates it reminded me of the much ardour cheese grater mac pro that numerous parties still use today but this mac pro solved the biggest issue parties had with that one for example having a 1400 watt power supply so it can handle anything that wishes to propel at it in the future which is why that locate cost payments so much and finally the pure performance of the system inhaled anything else that was out there at the end of last year not only was the cpu accomplishment a good step up from the other max but the graphics performance was perfectly off the charts and this is before the motorist optimizations for the vega 2 that started it even better for example it exported red footage in almost half the time than my imac pro and pro vs raw documents in a third of the time which was insane now of course that is just exporting but when it came to actual playback performance it killed the other max being the only machine that can handle c2 00 raw data in multicam it was also the only computer i have ever seen that could export this footage in real time with optimize software now i work mainly with video but this machine was an absolute beast for photo revising being two to three times faster than my other macs now you might say that this should be the case because it’s so expensive and you’re right but it actually afforded a good value because not only was it faster than the high-end imac pro but it was actually cheaper than one even when you factor in buying a display and other extras that is necessary and you can also upgrade it as you please as you can see i was very bullish on this machine but not everybody was beings had a few issues right off the bat first of course the premium was astronomical with a basi toll of six thousand dollars which included an acor processor 32 gigs of ram 256 gigs of ssd and an rx 580 based graphics card which was embarrassing peculiarly because you can get that statu of performance for half the expenditure in an imac at the time and that also includes a 5k exhibition a keyboard and mouse and also decent orators i called apple out on their basi price in a video demonstrating that the mac pros have always had a price of about three thousand dollars basi when you adjust for inflation until this machine came out at six thousand dollars but even then you had to spend about ten 000 to make it a good value so it became unaffordable for most small business owners and freelancers what people were really concerned about was a cpu socket being one that would be outdated swiftly possibly never having an upgrade path with new cpus and the fact that the pci slots were pci express 3 which was the same tech back in the 2013 trashcan not pci express 4 which was already on the market but a year later these things haven’t really made an impact on the machine or even the competition what spawned the mac pro a failing was apple themselves and here’s how now the most obvious and painful one is apple silicon which i’ll talk about in simply a bit but there are two more things that i’ve really heard it which i want to cover first the first is the lack of added proportions or modernizes a few months before the mac pro’s liberation amd put under their brand-new 5700 xt now i was expecting apple to work with amd and to offer this poster but nope it was either the shaky cornerstone 580 or spending another 2 400 for a reasonable usable graphics placard the vega 2. Now surely apple would volunteer it soon after since they work directly with amd and they know ahead of time which gpus are in the pipeline but nope it took another six months after amd publicly announced this placard for apple’s version to be secreted which is probably a year or more after apple knew of that gpu and that is just the start as you know the mac pro can use third-party graphics posters so why not just buy a 5700 xt and use it well we did but the performance was really really lacking coming in slower than the base gpu or even a 2500 imac that’s because apple wasn’t modernizing the moves for the graphics poster and merely had a buggy first exhaust available for close to eight months which is crazy now if you don’t once know apple has taken over all verify over gpu moves so amd can’t simply exhaust their own optimized ones which is also why you can no longer use nvidia graphics posters in newer versions of mac os and because of their faulty motorist if you had one parade connected the implementation of its tanked but “if youre having” two spectacles connected to the two ports that didn’t flake out out of the four ports you were able to get almost twice the performance now i understand that they demand more power over the user experience and to focus on metal optimizations but when it takes apple eight months for them to fix a simple bug in the move and they only do so when they release their account of that graphics card that is a huge you know what finger to the pro customers who are buying a 6 000 machine not only that but their copy of the 5700 xt dissolves up accomplishing on average about 25 better than buying a much cheaper third-party card where the same card under openings is far more powerful and that is using opencl which ever tallies lower than metal but it gets worse the w5700 that apple wants you to buy carried with its own driver editions stimulating consistent hurtles and numerous popular pro apps and apple predicted a determine back in august but it’s been seven months and parties are still having the same issue and amd even stated that it is an issue with apple’s motorists that they can’t sterilize and apple needs to fix it and it’s been almost a year since that graphics poster propelled and lastly for graphics poster amd’s powerful new 6000 sequences of graphics posters that released four months ago are still not compatible with the mac pro with consumers “ve been waiting for” each and each macos beta handout to hopefully get supporting or for apple to exhaust their explanation of the card now i don’t know about you but this isn’t what i was expecting when i am this machine a year ago sure it may have tons of ports for modernizes but if apples is keeping everything so locked down and not working on bug fixes what is the point for this machine to be upgradable we likewise had a recent report that amd may repurpose its apple exclusive gpus into cryptocurrency mining divisions which stimulates it sound like apple may be ditching amd wholly and moving absolutely to its own graphics sends and that’s the only thing that can explain why they are so behind on driver informs and new sides for their super expensive pro tradition machine and now we know that apple is working on a new mac pro that will be about half the length and use apple’s cpus and gpus but see did a video on this and it will be an absolute decent performance with really good optimization and most likely a lower rate as well bringing us back down to that starting rate of all the previous mac pros once adjusted for inflation so with all of that it seems like apple approximately gave up on the mac pro little than a year after opening and we know it’s because apple silicon macs are the future even with the weakest mac mini which i compared to this 50 000 mac pro where it stood up to you and even beat out the mac pro in numerous real world research apple knows that their own microchips are the future of max and i think that is why they haven’t really been focusing on this mac pro and thanks to our testing and comparings a great deal of you guys know this as well which is probably why i haven’t been able to sell my mac pro for over two months now even though it’s priced at close to half off nothing wants to buy it and i don’t denounce them so what should be used buy if you need a potent machine and you can’t wait for a new m1x mac or apple silicon mac pro well if you’re looking for a brand-new machine i think that the 5k imac with the acor processor and whichever graphics you need is a great bang for the buck or even better if you can find a used imac pro at a depth late rebate i think the prices will stay fairly well on those since they’ve already been fell so much as soon as they’ve finished these and of course they are not going to be making any new ones so that’s going to keep the quality up now if you do need pci slots or a knot of gpu influence and you want to buy a mac pro sought for a discounted used one like quarry instead of dropping 15 000 on a new one and then when you’re ready to oust it you will lose a lot less money overall my question is why would apple exhaust this mac pro if they knew that it would get slaughtered so fast after its freeing and by apple itself due to new cheaper faster machines and then them mostly apparently giving up working on it to me it is a huge bummer and even though it still play-acts great in countless enterprises i can’t help feel that even though apple eventually made another modular pro machine it doesn’t really matter now and apple once again fastened the pros but let me know your thoughts down below is the mac pro still worth noting or should i have never been exhausted until apple was ready with their own chippings go ahead and check out my comparison with the m1 mac mini right over there and click above to subscribe if you guys want to see more videos like this one this max and i’ll see you in the next[ Music] video

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