IMPOSSIBLE TRICKS 98% OF PEOPLE FAIL || Best Tik Tok Challenges! Viral Chair Challenge

Craving a new and stimulating challenge thesedays? How about a whole cluster of them? Thats right, weve got a fresh batchof mind-bending challenges to keep you on your toes. Regards like Lana and Kevins selfie gameis strong! What other road is there to invest a Saturdayafternoon, right? Lana! Whats gone into Bella? Woah, what the heck is going on? Looks like your hours “ve been staring at” your phonesscreen are coming to a close. Yep, slip those gadgets and get ready to takepart in some challenges, folks! How does it feel to get up and stretch fora change? Okay, was an increase , now what? Listen up, beings! You ready to take on todays challenges? First up, we have the chair-lift. Can you figure out how to leave just enough space between you and the wall to flawlessly hoist this chair up without hitting the wall? Woah, that was pretty smooth, Bella. Okay, this challenge is gonna make some figurings. First, youll have to measure the lengthof the chair Woah, this height is gonna offset things a bittricky I wear a 10 and a half, so that should workout penalize, right? And if I carry the two and multiply by seven Okay, make three stairs back.Then deform forward so your forehead touchesthe wall. Snag that chair and you should be good togo! Why wont this thing lift back up? Were my estimations wrong? Where did I go wrong? Face it Kevin, your math was way off on thisone. Having a little trouble there, Einstein? I suppose Kevin may have made this challengea little more complicated than it has to be. Woah! Watch those legs, dude! Just drop the chair and nobody gets hurt, okay? Why dont you take a quick water break, Kevin, it looks like you could give your intelligence a residual. Unlike Kevin, Lana is taking the challengehead-on , no estimations necessary. Now can she get the chair up without hittingthe wall? Yes! Examines like Lana extended this challenge withflying colors! Living a healthful life-style takes major discipline.And a health match, of course. Man, thats good trash. Lemme only get one more. And that pass me to my next challenge! Okay, thats fairly exercise for today, dont you think? If you pressured out a glob of flogged cream onto your hand, do you think you could sounds it straight-out into your lip? Now, hold onto this for a second, will ya? Watch and learn, my friends. If you make your appendage in the just right spot, the whipped cream glob will fly right into your pie depression! Pretty affecting, right? Okay, I think we can totally do this, rightLana? Heres your flogged ointment! Dont forget yours, Kev! Okay, tells see if we can fly these suckersinto our lips! Perfect hit! Will Lana fair as well? Ooh! Thats obviously not her mouth.It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figureout Kevin won this round. Cheers to the winner of this next challenge! For this gimmick, youll be trying to get one cup into the other using nothing but your sigh. Woah! Look at that thing fly! Sure, Bella can do it with ease, but can you? We wholly get this! The thing to remember with this challenge is to coordinate your breath with swift thumb movements. Lets just say it takes some practice.Kevins exercising meditation to focus on thetask at hand. And after a few cases days, youll get the movedown pat. See? That wasnt so hard! Okay Kevin, you triumphed. We get wise. Okay, I recollect I can give it one more solidtry. Woah! BOOM! That was unbelievable! Well, this round is definitely a fasten, ladiesand gentlemen! This next challenge will research your symmetry. And it requires you to spin around and aroundfor about a minute or so. Woah Hey, Kevin, look! Once youre done spinning, can you landright onto your sheet of paper with both feet? Yep, looks like Bella can! Alright, time to get spinning, guys! Word to the wise? Dont eat a big meal before attempting this stunt. Man, Im getting dizzy just watching Lanaspin around! Okay , now step on the paper! Woah, is the room upside down all of a sudden? What about you, Kevin? Can you maintain your balance after a minute of spinning? Alright, here comes the moment of truth! Woah, it looks like there are three of thesethings down there! Did I make love? Woah, obviously still spinning.Well give you guys a time to composeyourselves. Prancing rope is fun, right? Yeah, for all of five minutes. But hey, this clean can reach things a littlemore interesting! Think you can pull the clean around your wholebody without ever letting go of your control? OOP! Be careful there, Bella! One more move and Boom! You altogether did it, girl! Now you guys give it a go! Fine, Ill try but I need a little morespace for this trick. Alright, makes do this! Hey, this is actually a lot harder than Bellamade it searched! Yes! I came over my head! Now for the legs Well, if youve ever wondered what a humanknot looked like, this is it! Oh yeah, this is definitely gonna leave abruise! They certainly should warn you before doing thischallenge! Fine, you try this out while I find myselfsome ice.Alright, Lana, think you have what it takes? The quirk here is to squeeze one leg throughfirst, followed by the rest of the body. Dont forget that last leg, Lana! And thats how its done, parties! Its okay, Kevin, husk see you howshe did it formerly all your swell goes down. Is the yoga educator seeming? No? Then its term for our next challenge, kinfolks! All this challenge makes is a water bottleand excellent balance control. Can you go from laying down to standing up while still stay the water bottle standing on your forehead? Okay, is that thing secretly videotapeed to yourhead, Bella? How are you doing this? Your turn, friends! Gives give this stunt a try, shall we? Okay, water bottle is officially set in place.Its alright Kevin, you got this! Time to hoist those foremen! Really pretend your chiefs are being gently liftedby an invisible fibre, gradually and steadily. Wow, you guys are doing pretty well! Now be careful, getting onto your hoof isthe trickiest persona. Ooh, that was a close one. Steadysteady I cant believe it! I actually did it! But can Lana be as poised as Kevin? Cmon Lana, you can do this! Yes! Two for two! Preposterous! You like gum, right? But can you handle this much of it in yourmouth at once without the help of your hands? Man, thats fairly gum to last-place you the entireweek! Yes! I am the gum-chewing master! That was both fascinating and outraging. Should we give it a try? Hurry guys, youre being era now, youknow! Unwrap the gum and put one end into your lip, STAT! Now start chewing! For this subterfuge, your jaw and lips work hardtogether to lift the gum into your mouth.All while chewing like a lunatic, of course! Uh, Lana? Youre not supposed to be using your hands! Okay, Lana got it in faster but she didntquite play by the rules. Wondering what it takes to complete thesecrazy challenges? Check out these never-before-seen outtakes! Challenge your friends to your favorite stuntin todays video and as ever, be sure to is committed to 123 Go Challenge for moreawesome content! See you all next time !.

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