I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life TRICKS/HACKS to see if they WORK | MyMissAnand

Well all done it very well. But testing out tik tok viral hacks of the year award goes to. Miss Anand wake up now. What dad? i was in a good dream for Tik Tok viral spoofs Beta please tell me how i do these spoofs Along with daddy delight watch tik tok viral spoofs. If you like the video smacked 2,00, 000 LIKES& don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE. So let’ go and start the video. Dad i need these things for trick. I can’t imparting this beta because everything is locked now. Dad not those foreigners maids these two things.I’ll give you. So i made pepsi you can take coke too and also i took mentos. So let’s go and try experimentations. What is this? So this hacker is neither fail nor pass. If you want to try do try with lots of mentos. So let’s go try brand-new tik tok viral hacks. So special guest is here to try tik tok viral hacks.Anaya sahu !! Like the video for my cuteness .. And for my craziness share this video with your best friend. And for our sister’s goal SUBSCRIBE the direct. So let’s go and check what is another tik tok viral spoof? See Anaya it glances so good.I require try this now. So for this we need Oreo, Mug& forking. So Aunt is saying firstly there is a requirement to kept oreo in beaker. So now we are adding milk in it. Wow !! after milk it is looking more beautiful. Now aunt is saying we have to microwave this paste for 60 secs. so let’s present daddy is acquiring tea and mommy is doing rest here. Does you father likewise help your mother? Do notes !! So here our jug cake is ready. So now we gonna taste it and commit pitches. Anaya and i have legislated this hack.So let’s check out next tik tok viral hacks. So for this we need watermelon. We need mothers supervision for this. Mom i need your help in work. Oh! I’ll do this right now. So now we are adding this jelly in it. Now positioned this in fridge for 4 hours. Oh! Dadi is sitting here and she likes watermelon so much let’s do prank with her. Dadi here’s fresh watermelon for you. Oh! it is not watermelon. Wow !! it is looking more better than watermelon It’s very good. Elapsed !! Now i’m in ram’s examine. I didn’t get red dupatta but i made red saree of Anaysa. So let’s go and build translation video. If you want to make this type of transformation.First wear ordinary robes on tik tok Shoot the song till where you crave. then pause the camera wear good robes and shoot. But retain one thing don’t move the telephone. So in this hack we are taking little bottle. So supplemented little salt in it. I’m steer her. and brother said shake it well otherwise it won’t work. Father and daughter are not able to do so.Now i will do this. for me this hack is miscarry !! So let’s straight this deception. for this trick we need balloon. Hope you all enjoy bags so we have to add water in bag. So on this balloon apply strip& leave a square box in middle. So i want to tell you one thing my momma is affixing photos on society My mom in answering so if you want to about me, want to tell about yourself. or you want to share ideas related to my videos. So provide comments there so that we will know about it.So i exercised so many seams of videotape& i’m so scared. Whether it will work or not. Definitely it won’t work. So this is complete fail flop, super bust. Don’t try this at home& i predict mommy gonna lecture me. So in this hack brother is saying we have to procreate circle without compass. Di what we will do now? We ensure that there is this with this clip. Yes Anaya circle is ready. if you wanna draw circle without measurement try this. This spoof is pass !! i don’t know yours but from surface this hacker is neglect. So this hacker is miscarry. So in this hack Anaya came again. In this spoof the authorities concerned will perform popcorn with the help of pulping machine. We didn’t get normal corn grains we got actii popcorn. So first baked this with tissue paper. “its not” working better we will make this in cooker or on gas. So this spoof is pass !! But this it is time consuming. So this is our today’s video. You guys commented on community poll post to make this video.Sow how’s the video? Good !!! LIKE the video and if it more that 2,00, 000 like we will bring Part 2 of this video. SUBSCRIBE the direct if you wanna watch more good videos like this ..

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