short-lived pattern content like instagram reelstik tok and youtube shorts seem to be all of the rage right now so recently in one ofmy previous videos i went out to create content exclusively for instagram spools i kind of hackedthe instagram algorithm a little but one of my videos is going a little bit viral now as itstands this video is at 543 000 views and i’ve gained hundreds of adherents in the last two orthree weeks it’s been crazy so let me show you how i did it now the first thing that you want todo is find a viral video that appears in your niche my niche is car photography and while i was scrollingthrough i attained this video i liked the song that was in it i thought it was an engaging video andso what i wanted to do is essentially copy this video because something about it is working it’sour eyes or like goldfish mentalities or something just really like this video so to start i’m going totap on the bottom right corner of the screen and that’ll bring up the song i’m going to save thataudio in the top there you can see it says save then i’m going to go here and i’m going to sendthis to my legend what i’m doing here is if i make save from here this are really save into myphotos with the song included now i know some people are doing screen records so that you cansave that audio this is a quick way to save those videos with the audio included into your photos orvideo library now the next step here is a little bit cheeky with apple’s brand-new ios 15 you can take ascreenshot and now apple gives you the ability to actually predict text on the screen here let me showyou what i intend if i sounds this little button down here it’s going to analyze the text that is on thescreen and from there i can actually copy these hashtags because something about this video withthese hashtags is connecting with this audience so i’m actually going to copy all those hashtagsand we’re going to save those and use them when we go to post our video now there’s a ton ofeditors out there i’m going to be revising on my computer through final gash pro but one of the appsthat i know that you can extract the audio from is called cap cut it actually gives you somereally cool boasts as well like 3d zoom influences on your photos those kinds of things so check outcapcut if you’re looking for an iphone or mobile phone editor but i’m going to show you guys how itake this video in final slashed pro and turn it into a viral video now before we get into the editi just want to say a huge shout out to the guys over at benq because they sent me this really coolcomputer light thing it doesn’t actually reflect on the computer at all it just manifests down hereon the keyboard and spawns your desk look nice so i actually really like it it’s like dimmable andcolor changeable so thanks benq it’s a moderately slick little sun i appreciate that okay so thefirst thing that i’m going to do is when i send that video to my computer however you want to dothat you’re going to drag that video onto your timeline so you can see i have it here and as iscrub through the video i’m just gonna go until “ive seen” the video make a transition and as you can seehere i make markers on my timeline so that i can come back and fill those up with my own videos soas you scrub through you can see that it’s making a change here so i make a marker then the videochanges again here i make a marker so then as you can see here i go and supplement my own videos and hitthose markers and make sure that i’m hitting the observes of the music so one thing that i replicatedfrom the original video is that the last shot and the first shot are similar and what that helpsyou do is in instagram reels it plays on a loop-the-loop so that helps the loop feel more seamlessand commits spectators to maybe keep watching or watch again or perhaps they don’t even noticethey’re watching again until they’ve watched it 100 goes one thing i want you to notice aboutthis original video is that there’s a good deal of zoom ins and zoom outs that means that for every singleshot your gaze is continually committed there’s never just kind of like a static stroke i tried to do thatwith my own shots and to do that i just clicked now and composed key points and then went tothe end of the time generated a new key point and zoomed in so as you can see here we’re at 209 and then as it starts it kind of zooms out or zooms in as that shot is going and you can see thosekeyframes moving so really easy to do in post or you can use again cap trimmed and any of thosebuilt-in effects which are set forth in those telephone apps i use final slouse so i’m sure if you just do aquick google rummage you can find other telephone journalists but cover cut’s a good one to start so onceyou’re done you’re editing either on your phone or your computer you’re just going to export itto your photos “once youve” that finished and in your photos you’re just going to go back overto instagram and you’re gonna smacked abuse audio so you are able to do that directly on that video or youcan click on that song and hit give audio on the bottom so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hituse audio then we’re gonna was down into our photos sounds that and we’re going to grab this videoand hopefully it is desirable to somewhat synced up there you go so we’re going to hit include if youwant to actually end up muting the video that is primarily in the spool do that and then justre-add the music employing the native app that you’re post to now from here you’re just gonna writea caption the car that was used for this one was by the chaps project x60 they’ re dope super coolguys again if you want to go watch how i shot this b-roll you can go check out that video up therenow from here we’re going to go copy the hashtags that were used on that original video becauseclearly it’s connecting with the privilege gathering so we’re going to go emulate thought back to our postwe’re going to affix it in there and a speedy little tip-off is that instagram is now recognizinghashtags that are directly on the upright not first notes anymore then we’re going to add some ofour own related hashtags so that hopefully it goes into the right place as well so we’re goingto say mercedes now i know these hashtags aren’t technically all relevant to this specific car butthis reel is connecting with this audience working these hashtags so procreate some of your own thatare relevant to what you’re posting but for some reason these are working so this is how i’mtrying to hack the instagram algorithm and so far it’s working now you can make this as jolly orcaptiony as you miss i don’t think that it matters so much but i’m not going to announce this because asyou guys can see i already have and it’s already drive viral and then from there all you’re doing isposting to your instagram perhaps sharing that spool to your storey to make sure more parties are seeingit and you’re good to go now some of you may think that this is like copying or chiselling or not beingcreative i approximate but let’s think about it this direction pa carols they’re made up of like four dang chordsthese beings figured out the right way to do it and they keep using it exactly contributing differentlyrics or and songs of course a lot of these click tocks or reels or shorts is taking contentthat’s already been made and then uttering it your own so essentially that’s all i’m doing andi most suggest if you can get any of these spoofs or imitate these hashtags or whatever tryand do it um because at this phase instagram spools seems to be the way to move forward againi’ve gotten so much traction off of that one video and they’re real partisans the peoplethat actually experience that type of content and instagram is pushing it out for me so give thisa try and let me know in the comments down below how it goes for you i hope that you guys canfind some cool reels that you’re love and can repurpose for your own gives but that isit for me i hope that you guys enjoyed this i hope that you knew it supportive insightful or that youjust were entertained or something but otherwise feel free to like and subscribe and ihope to see you in the next video peacefulnes you

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