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How Do You Cope With Bad News? | 0-100

-[ Man] How do you cope with bad news? – How do I cope with bad news, aw. – When I get bad news Ijust handle it and then. – Wallow for two days and maybe acquire some irresponsible decisions. – If I have really bad news, I’ll simply turn on the office. – Snack nutrients. – Lot of red wine. – And then going to bed. – I’m working on my coping mechanism. I think in the past I would drink a bottle of whiskey and just stayon the couch for a week.- Maybe like some rends, like crying a little. – I’ll repair cry in my bed, hug my hamster, grip my puppy, my my bird, I don’t know, but exactly cry.- Cry, – Cry.- I cry. – Crying. – I’d say cry , not afraid to admit that. – Sometimes I direct badnews precisely by making use of it funny. – Oh man, I take a deep gulp and try not do is everything stupid ornot to say anything stupid for at least three minutes. – I kind of go crazy and I’m like, how did that happen? – My first response is anger, just letting all that rage get out. – If it’s something thatmakes me really angry, perhaps I’ll go play GrandTheft Auto for a little while. – I usually try not to think about it. – I don’t say anything, I precisely keep it inside and walk away. – Let is fester. – I sulk, and then I got to get it. – I envision the most wonderful wayto cope with bad news is just to stumble it manager on. I think your instinct isto avoid it or ignore it or feign it doesn’t exist.That’s only gonna make things worse. – Getting things out there, out loud, hearing them, assistances. – I’ve always coped withbad news by playing music. – I have like a playlist of carols that I listen to whenever I’m in a bad feeling. – Absolute, worst case scenario, I’ll literally just like start praying like crazy. I’ll let him take care of it.- Pray that whatever I’msupposed to learn from it is what I’m gonna learn and hang on for the ride after that. – If it’s something thatI offers an opportunity to person with, the first thing I try to do is reparation it. – I often try to givespace around bad news. – Just let it soak in and then, figure out what I needto do to fix the problem. – You know, it’s part of lifetime, you just have to moveon,’ induce lifetime moves on. – My Fire Chief, ChiefRobinson used to say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff. “It’s all small stuff.” – I take it as I get wise. I probably cry a little and I throw it onto the Lord, because I can’t set it. You can’t ever choose it, soyou have to roll with it. – I typically handle bad news pretty well.I’ve learned over the yearsto expect the unexpected. – There’s no point inresisting what is, is. – Grieve it for a second, I’m like, certainly, “thats happened”, that’s kind of, you’re sad about it, but then I’m like, I have to move on withlife, I have to get on. – I think about the positivethings, and it simply facilitates. – I try to remind myself that it can’t be the end of the world.- Just tell yourself thatyou’ve existed everything in your life that’s happenedto you up to this point, so you’ll be fine. Soul pancake.

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