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even though they are you never actually dallied half-life 2 you’ve probably been affected by it somehow when it firstly stumbled stands in 2004 it did room more than merely expand on the things established by the first half-life it revolutionized physics and games and planted the seeds of modern cinematic video game storytelling it’s single-handedly breathed brand-new soul into PC gaming redefined the first-person shooter genre and reformed the face of gaming in general forever at this site it’s been enjoyed countless eras over by millions of musicians but today we’re probe what it’s like to complete the one the only half-life 2 hey everyone and welcome back to another brand new episode of the completionist I guarantee that today’s occurrence will not boast any jokes about half-life 3 being confirmed in any event let’s talk about half-life 2 yes[ Music] let’s be honest after the runaway success of the original half-life valve could have readily turned out a safe derivative sequel in two years flat and everybody would have just eaten it up same basic gameplay same general aesthetic sells like gangbusters valve procreates Bank and everybody’s happy the end thankfully valve were more ambitious than that it took them six long years to develop the sequel to half-life which attains feel when you consider what else they were cooking up at the time namely the source engine the unbelievably changeable and long-lived a video game engine featured in various of Valve’s most beloved plays of all time and the representation programme where we buy dozens of games each sales season that will never ever get around to playing in coordinating these secretes valve was ensuring the longevity of its produce and creating a stable nurturing environment for its latest and greatest make half-life 2 and this investments paid the blaze off half-life 2 “ve managed to” simultaneously adhere to the tried-and-true sci-fi first-person shooter formula of the original game and also redefined it entirely with its innovative visuals seem layouts writing and I don’t know boxing probably let’s see that box prowes Oh most definitely you think anybody else was boasting a lover half that smooth in their caskets absolutely not thanks to steam in the source engine half-life 2 determined generous support post launch most notably in the form of half-life 2 chapters 1& 2 the meaty swellings to the half-life 2 campaign to say that video games recalled well would be a gross understatement upon liberation half-life 2 was the highest rated game across several sources and it sold about a bazillion photocopies and now it’s unquestionably counted among the greatest gaming Pantheon’s out there and that’s basically where it’s been ever since in gaming paradise because as we all know there ain’t no more half-life after chapter 2 even if they are people desperately clamored and pleaded for years what we’ve got is unfortunately all we’re gonna get unless it’s not now for real though it’s over but long-lost sequels hardly make a difference to me since this will be my very first time with the gate I’ll be accomplishing half-life 2 and episodes 1& 2 just as God and imparted no untended on the PC and if you thought doing so would protect me from the wrath of achievements believe again steams got me shielded thankfully hard mode is selectable from the get-go meaning that if I toy my placards right I can accomplish half-life 2 including all the achievements in accurately one playthrough sure it’s risky to start on hard procedure especially with the game I’ve never stroked before but if this dude a glass is wearing MIT graduating nerd can save the world by himself the least I can do is step outside of my convenience zone although that goatee is pretty macho man damn that slash is clean my dude[ Music] half-life 2 is a bleak lonely autocratic nightmare and it’s just perfect gentleman the game make-ups a devastatingly enforcing image of a account of a human race that’s on the brink of demise and it does so with these tools of Awesome set-pieces exquisite audio design and most importantly with its own language of interactivity itself in short half-life 2 is a master’s route in submerging and narrative class is in session lesson number one how you tell a story is more important than the actual content of a floor case in point half-life 2′ s premise isn’t that original musicians once again assume the role of Gordon Freeman whose adventure begins roughly 20 times after the end of the last game Gordon is awoken from his long stasis by his possibly benevolent and obviously creepy-crawly benefactor the g-man he’s then sagged on a train that’s inbound for municipal 17 a depressing Eastern European hellhole that’s controlled by the military might of the blend the multi-dimensional Empire that managed to conquer the earth in merely seven hours Jesus we give up that immediately that’s kind of embarrassing fortunately Gordon is picked up by the resistance which is led by a few of his former co-workers from the Black Mesa facility in the first tournament but when they attempt to use their technology to teleport Gordon from one of their secret foundations to another Gordon land smack dab in the middle of enemy territory so now forearmed with simply his head suit and trusty crowbar Gordon’s gotta hoof it across a countryside infested with enemy soldiers and zombies oh and also got something about free-spoken the human race from their domination now these types of semi apocalyptic science fiction storeys aren’t new but what is refreshing is how little this competition shoves its narrative down participates as throats instead of bloated cutscenes and over-the-top melodrama half-life 2 delivers tact and the keen used by the medium of video games the game handiworks so hard to immerse the participate and thankfully that submersion is never broken even when things slow down for some character building or account you’re still perfectly in control of your persona look at this the story’s being developed and I can watch it from any tilt I demand or I can go play with a teleportation machine everybody acquires it’s not about eschewing being accepting it’s about constituting gameplay come first at all times and even though there’s not much actual reference proliferation to identify here the practice that feelings are presented more than make up for it treading into a tenement building and watching a pair consoling one another is heartbreaking receiving soldiers at the end of a hallway about to storming to some unlucky person’s apartment is infuriating and scaring and these instances are just a couple of the many moments that have nothing to do with the areas but that still becomes the world countries of half-life 2 feel alive plausible and that you exactly might miss if you’re not places great importance Gordon might be the most silent protagonist who’s ever Pro tagged but the rest of the cast to even up for it with how quirky and amusing they are from the human dudes to the not so human busters they come off as real and plausible thanks to their excellent facial livings and voice behaving and that croaks double for Gordon’s main sidekick Alex Vance she’s one of the most genuine feeling video game people I’ve ever encountered the writing and acting behind her is incredible time look at that concern on her face I feel like she’s actually worried about him me well-done video game you actually originated me feel something from infested coasts two dilapidated confinements the environmental issues in half-life two are superb and varied but the best locale in the game is undoubtedly Raven home the abandoned festering town that’s crawling with zombies that you of course have to trudge through so much better of video games is spent in daytime and Twilight that when you eventually get to Raven home it’s completely different vibe hitting you right across the forehead it is like an entirely different game reinforcing just how many environments this play brandishes like comedy imitations the only fault I can find with the visuals is that the screen will sometimes snap when the game simulates ponderous shaking the sound motif is evenly good with voice impacts perfectly arranged is to say when an opponent is nearby and when to stay silent when a stealthy enemy is slithering up on you the music is used – only when absolutely necessary letting the ambience do most of the wreak the name of the game with half-life 2 is clevernes this play does exclusively exactly what it needs to do and proves only what it needs to show there’s beauty in its opennes and it’s so smart that you can see its affect in so many other activities that have come after it it’s very clear to me now why so many parties were upset by the fact that this franchise was left on a beings cliffhanger for all heaven even if they are the original columnist recently revealed to the world how the legend would have ended it’s just not the same when it’s not in an actual recreation it exactly feels like fanfiction hell I can write fanfiction Alex Vance and Girard save Christmas that’s the true name of half-life 2 incident 3 established it’s coming I promise[ Music] rather than have one strong stunt half-life 2 exactly does the basics extremely well half-life 2 is the quintessential first-person shooter with a little of dilemma solving a dash of platforming and some light exploration for good measure although the game doesn’t often encourage players to go off willy-nilly in search of Easter eggs and stuff instead participates aren’t chiefly funneled straight down the one road designed to deliver the best moments now gaze I know that might clanged suffering like half-life 2 hampers your hand as it saunters you down it’s one gameplay corridor but it’s actually the opposite this activity is full of high speed shootouts tense stalemates duck-and-cover sequences and ghostly sections and the pacing feels fresh because the game is constantly shifting participates between these different types of play styles as you progress there are almost always brand-new dolls to pick up and play with things start out simple enough with the basic pistol and an everyday machine gun but after that the sci-fi starts hitting quick like this high accuracy automatic rifle whose secondary attack is that hyperkinetic bullet of light-headed from men and black that Dee fosters everyone it’s ridiculous and why settle for a regular old sniper rifle when you can have a crossbow that fuels hot iron poles that staple dudes onto posters from grounds away just when you think you’ve got this recreation figured out it throws a beings flaw testicle at you that you can use to summon and word your monstrous glitch horde disappear minions overthrow the proletariat but the most iconic artillery in the game is the zero-point energy field manipulator better known as the gravity gun this thing is one monstrous showcase for the beautiful physics they’ve got going on in half-life 2 with the gravity gun you can pick up just about anything you want and turn it into a deadly projectile coat cans you betcha understood blades absolutely a big-ass chifforobe get floored villain figuring out what you can manipulate with the gravity gun and recognizing how they change enemies is like a game in and of itself this is the perfect representation of half-life’s combination of science fiction realistic physics and first-person combat and of course there’s the crowbar the manliest weapon of all excellent for breach chests or faces Gordon’s got some other extra cleverness as well like sprinting and flashlights and containing his gulp well they may not be that exciting but they’re all governed by the axillary bar appointing antagonism in only the claim localities the problems in half-life 2 are extremely fundamental we’re talking basic discipline now they’re not giant set pieces instead they just lock you in a room and let you figure it out like a monkey in a lab when you create a basic fulcrum and you find your way out you feel achieved I did it there aren’t really any collectibles in the game aside from some caches of goodies that you have to hunt down these are often the wages you get for remaining vigilant and exploring a little and on hardmode that little bit of additional promotion or shielding can go a long way speaking of hard-bitten mode it will utterly lope you into the ground if you’re not careful even the most fundamental of antagonists can shred through your armor instant and leave you with barely any state at all getting through this state necessitated standing behind covering and selecting the right tools for each foe type however it was never frustrating even though my deity blown up plenty of days it was clear that each meeting was carefully orchestrated to evaluation certain knowledge rather than throw wavings of randomness at the actor there’s a technique to the madness which uttered hard-bitten mode challenging but reinforcing the attainment feel just as well designed many of them are clearly there to encourage musicians to try out different ways of playing that they might otherwise ignore and every time I went out of my ease zone to shoot an achievement I fell in love with another aspect of video games there’s an accomplishment for using nothing but the gravity gun for the entire span of the Ravin home chapter there are a lot of zombies running around rave at home so nerfing yourself with really one weapon seems lunatic but there were so many cool objectives planted by the developers in that chapter that it intention up becoming one of my favorite achievements in the game later on when I was required to play through the totality of episode 1 while merely burning a single bullet I was actually looking forward to it it’s a testament to how well impelled the entirety of half-life 2 is this game dallies smooth fast and perpetually keeps the player on their toes by regularly deepening frolic modes but at this phase I’m fairly partial to just abusing the gravity gun for about everything I’m fully aware that if I had one in real life I’d never get out of my chair and end up like some hyper obese Wally person I’m fine with that[ Music] usually with this kind of game I’d be pretty damn disappointed with such a lack of unlockables and finish bonuses but in all honesty simply ending half-life 2 turned out to be enough of a treat on its own the game is so well paced and the meetings are so well crafted that it never stops being splendid even when going the distance and trying to get every achievement it feels like the very best way to experience everything that half-life 2 has to offer and I’m starting to understand that that’s the hallmark of a superbly fixed play ok maybe some sort of extra a post-credits trimmed background peculiarity Gordon’s crowbar stepping off into the sunset would have been nice maybe while I completed half-life 2 there is indeed 121 fatalities 45 lambda caches looted 67 accomplishments unlocked 22 hours of total playtime and 347 sheets in my half-life 2 fanfiction the specific characteristics are alive in my feeling it may have taken me a long time to get around to playing half-life 2 but I’m glad I eventually did I thoroughly understand now why so many parties were bummed when bout 3 never came out half-life – feels like valves magnum opus and it’s just as strong as some of the best activities out there the future of the half-life franchise might seem dark but at least we can always go back and play half-life 2 even though there isn’t a completion bonus per se half-life 2 is an incredible journey from start to finish that merely gets better and better and better when you lastly are done you’re at the end of the road and you’re looking at that achievement list right there and you’re scanning it and you’re scanning it and you’re going holy idiocy these all seem really hard but they’re actually really fun and that in itself is well worth this tour so with that of my chaps I give this game my completionist rating of ended it oh that’s all coming up today chaps so satisfy as ever let me know about today’s episode somewhere on the internet leave a comment down below smash that like button and hey if you’re brand-new now reached the subscribe button if you missed last week’s video you have a clear tap right here it’s on a hat in time it’s a good episode I liked it a lot I’ve been drawing to cool the completionist these are all my frightening contributors right here on patreon and we’ll see you next week for another brand new episode of the completionist bye-bye

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