Galaxy S22 ULTRA – Here It Is!

the samsung galaxy s22 ultra has finally beenrevealed and i’ll be sharing more detailed information right after this! today we’ve got plenty to share forthe samsung galaxy s2 2 including a discover of what the phone is gonna look like before we getstarted though satisfy like the video if you’re a samsung devotee and let me know in the commentswhat device you’re watching today’s video on and if you haven’t already then stumbled subscribenow so you don’t miss a thing in the future so the first narration of the day before we get intothe design is about the calling of the galaxy s22 samsung have stopped the notation course so there weremany rumors of the ultra being called the mention but that’s not going to be the case ice macrocosm hastweeted be mentioned that the wording is 100 strengthened and that the telephone are going to be called thegalaxy s2 2 ultra and not the memorandum 22 ultra now ice universe has been very reliable in the pastand usually when he says 100 then it is true next up we’ve got a leak of the tempered glassfor the galaxy s22 and the s22 plus the image is of the tempered glass from an accessorymanufacturer and it shows them in comparison to the precedes and what we get are more roundedcorners for both mannequins as well as some changes to the bezel the s22 and the s22 plus appearto have thin bezels but we’ve got equal bezels all round rather than just that bigger kuki-chin atthe bottom for those of you hoping for sd placard reinforce in the galaxy s22 regrettably you aregoing to be thwarted frontron who has provided spate of correct information lately tweetedto say that there’s no sd poster in rainbow now rainbow is the code name for the galaxy s22 seriesso if he’s correct it means no sd card substantiate next up we finally have the design leak for thegalaxy s 22 ultra and it sees the first leak of its scheme was incorrect but we finally havethe truth now onix provides us with interprets of the galaxy s22 ultra at the end of september and theseshowed the note-like device we were expecting with a p-shaped camera module on the back now onleaks has been incredibly reliable when it is necessary to early blueprint holes but new information hascome forward to suggest that this is actually incorrect we had renders disclose from a casemanufacturer that too appeared to corroborate on divulges design the camera placements are the sameand there is a elevated hump in the camera module we then had disclosed schematics for the s22 serieswhich too evidenced the camera placement was correct it testified the galaxy s 22 and the s22 plus cameraplacements are similar to last year and it presented the same p mold camera configuration for thes2 2 ultra it also confirmed that the s22 ultra “re gonna be all” home the s confine inside the phonebut one thing that seems to be incorrect is the camera module a brand-new let’s go digital reporthas been published with yields that claim the galaxy s22 ultra is going to facet waterdrop mode cameras instead of a created module the information came from super roder who was a formeremployee of samsung electronics and he says that the previous camera placement was chasten butit’s going to be spray drop over developed modules now ice universe again confirmed this informationby saying 100 we’ve got a video render showing us exactly what we can expect we can see from thevideo that the brand-new galaxy s22 ultra has taken a more note-like format given that the notation range isno more we have the s-pen housed inside the device and a cascade arcked display along with waterdrop style cameras on the rear of the phone it’s a big change from the adventurous camera blueprint we saw lastyear but with frost cosmo and super roda claiming that this is going to be true then i would highlyexpect that it is only reveal was last month and i suspect it was based on some sort of schematicsthat merely pictured placement and that maybe the grown scheme was acquired of course it could bethat he’s correct and the others are wrong but with the design coming very soon it’s not going tobe long until we find out for those of you evoked for the samsung galaxy s 22 though we’re nowgoing to run through the full specs scheme and the expected pricing for the whole of the streak formy regular spectators you guys have seen this so merely bounce to the next video but if you are new herethen touched subscribe now and we’ll get right into it so first of all we’ve got the standard galaxys2 2 the galaxy s22 is gonna come with a 6.2 inch dynamic amoled parade we’re expecting a full hdplus resolutions tabled in 1080 by 2400 and of course a 120 Hz refresh rate when it comes to the selfiecameras we’re distrustful if it’s gonna have a punch hole or an in-display selfie camera as this isof course the budget-friendly model so we usually find some accommodations and we’re likewise expectinga plastic back instead of glass on the rear it’s likely to be a triple camera setup consisting ofa wide an ultra wide and a telephoto camera it’s going to be powered up by either the exynos orthe snapdragon method on microchip and what we know the snapdragon chip is pattern multitude sm 8450 wedon’t know its accurate call just yet it’s likely to come with 8 gigs of ram and a selection of 128or 256 storage and this will of course be ufs 3.1 it’s likely to be powered by a 4 000 milliamphour battery while fast blame has not been confirmed yet it’s likely going to be 25 watts itwill of course have 5g wi-fi 6 and bluetooth 5.2 and it of course is going to run one ui4 based onandroid 12. And for those of you that are waiting for the s22 it’ s likely going to start from 850. now next up we’ve got the samsung galaxy s2 2 plus the galaxy s 22 plus is going to be coming with alarger 6.7 inch dynamic amoled parade and travelling by previous exhausts it’s likely to be a fullhd plus resolutions tabled in 1080 x 2400 and it will have a 120 hz ltpo expose when it comes to theselfie cameras we don’t know what sensors they’re going to be using but it is likely to adopt thein-display selfie camera on the rear we’re likely go to another triple camera setup andagain it’s going to be a wide and ultra wide and a telephoto it’s going to be powered by either theexynos or the snapdragon plan on chip and again we don’t know the exact reputation but the example numberis sm8450 it will likely come with eight gigs of ram and the selection of 128 or 256 storage andagain this is ufs 3.1 it is very likely to be powered by a 4800 milliamp hour battery we’re expecting tosee some fast charging increases but we still haven’t had any divulges on the battery yet it willof course have 5g wi-fi 6 bluetooth 5.2 and of course one ui4 based on android 12 and for thosewaiting on the s22 plus it’s likely gonna start from eleven hundred dollars now finally we’vegot the most premium pattern the galaxy s22 ultra the galaxy s22 ultra is likely to come with a6. 8 inch dynamic amoled exhibition but this time with a quad hd plus resolution of something like1 440 by 3200 it will of course be an ltpo panel with a 120 hz refresh rate we’re expecting a highscreen to mas ratio we’re expecting an in-display selfie camera on the breast when it comes to therear we can no doubt expect a quadruplet camera setup with the additional laser autofocus as withthe smaller representations we should experience a wide and ultra wide and a telephoto but on the ultra weusually get a periscope camera with optical zoom it should be coming with a alternative of 12or 16 gigs of ram and too 128 256 512 and maybe even one terabyte storage it’s likely tobe powered up by a 5 000 milliamp hour artillery but again we don’t know what fast price it’s going tooffer it’s going to have 5g wi-fi 6 bluetooth 5.2 and keep going one ui4 based on android 12. Andwhen it comes to the price unfortunately as we know it’s going to be expensive we are able to prettymuch expect a starting expenditure of around 1300 so our leaks are still a little bit light onthe ground we are starting to get a bit of information coming in and as we get closer tolaunch more and more details will come to light and as always i’ll share them as they do but letme know your thoughts down in the comments below so who out there is stimulated for the galaxys2 2 and what do you think of this new design for the s22 ultra but thank you for having watchingthe video if you liked it smash thumbs up if you didn’t make the thumbs down twiceand i’ll see you guys in the next one so you

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