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FRAG News 1.7.0 | The Warrior of Afterlife

Hello there and welcome back to another FragNews. This time we talk about Update 1.7.0, but before we jump into it, check if youresubscribed to our direct and click on the buzzer button to be notified when we post. Are you ready to tread the line between life and death? If so, youre in luck, because 1.7.0 wreaks one of the most interesting Fraggers of all. Everyone, tells welcome … Sombrero! Sombrero might be a fighter, but that doesnt become him any less of a lover, or any less of a talented musician, for that matter. With his soul spread across multiple realms, heswears retaliate, so if you want to read all the details, go to patch-notesto see his backstory.In-game, Sombrero is an Epic Camp card that’sparticularly strong against Digital targets. He carries a vihuela repurposed as a rifle, and their capabilities cuss the entire adversary unit, generating 2 demise specters to spawn wheneversomeone in your crew kills one of them. The specters then fly towards enemy bunkers, explodingon jolt – or when killed during an adversary. This is really interesting gameplay that bringsmore complexity to Frag, so if you want to try it out, you can do that during 2 RandomDraft occurrences each lasting for 3 periods. The first one actually starts right now, so onOctober 9th, and the second largest one, on October 23 rd. Now, Sombreros really cool and all, but hes not the only thing coming with thisupdate. The FRAG team has also been working on anti-cheat and specifying employs, faults, andso on. Besides that, we also have a cool Halloween event starting on Oct 15 th that will lastfor 18 daylights! As ever, if you want to read all the details, be sure to visit the PatchNotes.Thank you all for watching, dont forget to subscribe, thumped the like button, and of course, share your thoughts with us, since we are love discovering your feedback. Talk to you soon, bye-bye !.

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