featured News #1: Highspeed im LTE-Ausbau / WM-Tippspiel / Pokémon Go

350,000 German citizens across Germany will be using even more high-speed Internet in the future. Vodafone has now employed 120 brand-new LTE stations following the implementation, committing both rural communities and city dwellers access to high-speed mobile Internet. You can find out where you can surf even faster at featured.de. Together, Vodafone and 11 Freunde present the largest World Cup prediction game. Participation is possible via the World Cup betting game app or at tippspiel. 11 freunde.de. Participation in the prognosi play is also interesting for late starters, because there are great prizes to be triumphed on a daily basis. In addition to a Vodafone 10 -year flat rate or an invitation to the 11 Freunde World Cup quarter, the bet activity emperors are also welcome to prevail a living room reading with editor-in-chief Philipp Kster. More informed about the prophecy competition is available at featured.de. Next weekend, Dortmund will be transformed into the largest safari region in Germany.At the center of the Pokmon Go happen is the 70 hectare Westfalenpark. There will also be other foreground stations throughout the city center. As part of the occasion, the recently activated barter part of the game can also be tested. All information about the brand-new Pokmon Go runs and the happen in Dortmund are also available on featured.de ..

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