Exploring the Technology Connections Set (1 million subscribers special)

Well, apparently I have a million subscribersnow. Thank you. I genuinely never are of the view that that they are able to happen, but, well since it has I expect its season for a observance! Roughly an entire month last-minute So what are we gonna do? Were gonna talk about this set which is real and exists. I oughta know, I constructed the thing and moved it! Now, a lot of you have wondered what exactly all the things are amongst the shelves, andnow you wont was just wondering anymore because Im going to tellyou! With words and visuals! First, what is the rectified? How is it built? Well, it hails from everyones favorite source of meatballs, IKEA.A 5 X 5 Kallax, kalLAX? Kaylax? division establishes up the central fleck, and there are two 1 X 4 cells on either side. These drawers and doors: we are really maintain things! Look! I remain some of my camera gearbehind my head, and up now … is some junk. I got some lily-white board markers in now, some probes in there for my oscilloscope which sits on top of the start where you cantsee it and, uh, oooh! a TV remote! Curious.I too got some lighting from the meatballstore, really the basic warm white puck things but Ive been pleasantly surprised by them – I did, though, waste quite a few hours with an industrial Sharpie making them colors and not creamcolored. I expended electrical tape to construct the wire less striking against the black shelves, andthe wires are guided vertically along the edges behind it. Up at the particularly top theres some cheap Conducted strip lightattached to a piece of quarter round trim, likewise blacked out with sharpie. And all the power ropes andotherjunk intents up down here in this terrible rats nest of cables! But its on a switched shop so all Ineed to do is flip a swap and it all comes on. Then of course there are the lavalamps in a couple of the shelves( and I actually should consider moving them, or perhapsadd more) and well get to the colored light parts in a bit.Oh, and the restof these cubbies down here are empty because I havent been vexed to figure out what toput in them more. I am horrid at company! But lets get to the more interesting flecks: thecontents of the shelves. Things ought to have rotated in and out a gala bit over duration, and in fact Id like to do more of that as go goes on, but its been fairly constant. A not insignificantportion of the stuff in this set was given to me by friends and family over the years, and my preoccupation with these various objectives is pretty much the reason Im theparticular weirdo I am. So lets discuss! Well start with these things. These are Preceded traffic light modules. I bought them for the first video that was compiled in front of the fullycompleted situated, “The LED traffic light and the hazards of But Sometimes! ” I still kinda want to getone that has a dark-green lens so its a little more obvious what these are, but it turns out the clearlens on light-green is a very common refuge peculiarity! If the sunbathe thumps traffic lights in the rightway, they can appear to be lit – a clear lens on the green light forecloses it from appearinggreen unless it is actually lit.Neat! But causes move on to where theres more nonsense. Up here is my now dead Sony PRS-5 05 which died with this excellent ghost image on the screen. It sits atop a fully-functional NES which is now a prop because I dont employment it fairly. A gamer I is certainly not, certainly. If nones noticed this cartridge, “its for” a Commodore 64, a copy of HesWare Turtle Graphics II – a sort of educational programming game slash software thing, if I remember right.I used to have a C6 4 and a knot of random trash for it, but I lost interest in it and, uh, wellno longer have much of anything is attributable to it. Yeah I are sorry that. Anyway, finishing it up wehave a Mold–ARama bust of Abraham Lincoln, made at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, the translucent covers from my latest Christmas light emblazon sillines( which was now over a yearago) and this old 12 V battery from Radioshack. Next we have the Camera Corner! This is wherethe Canon F-1 and Canon T9 0 live. These were both permanently loaned to me by a familyfriend, and I learned photography on these.Truly I wouldnt have the proficiency to operatea camera that I do without these, peculiarly since I use a mirrorless camera which behaves morelike a stills camera than a true-life cinema camera. Oh, and to those in the know, dont worry – I do make the T90 out and rehearsal its screen periodically. The T90 sits atop a load of VHS strips and a coupleof CDs to hoist it above this 120 container camera, which I have yet to actually use. That wasan antique store catch. And back here is a instead phallic sandcastle I is available at a thriftstore, and behind it is a fake Swedish plant.Next we have a crystal radio! Yep, thats whatthis box is. I dont know if it actually use – it was a gift and Ive no mind howto use it properly. But up here is the actual crystal and cat streak, as well as the tuningknobs. Im pretty sure this was a hand-made kit given the writing on now. Its filledwith some colorful audio cassettes up top, and some plain ones to its feature. Sallythe Snail sits slimily in front of it. And nows a preferably hodge podgey shelf! Centerand most important is a quite uncommon dial prototype called the Galion, heralding fromthe 1940 s and made by North Electric as a challenger to the Western Electric 302. Itsnotable for being oriented sideways compared against most other desk phones, being wider thanit is deep. It makes, but regrettably its ringer does not. I do however like thatits original phone number label is intact. In front of it is a can of Silvertone recordingwire and a double lighting permutation, and behind it is what I thought was a skein of red wool, but isprobably large enough that its genuinely a hank. Yes, a hank of yarn.Learn something new everyday. You cant truly see it head-on but its there, and thats what tallies! Back when Imade the videos on analog video, I squandered this yarn to prepare the scan living. We also have a functional light socket nursing a squirrel-cage Edison-style light bulb, anda modern Contributed edition of this sits unused for rationalizations. Oh, and theresanother fake Swedish plant. Next is the soldering station. This is actuallywhere I restrain my soldering iron and its associated junk, as well as my DC power supply. If youvebeen compensating really close attention, youll see that this shelf has changed the most because Iactually need the things in it now and then. And right now the soldering iron’s missing! There’s also a bolt from Epcots Milleniumcelebration I found in one of my garbage boxgoings through. Oh, and a counterfeit Swedish plant, of course.Heres a subterfuge I actually learned in school – the DC power supply is sitting ona plastic storage container thats been dealt with in colors fabric to make a tastefulbut cheap makeshift parade stand. And now heres another hodge podgey cube. On another tupperware stand is my late granddads 8mm movie camera. It is sortof functional – you can get it to run if you impel the winding key forward, I suppose itjust need to see a good lubrication. Opposite to it is a movie reel that it shot. Theres also thebasic thermostat from the thermostat video, one of the many adds-on over the years, anda 5 inch CRT from a cheap portable black and white television, the same one I used inthe analog television videos several years ago. And then we have yet another fakeSwedish plant, and a lava lamp.Down here is the Betamovie andsome Beta cassettes.[ spread interrupt] Thats it. Next we have a Sony television set that many ofyou have asked about. This is a portable mannequin, the TV-7 50, and It appears to have been introducedin 1972. It still runs, but barely. The picture tube is quite dim and Im sure this coulddo with a ended electronics reinstatement. I would depict you but I dont knowwhere its capability rope is at present so sorry. A monochrome Rubiks cube sitsatop it because its insufferably inventive. This next cube is an assortment of objects.This mug is covered in the original Future World pavilion logos from EPCOT Center, released inmug-form as part of EPCOTs 35 th anniversary. Then theres a lava lamp behind it. This serpent was justa thrift store find – I sort of suspect people child coated this thing? I dunno, sorry Jimmyif your mothers didnt keep it. And behind it is a very strange and slightly indicative clownfigure. Ive worded it Disposo, naturally. Immediately behind me which you cant ever verify duringtalking heads is a very important-to-me radio. This is a Philco 42 -PT7, a basic tabletop radiofrom 1942. Its a simple design, but really nice, and while its missing a knob its stillquite beautiful to me. Its important to me because it was really the first electronicsproject I ever started on – I recapped this radio years ago, and it inserted meto the world of antique radio collecting. I perceived it at an antique storage in Michigan. Behind it is a formulated Laserdisc of 1776 that sits there simply tohide whats behind the adjust. Next is another rather simple assortment ofthings. Its primarily reel-to-reel tape stuff, with a reel at the back, Scotch caskets, and of course a Spaceship Earth mug which bides as part of the set becauseit’s a nonsensical mug to booze from. Theres another functional sunrise socketwith a squirrel-cage filament bulb, though this one is a globe shape, and that pearis another random thrift store knick knack.Over here is a pair of lights, one an old railroad torch which openings and the other well I dont know theorigin of this exactly but its not an relic, only a bit of decor. And theres a whiteMold–ARama figure of the Space Shuttle. Lanterns will be coming as a theme inthe not-too-distant future, by the way. Let talk about this cubby. Good-for-nothing hasever quite all right here.Ive been meaning to fix that for ages but havent. Almostthe entire time this set has been in use, there has been a DVD copy of The Terminalstarring Tom Hanks sitting there. Dont ask me why as I indeed do not know, and in the last couple of months this loudspeaker move and crossover havebeen sitting here because Im lazy. On the bottom-right is the closed captioningdecoder, and a dolphin figurine that I claimed when my parents moved sits on top becauseI like it. And yes, the Teletext video hasnt happened yet.I’m awfully well understood that. Im simply well well get there eventually. I promise. Alright, and surpass row! This is the vastmajority of my Laserdisc collection. Ive got a few things that arenthere but this is mostly it. Yep, Im not a huge collector of them – theyre exactly delightfully monstrous optical discs and recreation to use. Definitely not, like, my favorite nature to watch a movie, though. Then we accompany the wee little GE TV that me gotfor free( tee hee) at a garage sale years ago. A couple of VHS sleeves for Cosmos sit atop it, and the RGB electron gun of flashlights from the pall concealment video sit atop it aswell. Unfortunately something went wrong with the divergence bondage on this thing and nowthe screen is all trapezoidal and messed up.Not too much of a dishonor, though, as this thingis more useful as a prop than a TV, regardles. Next to it are my CEDs, theyve been up heresince before the CED series ever get become. Sitting in front of them is a Walkman which isaesthetically excellent but functionally a little off – its got a new belt however alot of flutter so I never truly used this thing, even though its an auto-reverse Walkman withDolby B and again is just excellent looking.Marty the Squirrel, another thrift supermarket knickknack, sits in front of a pair of Sony Dynamicron VHS slipcovers, and an L-7 50 Beta sleeve isabove it at a wonky tilt. There are also two notebooks given to me by a friend – includinga penny collectors accumulation collector. And lastly theres the top right cubby. This has another antique radio, an AM-FM tabletop unit from Silvertone, and I too restoredthis one. Last-place day I shelled it up it cultivated great, and I truly do love the design of this. In frontof it are spare knobs that I harvested from a different Silvertone radio long ago that happen to match it. On top ofit is the Olympus Pen EES-2 which actually got a mention not too long ago( and a Sears brand flashunit is attached to it ), and another Rubiks cube, though this one with ordinary pigments sits on top the radio.Oh, and behind it is some fake Swedish grass. Finally, theres an smorgasbord of miscellaneaup top. A pair of Inifinity RS-2 000 speakers sit atop the smaller instances because theyreaesthetically satisfying( and actually quite nice, though they have fairly weak bassresponse ). Then theres this 3D engraved prototype I started basically at the very start ofthis channel to help visualize the difference between Edisons vertically-cut cylinderrecords and Berliners laterally cut discs. Thats right, I used to have a 3D printer, orrather I still do but its crap and interrupted. Then there’s the divergence bondage for the little 5 inchCRT. It sits here because because it was a good place to frame it I predict? And theres too a lonelydrill flake up now because of course there is. And thats all the stuff you can see. But beforeI travel, theres one other important thing goin on. The complexions. Lately the decide has lookedlike this more often than not, but if youve been paying attention youll haveseen those colours alter, and sometimes theyve not been hues at all, but insteadimagery. And thats what this remote is for.See those colors? Those come from aTV. Two to be more precise. There are two awfully inexpensive 55 inch TVs literally hangingoff the back of this set facing me. This set isnt against the wall for the above reasons, and thats why its consideration of this agenda item at the top fully fill the cubbies. I didnt want the chainsthat the TVs are hanging from to be visible, or for you to have much of a clue what exactly wasgoing on.This consumed cubby here with the drawers? That wasnt projected, I genuinely I hadthis idea after I had previously been built this and started constructing positions. But truthfully Ithink it acquires the impression all the better. Because Im unforgivably shiftless, the TVs are poweredby Chromecasts which reflect the desktops of my PC and Chromebook. I simply named them up before I goto film the talking head or B-roll, and thats that. I represented templates forever ago which I canuse to prepare more stuff, but Ive been using this standard color grid for a while because I like it. Though, I may ultimately do what I set out to do long ago and set up a video where these gradually changeover term. Im just, as I said, unforgivably slothful. And thats also why this set examines soincredibly drab in some of my Connextras videos. If I dont ability it up and set up the screens, it only gapes a little sad. Look, Ill gocycle it off and on which will kill the TVs.Sure, thats considerably better than completelyoff, but the striking black background is nowhere near as interesting. Im actuallyquite proud of this idea if you cant tell. But I still cant believe that Im here right now. Never in a million years did I mull a million customers would happen. I belief I was justtoo weird, that this channel idea wouldnt have wide enough appeal. Im delighted to have beenwrong( though I am still just absurdly weird ). Thank you for subscribing, forwatching my videos all these times, and leaving me with this bright spot at theend of an otherwise unbelievably horrific year. Yep, this actually happened in 2020. I wasactually kind of hoping that wouldnt happen, that the throw would occur in 2021, but something aboutdishwashers just really aroused your interest. Ive been very fortunate in an otherwise tumultuousyear, and I try to remember that as often as I can. Of course, that wouldnt be possible withoutmy amazing partisans on Patreon, and today Id like to thank each and every one of you. Thankyou for establishing Technology Connections possible, and for maintaining me focused through this wild rideof a year.Heres to a brighter and more efficient 2021! celebrationally smooth jazz.

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