Dr. Madhav Chavan: Technology Alone Won’t Reform Education | Big Think

Running to technology is something thatsinevitable. People will go to technology because technologyis spreading far and wide it does offering some advantages. But to think that technology alone will solveproblems is not quite right. I think there are a few fundamental issueshere. Causes assume that you can get a hundredpercent connectivity to Internet and all that. Lets say all that is true. The biggest problem in using technology isthat if you use technology to improve the discover outcomes under the present curriculumand the present education system then theres a conflict.The technology, information technology isessentially a nonlinear tool. You can go to the Internet and help justabout any content. Whereas the education system as it has existedover the 200 times is a highly linear one. Somebody out there in Washington or Londonor Delhi decides what youre going to learn in fifth score and sixth point and seventhgrade. And thats the tolerating division. Whereas the kids are learning the nonlinearstuff our life has become nonlinear. Its not assembly line anymore. We dont stand in lines anymore. You demand a bible a cinema ticket, you wantto notebook a Broadway ticket, you want to book an airline ticket you just go on the Internetand do stuff.And this is true of production. Everything has become nonlinear except whereseasons are concerned. Whereas the see structures have remainedlinear. Now when you make engineering and lieu itin the hear environment, if you make it subservient to the current linear system thenthe power of information and communication technologies is restricted and then to that extent it is not affected. Then its accomplish is only as much as the schoolsystems effect. Whereas if you were to remove it from theschool education system and say the school system, the ascertain structure should be nowchanged to suit the new technology then you have a particular advantage.The question is how you do it. Second part is in our parts of the world atleast I cant say much about the developed world. Due to or shall we say feudal culture whereyou have to listen to the elders to start with. Of course its changing a little bit. Sometimes its good to listen to elders. But you have to you go to the coach the educator is the right one who gives you asks and the pretension is that the teacher knowsthe answers or the textbook knows the answers or somebody knows the answers. Whereas the whole idea is that in the modernworld you should be looking for answers. You should become a self-learner because theresso much out there to be learned and theres no way that the content that humanitysgenerated over so many hundred years can be absorbed over 5, 10, 15, 16 years. So the important thing is to learn the skillsof learning, to learn cooperatively.The old-fashioned structure says you are going to learnand you are going to appear for the quiz. The brand-new organization is saying you can work in groupsand learn and hit the problem. So I think we need to fundamentally changethe space were learning, the route that we are being assessed and showed as well. So policymakers quite clearly everybodysays gave computers in the girls entrust. Thats exclusively part of the problem. In my part of the world even the content isnot available in neighbourhood speeches. If I go to YouTube I can watch many thingsbut I cant restate that because of copyright problem. So after all those things are done I thinkwell be ready for a proper serious use of technology. Right now the technologys simply a helperin the current inefficient system ..

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