Dopamin Detoksu Nedir? | Neden ve Nasıl Yapılır? | Viral 2

Hello chaps, and welcome to YouTube Radio. Today we’re going to talk about dopamine detox that many of you heard about on the internet. What is dopamine detox? Why should we do it? We will answer questions such as. To understand dopamine detox, we first need to understand what dopamine is. Dopamine; It is a chemical developed naturally in the body. I do not want to go deep into the literature and lose the integrity of the subject. It is 1 of four hormones that offset our form feel good. This hormone triggers the brain’s reward system and realizes you feel good. It is the pleasure hormone in the most common sense. Well, if it has such good parts, why would we want to stay away from it? The react is very simple and clich; unwarranted amount of everything is harmful. Although drinking water is essential for our body, if we do not suck 10 liters of water per day, we should not spend every hour of our epoch with vehicles that manufacture us happy in the easy space. Of trend, the manifestation of boozing too much water will be very different.How does showing to high-pitched dosages of dopamine feign us? In fact, it does not has an impact that we can easily notice independently. Like numerous beautiful things in being, we only remember its presence in the absence of it. Another reason why we are not aware of it during its existence is that our brains become immune. After a while, we begin to react less to stimuli and search more. In order to be considered better; You can think of it as a gut enlargement after a while for a person who chews a lot. So what is dopamine detox aimed at? The basic logic of dopamine detox is to stay away from these stimulation for a certain period of time and to regain sensitivity. Now think of the things that spawn you happy the easy acces, it can be anything.Time spent on the Internet, movies, TV lines, music, unhealthy snacks, addictive substances, all of these mar dopamine receptors after a specified period of time. In order to prevent this and to think more freely, it is recommended to apply dopamine detox every 3 months. At the same time, after this detox is applied, we will start to enjoy our daily activities more. Again, if these activities are sustained, “its not” even a task for us to return to our old district. That’s why the important thing is that we can limit our behaviour after detox. During the detox, what you will feel at first is completely dark, it will be very annoying to not is the possibility of do specific actions you do in your daily life. As the hours progress, your brain will start looking for things to keep you busy, and your memory will become more productive in the process. You can write articles, pump videos. You can think and intention about your life, or even go outside and take a walk in a park.As you do all this, everything will become more beautiful and valuable, and you will realize that time actually does not pass that promptly. In the coming daylights, I plan to experience this detox personally and share my experiences with you. If any of you have tried this detox before, they can tell that they lived in the comments section. See you in the next videos. Stay well ..

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