Dickinson — Season 2 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Emily: Sometimes when I write, Emily: I lose control. Only you are able to show up at aparty … … looks a lot like a raccoon. I’m not here for the two parties. Come on, I need to know–Emily … What did you think of my poems? Tell me! I cherished them. Sue: I always love your lyrics, but I can’t be your merely readeranymore. You need to share your writingwith the world. Sue: There’s someone that I needyou to meet. Sue: Sam Bowles. Sue: This could be the man toput you in the spotlight. I’m always interested in hearinga new tone. Emily: What if I don’t want … Emily :… reputation? How do you want to beremembered? I’m exhilarated that I could bringthe two of you together. Emily: Feels like … Emily :… destiny. It is so crazy……Sue is an influencer. I don’t want to disappear fromthis Earth … … without anybody knowing who Iam. Does anybody else have anyintentions? The hags of Salem ambled sowe could run.( Lightning accidents )( Gasping) Emily: Sometimes when I write … Emily :… I lose control. You’re about to become worldfamous overnight. Your aura is negative right now. Emily: I used to have thisconfidence … Emily :… but not since I match him.What a crazy daytime this is. Not as crazy as what’s going onup here. She’s so additional. Emily: If you could put yourname on what you wrote, would you? Who wouldn’t? This is the opportunity of alifetime. Emily: You pressured me into this. I don’t even recognize you! Nobody: I think it’s kinda like … Nobody: … Death. What’s up, girl? Emily: Part of me is pretty surethat fame isn’t good for me. Emily: In fact, I think it couldbe very dangerous. Welcome to the dark back Whoa! -What? It’s like your ability “re on fire”. Oh, that ways . .

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