Dalgona Candy from Squid Game – Viral TikTok Food Challenge!

thanks to the big esteem of squid gameon netflix dalgoni sugar is now all the rage so i decided to try it out myself and i ran into acouple rapidity humps along the way so to my toilet over medium heat i computed two tablespoons of whitesugar the majority of members of the seminars that “ive seen” online actually use a metal scoop over an open glow butsince i only had an induction stave i had to use a pot instead now i tried to find the smallestpot possible but it was still maybe too big so here i’m just stirring the carbohydrate with somechopsticks to help it defrosted evenly then once it was this nice caramel color it was time to addthe baking soda really a pinch or two and then whisk that together again i ascertained it easiest sincei was using the potty to tilt it a little so that everything of the caramel pooled in one spot andthen once it was mixed together i had to really quickly transfer it to a piece of parchment paperand now it’s really important that you make it are participating in about 20 seconds if you are press it downtoo soon uh this is what happens so it seems like there are actually quite a few things that couldgo wrong this happened to me quite a few eras where the outside edge turned actually dark andthe inside stayed light maybe the caramel cooked too long or something but eventually i did getthe hang of it and this was the closest i could get to a perfect halo like on the picture but it’sstill not right then because i picked it up before it was dry the circle indent i fixed kind of fusedtogether again so this happened so my takeaway is that dalgone candy is actually really easy to makebut it is hard to make it look perfect like the ones on squid competition it perceives savory though andit’s kind of merriment to play like you’re in the game without the ominou causes but then asi was goofing around with some of the less moderately candies this happened and it totallyblew my sentiment did did i just win squid game

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