Controversy over Inglewood High’s 106-0 blowout win

you on Catalina, one sided high school football game on Friday night Not often large-scale word into National news on Monday morning, but this story is different. Maybe you participated it. Maybe you missed it. Inglewood High class 106 Point win over Morningside in football is touched off all sorts of controversy and it really big important discussion. I would disagree about sportsmanship. Sandra Endo is there at Morningside High? The coaches announced it a classless move. Uh coach for morning place. A batch of parties are forestalled and red-hot over this. Yeah Lot of action. Michaela regarding this lopsided winning a controversy over sportsman. In ship. After Inglewood High School dallied Morningside High School right here in Ingle, whether both in the same school district and a totally lopsided prevail for Inglewood, take a look at the score. We’re talking about one Oh 6 to 0 on a Friday night football match here in the district, and now an investigation is even underway. The starring quarterback for Inglewood High School through 13 touchdown legislates and when they prevailed 40 the team even moved for a two pitch conversion.Version the instruct never making that Star player out of the game. They have seven musicians committed to top universities. That’s how strong Inglewood High School is in terms of their football crew. Now in part, a statement from the district says, our promise at I USD is that every athletic competition reflects the highest level of sportsmanship, respect and co collegiality in every interaction among players, coach-and-fours, staff and administrators. So. Clearly morning, so high school. Their coach was very upset over this and clearly is very upset over the lopsided treatment.And, of course, the facts of the case that Inglewood merely continued on vanishing despite the fact that the score was so lopsided , no oath more from the instruct at Inglewood Makayla, you are well aware, and the thing is, you know that’s a neighbourhood fib, but it got it compiled national headlines. This is something that a lot of beings ought to have paying attention to its one things. You know, Sandra, if you’re beat 40, or 50 by 40 or 50 targets, but 106 and to keep playing, you feel bad for the players on both teams, right? The squad that lost that’s a tough capsule to immerse. You want to play your feeling out, and then you feel bad for the kids who can’t spurn their instructs teaching? That’s right. And when you think about seven whiz players on Inglewood on the Inglewood team and they’re playing their centres out, apparently, but they’re risking trauma. The right and they’re all committed to universities coming up on the morning line-up feature. The coach is going to post that score, he says in the cupboard area as a positive sense because he’s so proud of his participates for never giving up.So two sides of the coin here patently a teachable instruction. Yes, on both sides, but clearly it’s precipitating a good deal of action nationwide because of this, you are well aware, and we know that this is a rivalry has been a rivalry for some time, but this is taking it to brand-new altitudes. Okay? Okay Uh, well, let’s see if there’s more action this morning, which I’m sure there will be. Will we hear from the.

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