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Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol. 2 | SORTEDfood

Hello we are sorted and this is ourbeautiful fridgecam. Today it’s my new favorite thing, it’s us buying a load oftat off of Amazon and putting it in front of two chefs.They’re gonna hate it. Turn around. I meditate I’ve seen one of thesebefore because there’s not many things that would go in there. Oh but the bestbit of hotdogs “its like” the griddle stigmatizes and material. I don’t think it’sannoying me as much as you thought it would.I’m willing to give it a shot.It’s the hotdog toaster I’m roused at this one.This procreates perfect hotdogs in instants and it allows you to simultaneously cooktwo buns and two dogs for the hottest hot dogs.Oh it fits. I have a funny feeling this is gonna wind James up. No.Oh it time didn’t work it simply didn’t work. Oh something’s smoking already.After the toasting age is completed the basket will automatically pop up. Do Ihave to eat this? It had toasted the bun It has warmed the sausage all the waythrough to the centre. It’s just a delicious hot dog. Why? I’vealready got a toaster … in the other kitchen Yeah but can you cook hot dogs in it? No. No. Or buns. Cost? 20 pounds. 32 pounds. What a veritablebargain this is at 28 pounds and 17 pence. No I make I feel like I’ve comeacross in this video that I’ve got some cherish for it but I truly don’t. He’s still eating the hotdog.Wineglasswith this sucker. I don’t know why I would have a problem with a vacuum flask. Mighty mug. Mighty mug is the firstmug that won’t tip over if you accidentally bump into it but liftsstraight up like any other mug is the smartest drink mark you will ever own.For Ben we’ve got something similar to the mug it’s a wine-colored glass because…Ben. Here’s a glass of wine. That’s good . … Useless ornot from that I would say completely useless but did I make love wrong? Ok, you’re having a health debate at adinner party.Have a guess at price. There’s a lot of expensive water bottlesflying around the market. This was 35 pounds. 14 pounds. 15 pounds. Oh they comeas a two it’s 29 pounds 98. I am pretty good at this pricing lark.It needs to look beautiful as well as be really useful. I’ll say it’s useful.Useless or not you decide. It’s got a serrated rim and it’s got some littleflutes things on the top. It’s a very purposeful knife. Purposeful stainlesssteel butter spreader and curler. You butter believe itmake quick sandwiches with one knife. Okay so you’re increasing the surfacearea so that you get butter bends that will in theory melt quicker onto bread.Now spread it. I make it does appear to make a difference. Serrated forcutting through nonsense that concludes gumption. Once your butter punctures are fullit’s just a knife. How much you think it’s for sale for? Eight quid. I’m gonna sayfive pounds. Please don’t be more than five pounds. Don’t “re saying it” more than…If it’s morethan five pounds only don’t “ve been told”. Just don’t “ve been told”. Eight pounds 99. Now I’m gonna sayuseless. I think it’s fairly hopeless but useless or not you decide. What the barbarian isthat? Looks like something I wanna made my paw into. Hang on. I’m gonna have aterrible time trying to work this out. Okay.Something about going something. It is something to do with fruit. Sushi! Theperfect roll sushi. This is the perfect roll sushi. Magic roll never before hassushi being this easy to compile. Fill. Pull. Done. If you’re struggling to work out howto use it there’s some great instructions. I know. Little bit of that. I hope this works I actually hope thisworks cuz I various kinds of like it still further. The challenge with sushi is always getting atight roll. At least that’s helping cuz you’re attract against itself andforming a tight roll.I feel like with variou proceeds that probably is quitegood because it is a nice close-fisted roster. It is not clear with teachings but thenas seen on TV I did never attend on the TV. How much? Fiver? Would I buy one? No Iwould not spend fifty P on this but I imagine it’s probably about a tenner.Twelve pounds ninety-nine. I don’t know I certainly just wanted to like it so I need a fewmore goes to work it out but I like the idea it doesn’t stimulate me as angry as youthought it might build me. Another gadget I just very have the classic. Uselessor not you decide. If you’d like those gadgets as much as we did then pleaselike this video. Also keep on sending us more suggestions for gadgets that youfound to our personal Instagrams and social media all the links down belowbecause we’ve got quantities once and this is just really fun to do. This week is avery special week for sorted we’re announcing probably the biggest thingwe’ve ever ever done. So follow us on all the social’s and keep up to date withwhat’s going on and subscribe to the newsletter all the links are down belowand you’ll be the first to find out.And if you’re brand-new here.Welcome. Why don’t you put your favourite menu down below in the comments andsubscribe. Do that. Right, see ya later, bye-bye !.

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