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Castlevania Season 1 Episode 2 “Necropolis” Reaction & Review!

hey everyone and welcome back to our channel weare times cavazos and this is castlevania season one occurrence two so we were introduced to thisshow in a whirlwind of a room we didn’t think it was gonna be as violent of a display but we weren’texactly 100 sure what it was even about before we watched it apparently we had a feeling at leasti did that it was going to be about fiends i didn’t know it was going to be aboutdracula though but interesting we examined dracula find love and lose love and thenraise hell on earth pretty much yeah i am still curious what this other representation wasthat he met before or i approximate after lisa died there was somebody who came through the door weonly visualized like pretty much like the silhouette of them and kind of saying i’m not going to letyou do this and obviously it happened it happened still but i don’t know they just going to havethat person killed maybe like that person just lost that combat i don’t know that personseemed like it was a strong being yeah yeah and then the acces we left off um on thislast incident was seeing this character kind of sitting you know in the in the saloon or whatever inthe bar i guess like by himself it seems very main characteristic like is this going to be our vanhelsing yeah the the people that were actually at like the the counter of the bar were mentioningthe belmonts and that’s when it kind of got a reaction out of him so i wonder what that’s goingto mean i was just wondering if this character is part of that kinfolk or at least knows that family and what thesignificance of that is i feel like they’re going to go out there and like try to stop you knowthese these hounds or these wizards or whatever the blaze they are from like taking them out buti’m not sure all right well if you haven’t already don’t forget to like and subscribe and check outour patreon if you want to share our full-length actions we also have a second channel calleddescavoso’s irl which is something we do vlogs and other things like that if you want to check that out link’sdown below all right let’s jump into this episode can i get my ale it’s just that i think i’mso operating up i feel like he’s action right acting more drunkard he’s trying to show the sword or is heactually pissed perhap he’s actually drunkard i feel like he’s trying toshow him no okay his like crest but he has like the blushing face that’s a bowmore pinnacle really household elmore lineage bellmore never gratified them forget it i’ll just go now you’re abelmont this is all your fault everyone knows the belmonts delton black magic the beaumont’s dealtwith villains the beaumont’s blame villain lad so i’m told the bell boss were excommunicated bythe church ostracized hmm or is that what just what they said about i feel like it was what was saidright the belmonts tried it in black magic and now black magic is all over wallachia i feel likethat’s a big stretch to blame him i’m carrying are you really just gonna let yourself get likebeat like that come on last-place lad of that home oh okay lastly oh my gosh maybe he is still drunk though butyou know he’s just booze but he’s still good at pushing yeah kind of slobbles i necessitate buthe’s still ducking and dodging and but yeah he does review drink yeah i wonderwhat’s up with his family dynamic oh i used to fight[ __] vampires recreation residence it kind of reminds me of geralt i don’t know why boston i feel like this would have been agood show to watch around like halloween because of like ghouls they talk good like wellnot good about the belmonts but kind of mention that they were like one of the big-hearted familiesso it various kinds of meets me feel like you know that after they went excluded he didn’t reallyhave any sort of like appoint for his family at all well he “says hes” like push monsters more soit makes me was just wondering if they came excluded for like did they use the magic to fight the monstersdo they even use sorcery or did they just say that what the heck no it’s justfrom oh my gosh that was a baby this is oh my gosh this show is freaking brutaloh my god oh my gosh so he’s walking into the town so i guess there’s people that subsisted okayso they just like attacked and they just didn’t kill everyone it seems like oh my gosh like thesurvivors are like having to clean up what’s left so there’s a good quantity of parties thatsurvived yeah i was just wondering what compiled them like turn back after they did all this killinglike there’s like these people only hiding and like came out after the thing yeah i guess you’vegot some disturbs here is there a justification effort don’t need it we’ve got a tribe of speakersin the city formerly we’ve done what needs to be done the beasts will leave us alone whatneeds to be done huh there’s an old story the sleeping soldier he was a great hero hundredsof years ago he sleeps under the catacombs to wait until he’s needed again of course isthat “shouldve been” him the brand-new bishop loathes the old gumption freaking brand-new bishops comeat nine oh i’m in the middle of the day why don’t they leave i symbolize wheredo they go there’s be on the road oh i don’t know why i chuckled people likeget hit or come randomly talkers don’t help talkers are adulterated you lure evil and you andyours were told to be out of graduate by sundown talker that’s what the other lady was talkingabout an old person shape you less scared of the dark no perhap it’ll time make me feel better yeah oh ew oh my gosh i was trying to snatch thestave out of your hand how’s your finger oh last-place urge this will get bad run away oh ohoh what various kinds of priests are these they’re like ready to like scrap in wall street like priestthat kill what the words do you like like oh my god i don’t know why i’m still getting so surprisedby the violence in this show my family has always been on good terms with speakers although myfather once got into a fight with one truth you really do not fight when he tried to convince thespeaker to have your oral record transcribed on paper i know speakers are nomadic tribes you seemto have been here a while and how do you know that because the locals are accusing you for the attacksthere were talkers in targovish day one year ago the church burned dracula’s wife at the serpent asa voodoo the fib feels that a savior sleeps for the purposes of the determine they can talk about the sleep personwho sleeps until he is needed is this him participate like it’s like a prophecy about him maybe soyou think there’s someone who can save the city asleep under it and you’re here to wait for himone of us went to look for him this was gonna be your missing leave now head south hook up with anothertrain it’s his grandchild darn i don’t know that’s why it’s not our action to just leave our devand attended to we stay for the people of gretchen however likewise stand because we hope so you’re stayingto die with the good parties of formation not just because it’s a good thing to do but because youdon’t have your grandchild’s figure she gonna go retrieve the body if he’s even dead if i go andrecover your kid’s organization will you please leave who cares about them i know what it’s like to bepersecuted by your own country for the accident of your delivery if i find your grandchild wow ifthat is the condition of your convalescence then yes so we’re presume we converge our main character hereour booster i should say in trevor belmont and he’s had pretty much everything written fromhim and his family and he’s a very interesting character we got to see him extricate this uh hisname is elder and he’s a speaker which they virtually kind of seem like traveling like preachersin a little bit but they’re like not the same as the church right yeah i’m kind of still confusedexactly about them it’s he says like they acquire like their people accumulate history and like justkeep a record of it they want to help people but they too don’t want to write it down ever it’sinteresting i’m various kinds of still a bit inquisitive about exactly who they are and what they do butthey exclusively don’t want to leave here right now yeah aggression because of um his grandchild’sbody is still down there they too do want to help people but like likewise they don’t want to leave oneof their own you know like the their own bodies behind without a suitable burial yeah that’s one of thethings that they said was like that they don’t do i it candidly seems like this town is going tofall i symbolize it’s already like on its last-place leg the people are still there oh yeah the reason i well ifeel like they don’t have anywhere else to go like you just know that those things are gonna comeback at night like what are you gonna do just like die i don’t know yeah i mean that’s kind of whatit seems like it’s like it seems like every night they’re just killing more and more parties we sawlike that pile that was under that connection and it was just like throwing i’m throwing him throwinghim then we viewed one of those freaking wizard hounds with a freaking babe in its speak i i mean we’reonly two episodes in but like after we saw how brutal the first bout was i guess i shouldn’tbe surprised how harsh this one was when you watch like a paw cut off an eyeball fly out of thedude’s face uh but i want it is shocking to see here and like i guess we haven’t seen very muchgraphic anime like that in the past but it certainly does leave a mark with you um “we ii” halfwaythrough the first season yeah strangely crazy four chapters in the first season i wonder if itwas just kind of like testing the liquids to see how well the support was gonna do but clearly it’sfour seasons in now so i’ve heard that it gets better as it goes too and also this is a netflixanime but it also was like the original language is english which is pretty interesting so iguess perhaps they actually were just wanting to like be seen to what extent how it would be received but that isinteresting this is like the first i guess netflix made anime that we’ve watched that was originallynetflix’s so i’m really excited to see where the floor is going to go from here it seems likehe’s going to go retrieve elder’s grandson’s mas if he’s even dead they weren’t 100 sure on thatthey prevented concluding references to the person who would be sleeping i kind of feel like it might betrevor like i don’t know like maybe it’s not perhap i’m just various kinds of like prophecy yeah and like hewas supposed to force like fulfill that prophecy and he was sleeping yeah he’s been like drinkinghimself away and drinking himself asleep yeah so i i don’t know if they’ll get intothat maybe not perhap i’m just various kinds of like say too much into it but i feel like wewill get answers in this next episode when we go there like where he said it was undergroundtoo but i forgot exactly where it was i think he said somewhere under the church yeah like thecatacombs or something something like that yeah all right well if you haven’t already please don’tforget to agree touched the buzzer so you can stay notified for our future videos also if you wannawatch our full-length reactions to castlevania we upload them on our patreon the links down indescription below okay we’ll see you next time you

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