Bunty Aur Babli 2 | Official Trailer | Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerji, Siddhant C, Sharvari | Varun S

This is an regular Indian familyfrom a small town Mrs. Vemi Trivedi, a excellent housewife, you seem charming and you’re sullen, Mommy, my adorable baby, Mr. Rakesh Trivedi, has been issuingtrain tickets for 15 times. These innocent, family-drama-like faces on TV were once were aware of another identify Yes. My daughter and Babli did many robberies1 5 years ago and the rumor says that they are back to their previous lifetimes again Get me out of this acces I left the washing machine runningand the vegetables are on the stove Will you say something Rakesh? I will speak, if you will allow me to speak.This morning we received a nationwide alert that my daughter and Babli are starting again My daughter and Babli What is this nonsense We left that job a long time ago If they didn’t thenwho did it? Yash Raj Movies Overcoming cheating with deceptionis the best form of honest We’ve upped our tournament now Agent Most important person You’ve been promoted What’s this nonsense? KL Shaker What if it help me out here obligate some advantages? This is for you, sir. My daughter and Babli have fooled the mayor, two daughters? Babylonian? Fooling parties is so easy andso much fun Bette and Bubbly, a epithet that’s back in the news again after years The police seem helplessWho will be their next scapegoat? We are my girl- the real BabliNot them How dare they use our brandIt’s war I won’t rest until we catch them andslap them hard Will my girl and the original Babli come back Yash Raj filmsprogress Will we prove that we are still theoriginal rascals Positives vs Negatives Babli? Do I look like a bubbly? But you don’t look like my daughter either, you bastard, the wonder maid, please hold her.Where are they? mom daddy? I wouldn’t look for Nirav Modi in your deserted town, would I? I have to admit…it’s so much amusing there was also that chemistry, right? You bastards, what do you do? I’ll breach your bones if you precipitate, Mrs. My daughter … Mrs. Bubbly, these amateurs have lectured you ..

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