BTEC Tech Awards in Digital Information Technology: Component 1

componentone is an internal ESS component there focuses on design and developed at a user interface and chronicles for 30% of the overall grading of the qualification students will be examining the artwork of UI and the structure of UX and how intuitive intend freedom of use and user centric attention to detail can make all the difference to a pulpit designing and developing a UI is an iterative process so we’ve paired this ingredient with thorough programme proposing material students will learn how to break down their tasks scope out their campaign mitigation threats and schedule refreshes just like a professional IT project manager the aspects of this constituent creation really well together and students will suffer a savour of the real world the students develop important behavioral idiosyncrasies in tire control dealing with pressure and excess client hopes all in a safe environment that you limit as this is an internally designated and Mart component you can use our accommodated allowed naming briefs as you see fit so to sum up component one in DI T includes user interface design user interface development reviewing and refining a user interface project planning and project recalling the main focus of this constituent is designed consumer centricity soul management and delivering results[ Music]

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