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Axiom Verge 2 Review (Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC)

hey everyone my appoint is elise and welcome back to the channel axiom verge 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the metroid invigorated indie favorite aphorism rim exhausted back in 2015. while that sport was heavily aroused to be a modern take on metroid for nes its sequel takes a different approach focusing on being its own thing with simply a slight connection to the original sport nevertheless aphorism verge 2 succeeds in elevating the line as nature investigate and piloting even though it is does set its duel on the back burner in the process axiom verge 2 is available right now on ps4 nintendo switch and pc via epic sports but before we jump into this review make sure you stumbled that subscribe button and thumped the buzzer icon to stay up to date on my revaluations any comments and likes on the video also cures it come up in research so let me know what’s your favorite metroidvania game i’ll be replying in the comments down below despite having two in its call aphorism rim 2 isn’t a direct continue of the original competition sure there are some references here and there but you’ll never be tasked with remembering something in order to understand the roughly 8 hour storey in axiom edge 2. So if you watched the indie world set and visualized the game glanced cool but never toy the first one you’re completely penalize skipping it although it was a great game so i do recommend dallying it we dally as idra a billionaire who discovers themselves in antarctica when the inscrutable record indications at the site of her missing daughter anxiou to find her idris flies to an vacated antarctic experiment depot where things are not as they seem she speedily comes across a secret door that reveals this otherworldly region where attempt and the laws of physics are beyond what humanity has known thus far the narrative attacks themes of identity all within several features bits of lore and my new items are given through the collectible notations and documents that piece together the wider narrative hiding in the background of the metroidvania experience those that vividly recollect the first axiom edge are sure to have plenty of aha moments as they come across these documents while those playing for the first time i don’t think will struggle to have their own interpretation of the events as well while i didn’t completely fall in love with the narration i did think it did a great job as a backdrop for the gameplay that no doubt is the main attraction behind this tournament the approaching to environmental storytelling was well thought out and it let me play detective as i further progress deeper into the mystery where aphorism burj was critically acclaimed for basically being a new metroid nes styled tournament but with modernization of the gameplay and car-mechanics ascii and rim 2 is a bit bolder focusing on establishing its own style of gameplay rather than mimicking the gameplay that inspired it in many ways it replaces especially when it comes to world building and journey sadly i can’t say the same for its action that takes a backseat in the sequel arising in fewer power-ups and optional bosses that “losing ones” shine and presence juxtaposed to the other auto-mechanics axiom periphery 2′ s big new piece is a parallel dimension split between a most modern glancing 16 -bit performance and a more retro gazing one that feels immediately was encouraged by metroid on any ass when it’s first introduced you’re able to hop between two actualities at fixed places allowing you to circumvent hazards in one world that weren’t there in another it’s a inventive mechanic and somewhat suggestive of the time travel feature in titanfall 2 albeit now presented as a 2d metroidvania game it also further continues to provide a fresh new mechanic as later on you’re able to manually choose when these modulations happen having that perception of two worlds at once and trying to correctly position yourself to bridge between them was a recreation challenge that i exhaustively found to scratch that critical imagine rub i often thought to myself that’s now two separate natures there is a requirement to attain mentions on for backtrack and further to explore formerly i unlocked the right tool set it was awesome it perfectly fits into the retro metroidvania mold although in some ways more than i would have hoped take for example the planned in the ui you get this minimap establishing you the field you’re in but there’s a lack of hud ingredients and markers that item beyond that sure it’s nostalgic to break out a notebook and jot down some greenbacks about the map and the placement of chambers but having that be a solution and not a requirement would have been appreciated a compass at the bottom of the screen nudges you towards the next objective but didn’t even up for the lack of details on the delineate those assessments aside i did enjoy the journey of aphorism rims 2 sprawling planned across two worlds that only further peaked my curiosity as i continued my expedition like any other metroidvania game i saw myself backtracking anytime i perceived a brand-new capability that suddenly opened up another region of the world that i had previously perceived unaccessible these times despite being beliefs for the genre never lost their shine and their light on me nonetheless it’s not all great with the sequel and that becomes clear when we talk about the combat while the exploration has been fleshed out with brand-new the characteristics and auto-mechanics the combat and most importantly the boss contends feel held back plenty of appropriate tools and the power-ups unlocked for investigate likewise double as a weapon unlike most metroidvania games though you’re not unlocking a new tool and then suddenly exploiting it in a new boss fight that comes at you in the form of a puzzle instead any of these foremen no matter how amazing and lavish they look at first could be beaten with just about any injury dealing implement i perpetually find myself in these moments of all when i first understand these monstrous villains only to quickly get over it when i realized i could destroy it with any of the early tools well had that’s only speaking in terms of if we’re actually trying to fight these foremen however the game for the most part makes all of these leaders fully optional letting you just march past them if you choose so while that’s great for anyone that struggled to get into the game genre before it feels like an odd cop out for recreation design in the long run accessibility options let you increase the difficulty of the game while also changing the amount of damage you can deal ultimately letting you utter video games easier or most difficult if that’s what you’re after although it’s useful it doesn’t even out for the lack of unique and well-thought-out honchoes or the facts of the case that they’re completely optional all in all axiom verge 2 was almost like it pushed the envelope for exploration but stepped back for duel two elements that should be having a symbiotic rapport in this genre and not regarding the other back between the two worlds axiom boundary 2 contrasts a retro-style bright and colorful world-wide with a more modern sprite presented viewpoint of the other world in the first world-wide hue seems less saturated virtually more realistic in that sense the design of these various points are so beautiful applying variou strata to conjure the sense of depth animation work is simple but at a high frame rate that helps make motion to subtle features like smashing objectives or the grass being reduced at in other features things gaze a bit more simple almost like a modern opinion of an nes metroidvania game the complexions appear much more saturated and colourful and they genuinely pop on my switch’s handheld exhibition i love the emboss and dark discontinue seek opposed by the scanline like backdrop it’s reminiscent of the nes remix intend vogue on the wii u and i was a huge fan of it so to see it come back in this new retro style game is awesome while both are great in various ways i perceived myself genuinely affection the more retro style glance of the other dimension i wouldn’t mind picturing more activities take on this art style and other genres as it just really sounds to me playing on the nintendo substitution examine i didn’t notice any substantial hiccups in the performance i was able to get a full 1080 p 60 in pier state while get 720 p60 in handheld mode while i love playing it on the go i can’t wait to see how these hues will sounds on the switch shop last-minute this year the original axiom boundary peculiarity this hypnotic-like music that layered a woman’s voice over some slower paced instrumentals it felt otherworldly but truthfully told i wasn’t the biggest devotee of it i was a much bigger fan of the german cornerstone or synthwave mixture that the vocalist moves had[ Music] that’s pretty much the same now with aphorism border 2. It peculiarity brand new lines and like the ones in the original competition it once again features an electric style with mesa cara lending her enunciate to the project[ Music] unhappily i wasn’t too enamored by the vocals but i did affection the instrumental work specially the distinguish modulations between the different areas axiom verge 2 is a good metroidvania game and if that’s what you’re looking for then by all means go ahead and play it nonetheless there’s no famine of good metroidvania 80 s out there if you’re looking for something that’s leaps and bounds ahead of the original i don’t think this is it aphorism edge 2 does excel on elevating questions and investigate but it acutely fights to make a name for itself when it comes to combat and bosses arguably the other half of the metroidvania know i look forward to what private developers does in the future with any possible sequels but the bar was named jolly high with the first entry and i worry that lightning doesn’t strike twice

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