Apple Watch Series 2 Battery Replacement—How To

H ey I’m Alex from Fixit, and today I’mgonna reveal you how to change a artillery on your Apple watch line 2. For thisrepair you’ll need an iOpener, a crooked razor blade, tweezers, a Y000screwdriver, some opening pickings and an opening tool.I likewise recommend get a patrol touching gasket. It’s inexpensive and it’s realeasy to break. So it’s good to have it on hand, and retain when it’s time to doyour fixing make sure to follow the step by step guide on We’re gonna start this fixing by removing these two straps, so we havebetter access to the watch itself. To secrete the band press the band releasebutton and slither it out of its groove. Now that we have the band’s off we getour firstly real responsibility, which is to loosen the adhesive so we can take the displayoff. This adhesive is really adamant to help with the waterproofing, so itusually takes quite a bit of heat but we don’t want to burn the LCD.So we’reusing our iOpener to get onto to about a hundred and sixty units Fahrenheitand then we’re gonna try to open it with our bowed razor blade, so that we don’tdamage the metal very much. When I’m opening the Apple watch I ever want tomake sure I’m coming in at the safest possible surface. For the Series 2 that’sgonna be the two sides across from the digital crown. That’s because the displaycables come in from the bottom of the parade, and the treetop likewise contains alittle bit of the feeler. So I’m gonna stay as far away from those componentsas I is possible and open from the other side. You’ll was noted that I use a metal toolwhich some people prefer not to use so that’s to not scratch the watch but asthis a watch has never been opened it’s a little bit harder for me to get in. Nowthat we have this watch open we’re gonna switch away from the sharp-witted blade andthen we’re gonna switch to the pic so that we minimize our risk of cuttingthe gasket.We really don’t be lifting any of the pitch-black gasket or cuttingthrough and exposing any of the copper. I’m gonna be moving my pic all the wayaround the display being sure to cut all the adhesive without disconnecting thecables. Alright, so now that we have the parade absolutely off of the adhesive, we need to disconnect the exhibition. The first step to doing that is removingthis black adhesive that’s treating all of our ties. With the adhesive outof the style we now see our three ZIF connectors that we’re going to open andthen remove the display. So now that we have the display off thething we want to make sure is that we didn’t damage our gasket the things tolook out for as seen here are disclosed copper or chip the whole way throughexposing the casing underneath.So in this watch we’re probably gonna have toreplace our gasket. The first thing we’re gonna have to do is take this bracketoff which is held in with this tiny little tri wing – so we’re gonna get ourdriver in there and remove this jailer. With the nail leave, we can get thesetweezers in there and remove this bracket uncovering our first make ofconnections. so our first connector that we’reremoving is this battery connection, and due to tight indulgences and because thesepointed tweezers are ESD safe I’m going to go ahead and use these instead of aplastic pick. With that connection out of the road, we can lift this board that’sconnected to the battery, and now we can see further ties deeper downincluding the force touch gasket. Now that the gasket is disconnected wehave to get it off of our casing. So I’m going to use this collect and move itunder our connects and wiggle it down constructing sure to get underneath theadhesive. Once I have it started, since it stays as one unit, I’m just going to usethese weaken tweezers to elevate it off of the casing.Before arrange your newgasket on it really pays off to cleanse this face as far as is possible. So I’mgoing to use this q-tip and a little of alcohol to make sure that all thatadhesive is off of the case. Now that your action is ready for reapplication, we’re gonna make our new gasket and precisely remove the rear adhesive blanket. We’regoing to reapply this really carefully seeing sure you’re getting into all theedges and seating it as best as we can. This is really important to make surethat our 3d contact and exactly our touch work once the screens back on. To get thebattery out we’re gonna get our opening tool around the battery.We’re likewise gonnamake sure that we’re not on any of the exhibition cables because they rip reallyeasily. The adhesive behind the artillery stops it in place, but it’s not verystrong and it’s more gooey than adhesive. All that’s left now is to reassembleyour Apple watch! I recommend reconnecting your newdisplay and making sure that display and touch drive before actually removing thetop adhesive and shutting it down. Well, that’s it for this repair make sure yousubscribe to our path to keep up to date with all the latest iFixit teardowns and mend videos and I’ll told you next time . .

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