Apple Watch 7 鈦金屬版本真的比較好嗎?跟其他手錶差在哪?一次看懂 Apple Watch Edition 的所有細節! (附有 CC 字幕)

Hello everyone, and therefore welcomed Applefans. Im Simon. Ive been waiting for a long time for the titanium form of the Apple Watch, and finally officially started sending. But I believe there should still be numerous witness who dont know how to choose the most suitable case material for them. Should I pick the inexpensive aluminum alloy copy? Still have to add a little more money to buy stainless steel? Or do you want to change immediately to buy a titanium metal form? Today we are going to talk to you about the distinctions between the titanium Apple Watch and the stainless steel and aluminum alloy copies. In fact, before you start to choose, you have to remember one thing that is no matter what material you choose. The capacities are exactly the same. Its not because you choose the more costly one, its most powerful or your battery life will be better. “Were not receiving” such thing, they are exactly the same, only the case is different. Its time the material, but before we are still , causes initiate it. 3000:00: 56,760 –> 00:00: 56,750 Sponsor that allows us to continue filming iCareFone for WhatsApp If you buy the regular aluminum alloy edition, it should be the most cost-effective. You can buy a watch instantly for three or four years. You can buy a watch for three or four years, and you still have 5 dyes of green, blue, red, starlight, and midnight. You didn’t prefer anything. Because you said that you wasted less coin and what features are missing, you said that the aluminum metal explanation is the most economical choice. However, the aluminum alloy speciman is less fashionable and costly. It feels like stainless steel and titanium metal will look beautiful under the lighter. A quantity of stainless steel Apple Watch will always manifest glowing from its edge as long as it is placed in a illumination home. Even if you collect your hand and watch the time, it will The feeling of sparkler and ice is very eye-catching but likewise very high-profile, but because it is a very bright stainless steel material, it will be particularly prone to fingerprints. The scratches on the top will be more obvious after a long time, but this kind of scratches is actually It is not ugly, but there is the kind of taste of the watch knowing hurricane, frost, snow and moon, but if you don’t want to have such a high-profile case but still want to retain a little sense of luxury, you can really computed an extra 3000 yuan to buy a titanium composite style. Like the outer husk, it will have a very beautiful gloss under the light, but it will be more limited and not as fascinating as stainless steel. The overall dream will appear more biased towards aluminum, but if you inspect closely, you can see that it is unique to titanium. The hairline pattern of the shell will be brighter under the light, and the load will not be as heavy as stainless steel. It is simply 5 grams more than aluminum, so it will naturally be easier to wear on your hands. But in fact, if “theres going” carefully If you look at it, you will find that the additional 3,000 sections of the titanium explanation of the Apple Watch in comparison with the stainless steel are super cost-effective. Because it is positioned as a relatively high-end Edition series, it is the special edition of the Apple Watch, so it is different from stainless steel except for the material. In addition, it also has a lot of benefits that are only available in the titanium copy. For precedent, when setting the surface, it will be better than other vogues of Apple. The Watch has two more titanium colorings that you can choose. So when someone asks you the time, you only promote your hand up and establish him this nature, you can see that you are wearing the latest titanium version. When you buy the titanium version, in addition to the strap style he will choose for you, Apple will too give you an additional exclusive fasten that will only be available in the titanium version.And this dye is completely impossible for you to buy it separately on the official website. What I got is a limited edition color. You can only buy it if you buy a titanium Apple Watch. It is exactly the same as the exclusive orange boasts fasten of Herms. So I thought that an original Apple strap would also require 1,600 portions plus a limited color. On the surface, it weighs as 100 yuan. If you add up to it, its merely 1700. If you contribute this 3000 yuan, there will be 1700 yuan, which is more. These two benefits are the remaining 1300. Of trend not. In fact, you only need to buy the Apple Watch Edition. For the Herms version, the original producers warranty is one year longer than other simulates, so you have a full two-year original manufacturers warranty.If your artillery undermines within two years, you can also replace it free of charge and one years warranty. There should be a value of more than 1,000, right? So you can buy a different watch client textile for 3000 portions more than the stainless steel model. You too bought one more limited belt and the color of the limited surface. There is a whole year of original factory warranty. Isnt it super super? Cost-effective? Then if you buy another Apple Care +, it means that you have a three-year warranty, so you dont have to worry about battery damage or descending over and bursting and other issues until “youre using” it for the third year. The entire thing looks like this.A value- for-money choice. As of the reasons why the Edition version for the three consecutive years from Series 5 has squandered titanium alloys, and even the ceramic explanation of Apple Watch is no longer noticeable in the latter. In fact, there is a saying that Apple is using a relatively small size. For speciman, the stainless steel material understand on the iPhone is used on the previous Apple Watch for a period of time before deciding to use it on the iPhone. So it is very likely that Apple is using it for several years. Time to use the titanium material of Apple Watch to experiment its practicality and soundnes. If it can withstand this evaluation, it is very possible to apply titanium substance on the iPhone. After all, we all know that the stainless steel iPhone 13 Pro is the same. The length of the aluminum composite iPhone 13 is much heavier than that.If the chassis of the iPhone can be replaced with titanium, it will definitely shorten a great deal of heavines. It depends on when Apple plans to kept information materials on the iPhone. I believe it will be there. It will effect a sizzling marketing. So after all, how do you choose the Apple Watch wording that suits you? If you have a small budget, it is also very good to choose aluminum alloy, and there are many hues to choose from, and it will be lighter when “youre wearing” it on your hand. There is no need to spend an extra 10,000 yuan to upgrade the material of the case. If you are paying attention to wearing a fashionable form, or your workplace is likely to have to move things or “its easy to” to stumble your hands. If the situation wants to be immediately on stainless steel or titanium alloy with a sapphire skin-deep, I think it principally depends on how you expect the bag being put forward. After all, the gloss displayed by the two different textiles is different. If you want to choose stainless steel and want to be a bit low-key, choose titanium metal because this watch is also an supplement that you have to wear every day, and it will last for three or four times. For those benefits, I chose a material that I dont like, so Im not very happy to use it, but its a bit of an upside-down, so its better to choose according to my own advantages. Oh, its basically like this. Then you plan to buy it after read it. Is there an Apple Watch? Leave a send below to discuss with you. Like our videos, remember to subscribe to our path. We inform regularly every Tuesday and every Thursday at 9pm to generate a variety of schoolings. To feed it out of the box, this is Applefans. See you in the next video.

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