Apple Event — November 10

Hello everyone, welcome back and thank you all for joining us. I am looking forward to the news that I want to share with you today. I cant believe this is our third major event in the past two months. In the face of this years huge challenges, our team stays focused and never stops innovating. The pace of non-stop brings innovative products .The number of new product releases this fall can be described as a record high. From updating our powerful operating systems to launching a series of amazing new products, the powerful and affordable Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6 will be A healthy future wears on your wrist. The new fitness experience brought by Apple Fitness+. Subscribe to enjoy Apples services. The new iPad (eighth generation) with more powerful functions and the new colorful and versatile iPad Air. Small size, The powerfulHomePod mini iPhone 12 brings us into thenew era of iPhone. For users who want to maximizetheir iPhone, we launched the iPhone 12 Pro. We are very excited that the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max willbe delivered this Friday. And One More Thing , its time to talk about Mac. We love Mac.It is the origin of our DNA. With Mac,we have been able to create such a powerful product line. Our users also love Mac. Todays Mac stands on an unprecedented height in the past ten years. In the past few years, it has maintained a leading user satisfaction in the industry. More and more users choose Mac. In fact, the Mac business hasgrown by nearly 30% in the last quarter. This is also the best year for Mac in history. Mac is still attracting New users, now that more than 50% of buyersuse Macs for the first time, its really exciting. Users all over the world do amazing things on Macs just like the Mac itself.Mac users are brave to break the routine. They seize opportunities and are willing to create breakthroughs. They use Mac to change the world.We want to pay tribute to them. There is a kind of people… who refuse to bow their heads to “No”. They will not hide their footprints. They announce their arrival loudly and break their own way. To draw strength and bravely face hatred, speak for yourself, since you are not treated as equalsand will not follow the rules, I would rather challenge the rules tomake you admire, there is a kind of people who dont wait for miracles to happen, and they create miracles by themselves. Its great to see everyone creating behind the Mac.Out of these amazing miracles, Mac has been committed to breakthrough innovation and bold changes. In June this year, we announced that theMac will achieve another A huge leap forward is the transition to Apple Silicon. We promised that the first Mac equipped withApple Silicon will be launched at the end of this year. Now is the day. Please John, please introduce us in detail. We love Mac.Our team has been working tirelessly to bring us unprecedented. Its time for the Macs laptopand desktop product lines to make a huge leap.For this reason, we need to develop a set of advanced new technologies. Therefore, in the past few years, our team has been dedicatedto redefining and building the next generation of Macs. The core of this work is the chip. We have been developing Apple Silicon for more than ten years. It is the core of the iPhone, iPadand Apple Watch. Now we want to introduce it to the Mac. In this way, the Mac can relyon the excellent performance of Apple Silicon to customize the technology and lead the industry. As we said,we are developing a series of chips. In the next few years, we will realize the transition of the Mac series to equipped with these new chips. Today we are very excited to announce that we havetaken the first step towards such a transition. The first chip we designed specifically for Macs is what we call…M1 M1 has been optimized for our most popular low-power systems. Small size and low energy efficiency are crucial in these systems. This is an extremely feature The powerful chip has created a new era for Mac. Now let us spend a few minutes and Johny to explore this new chip M1 is a breakthrough chip for Mac.Our pursuit of M1 is toprovide industry-leading performance and functions at the same time. Relentless focus on energy efficiency, so M1 has achieved a huge leap in efficiency and power consumption. Every Mac equipped with M1 will be transformed into a completely different product category. M1 is the first SoC chip on Mac. Let me tell you this. What does it mean? So far,Mac needs a variety of chips to implement all its functions, including processor, connection function, security protectionand memory. Nowthese technologies are combined into a single SoC chip with the help of M1, which brings a new and highly integrated wayto achieve simpler , More efficient and better performance. The highlight of M1 is also that our unified memoryarchitecture, UMA M1, integrates a single memory pool with high bandwidth and low latency in a customized package, so all technologies in the SoC chipcan access the same data. There is no need to copy data between multiple memory pools, which greatly improves performance and energy efficiency. M1 is the first personal computer chip built with industry-leading 5nm process technology. The micro-level of the M1 crystal has reached the atomic level, making this chip very complex.On chip Packagedour largest number of transistors M1 in history, with a huge number of 16 billion transistors. We use all these transistors to provide M1 with excellent performance and cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to make all thesetechnologies reach the industry’s top M1 with excellent performance. The central processing unit has two cores: performance core and energy efficiency core. Each performance core is designedto run a single task or thread as efficiently as possible while maximizing performance. We are advancing this process every year. Now with M1In terms of low-power chips, our high-performancecore is the fastest central processing unit in the world. This high-performance coreM1 has four. Therefore, the processing performance of multi-threaded workhas also been greatly improved in order to be more effective. Handling lighter workloads M1 brings energy-efficient cores to Macs. Excellent performance can be achieved with one-tenth of the power . These energy-efficient cores are the most effective place for running light tasks and let the performance core focus onprocessing complex workloads. The M1 has four energy-efficient cores. Its performance is comparable tothe dual-core of this generation of MacBook Air, but the power consumption is much lower. Finally, the M1 has our latest performance controller. The controller can determine the running position of the code in real time to achieve the best performance. In summary, the 8-core CPU of M1 is the highest performance CPU we have created so far. Whats more important is that it achieves such performance with the lowest power consumption. In fact, the M1 CPU is the most powerful in the world. The best CPU performance and power consumption ratio isahead of the entire industry. Lets take a look. This is the CPU performance and power consumption of the latest generation of PC notebook chips. This is M1. M1 provides significant performance at every power level. The heat range of the higher performance MacBook Air is only within 10 watts. You can see that the M1’s CPU performance is twice that of the PC chip. The M1 can provide the peak performance of the PC chip while using only a quarter of the power. What the powerful M1 achieves is extremely rare. When you look backat the single-threaded performance development process of the low-power chips on the Mac, the improvement in performance and power consumption ratio is very small every time the chip is updated, but we look at the M1 again and we see the performance The power consumption ratiohas been greatly improved by 3 times. This is unheard of. So what about graphics processing? The graphics processor we designed can provide the best graphics performancewithin the heat range of each product, so that the entire system achieves a good balance,so that the graphics processor and the high-performance central processing unitcomplement each other.Usually, PCs cannot be achieved through integrated graphics. In order to obtain excellent graphics performance, they must use the discrete graphics card M1, which consumes a lot of power. However, with its integrated graphics,we can have the best of both worlds: At the same time, the M1 graphics processor has excellent performance and low power consumption . In-depth analysis of Mac-like application software. This is the most advanced graphics processor we have developed. With up to eight graphics processor cores, M1 can execute nearly 25,000 threads at a time, from trillions of floating point operations per second to texture fill rate plus The M1’s graphics processor is unique on its excellent performance. This is the graphics performance and power consumption of the same PC notebook chip. This is the M1. M1 provides significantly higher performance at each power consumption level. M1 provides Graphics performance is twice that of PC chips. Similarly, M1 can provide the peak performance of PC chips using only one-third of the power. In terms of personal computers, M1 has the world’s fastest integrated graphics card Apple Silicon not only has ahigh-speed central processing unit and Graphics processor We use powerful customization technology to package the chip. M1 is equipped with our most advanced neural network engine. The 16-core design can perform an astonishing 11 trillion operations per second. The entire M1 chip is designed toexecute various machines. The performance of tasks such as learning and video analysis, speech recognitionand image processing will reach a level that Mac has never had. Finally, the M1 integrates ourlatest generation of security compartments. It is not only fasterbut also brings top-level security to the Mac.This is the M1.The first SoC chip we designed for Mac has an 8-core processor with the fastest central processing unit in the world and an8-core graphics processor M1 with the worlds fastest integrated graphics. With the most cutting-edge technologies such as the neural network engine Thunderbolt and USB 4 interface, faster security zone, the latest image signal processor, etc., it integrates excellent performance, powerful functions and excellent performance. M1 is the most developed by us so far.Excellent chip. We are very happy to introduce it to the Mac and now hand it back to John. It is exciting to think that we can use the performance and functions of the M1to build a Mac. Mac has never hadsuch a profound chip upgrade, but the chip is only part of it. Apple productsare the high integration of our hardware and software that make the user experience so high-quality.In order to deepen this integration on the Mac, we use Mac-specific software workloadoptimization The architecture of M1 is the same as the way to build iOS and iPadOS to take full advantage ofour A-series chips. macOS Big Suris built to take full advantage of M1. To understand how it opens up new experiences and functions, lets give the time to Craig. For the first time since we were able to design macOS for our own chip, I am very excitedthat this will bring extraordinary significance to this software platform. Our latest release of macOS Big Suron M1 is absolutely stunning. Big Sur introduces a bold new design. Bring powerful new features to apps such as Safari and messaging, as well as the latest improvements in our industry-leading privacy features. By designing the entire system, including hardware and software, we can make your favorite aspects of Macbetter. Now Mac can immediately Being awakened from sleep islike iPhone and iPad. Let me demonstrate, but first let us create an atmosphere. Isnt it cool? Because of the existence of M1, the things you do every day, such as launching all kinds of apps, are almost instantaneous, but the already super fast Safari browser shines on Apple Silicon. Now the running speed of JavaScript hasincreased by 1.5 times and the response speed has increased by nearly two. The entire system runs extremely fastand the system animation is very smooth. M1’s ultra-high speed coupled with macOS technology such as Metal provides a huge impetus for apps that perform various complex calculations. You can easily render 3D animationsor edit RAW video clips One of the secrets behind this breakthrough performance is M1’s unified memory architecture.We built macOS on Apple Siliconto use the same data format to process video decoding, graphics processor, and display content, so there is no need for complex copying or translation macOS Provides an unprecedented graphics card memory for the app, which brings breakthrough performance. From 6K video color correction to image-intensive games to real-time machine learning inference. Big Sur also has advanced performance management. This function can intelligently adjust the performance and Tasks are distributed among energy efficiency cores.Automatically optimize light tasks such as reading notes or heavy tasks such as playing games. Therefore, Mac can provide you with quiet and stable performanceand longer battery life. In terms of safety, theM1 also brings a huge leap. Over the years, wehave been committed to continuously improving the high level of computing security on iOS. Through M1, we have brought this architecture to the Mac. This not only includes secure bootand automatic high-performance encryption for all files with hardware verification, but also includes a series of brand new Security protection measures have been built into the code execution framework of M1 to bring security protection that has never been seen in personal computers.MacOS Big Sur is carefully designed to make full use of all the performance and functions of M1, and all of this also retainsmacOS, which is deeply loved. Of course, we have also optimizedall the apps we designed for M1. From all the apps that come with the macOS system to all other apps developed by Apple, apps like Pages, Numbers,Keynote, library band, and iMovie are shown to us. With the excellent performance of M1, for example, you can run up to three times as many instruments and effect plug-ins when using Logic Pro, while Final Cut Pro canquickly complete various tasks, such as rendering complex timelines up to 6 times faster. We look forward to your freedom. Creative creativity macOS Big Sur has excellent technology that allows you to run more More apps in the past are Universal apps. Simply put,Universal apps are the fastest and most powerful app you can get.Universal apps includea native binary version of Apple Silicon and a native version of an Intel processor. For an app, you can download the app from the App Storeor from the Internet. This means that an appcan run on all Macs. Developers are very excited when they are ready to release Universal apps. For example, Omni Group has brought the Universal version of Adobe to all its excellent Mac apps. The Universal version of the app will be available from Lightroom next month and other flagship apps including Photoshop will be launched early next year. Big Sur has a great new technology for the existing app that has not been upgraded to Universal :Rosetta 2 in M1 Rosetta can seamlesslyrun apps built on Intel-based Macs on the system, so even if there is no app update, you can continue to complete the Fusion 360 project.You can also get a more advanced experience in your favorite games. Thanks to Metal and M1, some of the graphics processing requirements are extremely high. The performance of the high app under Rosetta actually runsbetter than on the previous Mac with integrated graphics. Its really incredible . The transition to M1 is also a good thing for developers. M1 extends their common use on iPhone and iPad. Architecture so they can optimize the code for the entire ecosystem. These new Macs can dothings that have never been achieved before.For the first time in history, you can runyour favorite iPhone and iPad apps directly on the Mac. You will have more More playable games,more watchable content, and other apps to help you. In short, you canget an unprecedented collection of apps on your Mac. As developers continue to develop new apps for M1, the situation will only get more and more. Well, here are some developers who have already taken action (we can use Apple’s M1 chip) (what to do? ) Hey -Hi-Hey you are here-hello , world.-hello, world. I work for Panic Company -Cinema 4D-Baldur’s Gate III I have been working at Adobe for more than 20 years. At Panic, we develop Mac software for kids The programmed app “mmhmm” makes people less boring during video calls when we first heard that theMac will be equipped with Apple Silicon…We announced that the Mac will transition to… Our own Apple Silicon, great! Thats awesome . -Its just a word… -Niu We are waiting for this special moment. What does this mean for desktop computers? A device that we all think is very familiar. Theygot the first batch of developer tools as soon as they announced it. This was the easiest transition ever. It took us a day to prepare our app on Apple Silicon on the Mac. Itreally only took us a day. Migrate without having to do it -press the “Run” button-it took me 10 minutes and we have this, this and this -bang!-Wow! You’ll find out right away that it’s very fast.We can operate faster. Some operations are really amazing. “Select subject”. We see that this operation is 8 times faster. We canenjoy high-resolution textures in Forgotten Realms. The texture will not appear delayed -the rendering speed can reach…-twice as fast and three times as fast -four times-eight times -ten times-much faster (very fast) everyone will definitely be surprised that black technology is at work I dont know what it feels like its super smooth and super smooth. Its not necessary to be so fanatical -for us, the point has always been…- The more powerful the computer, thehappier we can have fun in the app. For example, we can use Core ML to automatically detect hands. Position editing 8K RAW material with thousands of layers and millions of objects. Almost unlimited interactive rotation and zooming.We can continue to zoom in and continue to zoom in. We have now zoomed in 100 million times. My dream future… Let me see Crystal Ball ‘s seamless workflow from mobile phones or iPads to Macs breaks the limit in every aspect. Opening oversized files is just an instant. Seeing the new realm that you create is unrestricted , we thought it was out of reach. The future has come and this will create a huge sensation. What else can’t be done with a Mac equipped with Apple Silicon? Its really a good question. Its amazing to see developers taking full advantage of the excellent performance and features of M1 and Big Sur. We cant wait to seethem redefine the app.Its handed over to you. The combination of John M1 and macOS Big Sur issuper exciting. This really takes the Mac to the next level. Now that we haveall the technology needed for a new generation of Mac, it s time to launch the first Mac equipped with M1. The energy efficiency of the M1 on this productallows you to change everything and enjoy it. M1’s new MacBook Air. The day when the first MacBook Airwas taken out of the envelope, it defined a thin and light laptop. Since then,this Mac has been loved by our users. Now with the breakthrough performance of M1, the new MacBook Air will be completely new. Redefining the limits of what a thin and light laptop can do. Laura will give you a detailed introduction. MacBook Air is our most popular Mac. It is the best-selling 13-inch notebook users love its excellent retina display. Excellent daily performance and Super portability, everything is integrated in its neat wedge-shaped design. Now more and more users are working at home, remote learning,and keeping in touch with the world through MacBook Air. This makes performance and battery life important. We are very excited. M1 is thefirst ever chip built for Mac that allows MacBook Air to do things that were impossible before on such a thin and light notebook.8 extremely powerful cores drive the performance of the central processing unit to a new height. The speed is higher than the previousgeneration. Up to 3.5 times improvement, whether you are editing family photos or exporting videos in iMovie thatwill be placed on the website, the new MacBook Air can easily cope with the use of Lightroom.Users can manage huge RAW libraries at an unprecedented speed. Turn MacBook Air intoa mobile photography workstation. With the fastest integrated graphics card, it can be equipped with up to 8-core MacBook Air. The graphics processing performance can be increased byup to 5 times. This is the biggest breakthrough we have achieved on MacBook Air. Users can be higher. Enjoy the image-intensive immersive game with a high frame rate. From then on, users can edit multiple full-quality 4K ProRes videos without dropping frames. This is an incredible innovation for such a thin and light notebook. When comparing the MacBook Air with the same The new MacBook Air isup to 3 times faster than the best-selling Windows notebook. What Im watching isthat the MacBook Air equipped with M1 is faster than 98% of the notebooks sold last year.Now lets talk about the neural network engine equipped with 16-core machine learning. The ability of the previous generation MacBook Air isup to 9 times faster. Many apps such as Final Cut Procan use machine learning functions such as Smart Conform to help users intelligently edit videos. It can complete tasks in a very short time. The speed can be up to 2 times the SSD, which improves storage performance thanks to M1. The latest storage controllerand the latest flash memory technology can quickly complete tasks such as previewing high-resolution large pictures or importing large files. The amazing energy efficiency of the industry-leading M1 chip is coupled with the performance management of macOS Big Sur. The new MacBook The excellent performance of Airis achieved without a fan.No matter how heavy the task is,MacBook Air can do it silently (no noise design). Such efficient energy efficiency also bringsexcellent battery life up to 15 hours. Up to 18 hours of web browsing under the wireless network of the MacBook Air is 6 hours longer than before. Even if a video conference with fast power consumption is carried out, the use time on a single chargecan be up to 2 times longer than before. This is the MacBook Air so far Thelongest battery life so far. We know that the image qualityof the camera becomes more important when users are in remote contact with friends, family and colleagues. With the arrival of the M1, we are very happy to equip the Mac withApples latest image signal processor.The image signal processor’s noise reduction effect is better, and thedynamic range is wider to make the image clearer. More details in shadows and highlights are displayed. It is also equipped with machine learning to enhance facial recognition.Optimized automatic white balance allows you to see better during FaceTime video calls. Naturally , everything looks so amazing on this 13-inch retina display. This generation of display supports P3 wide color gamut display to make the image more agile and lifelike. In addition, with the M1 security compartmentand Big Sur MacBook Air, it provides functions such as Touch ID.First-class security protection makes it more convenient to unlock your Mac. You can use Apple Payto pay securely online. In summary, all these powerful functionsand unprecedented performance are integrated in this neat wedge-shaped design. With the help of M1 and Big Sur.The MacBook Air is built to make all other thin and light existances that are beyond the reach of performance.A qualitative leap in performance. The MacBook Air is fully loaded with new features. Thestarting price is still $999. Education The preferential price starts at only US$899. This high cost performance is that the new MacBook Air is powered by M1 and brings amazing performance. The fastest CPU can reach 3.5 times. Thefastest 5 times the graphics processor is integrated in the A quiet, fanless design is also equipped with a lifelike retina display, which improves the quality of the cameraand incredible battery life. The battery life can reach 18 hours. TheMacBook Air is the longest MacBook Air of all generations. The MacBook Air redefines the performance of a thin and light notebook. The limit I can do, return the time to you John, this brand new MacBook Air is a great review of the improvements we have made.Our most popular Mac is now equipped with M1, which has a performance that exceeds98% of the laptop batteries sold last year. The battery life has been greatly improved. At the same time, we also removed the fan. Is it incredible that it has outstanding performance and portability? This is the best MacBook Air to date, but dont worry, we also brought the M1 toanother popular one. Welcome to the Mac. Stay tuned. This is the new Mac mini. The M1’s SoC chip design brings extremely high integration so that we can put so many performances and functions into such a compact design. Below, Julie will introduce the Mac in detail. The compact size of the mini contains an outstanding desktop-level Mac experience. Our users love its excellent performance. Various connectivity and iconic design. More importantly, users love its versatility.Therefore, the Mac mini can be seen everywherefrom home. From office to home theater, photography to rendering studio, Mac mini now uses M1, completely revolutionizing the functions thathighly integrated desktop computers can provide . M1 equipped with 8-core central processing unit makes Mac minis central processing unit thesame as the previous generations 4-core The version is up to 3 times higher than the version. This is a milestone improvement in the performance of the Mac mini’s central processing unit. If you are a developer andneed to compile millions of lines of code in Xcode or a musician needs to use Logic Proto enjoy The performance of this device never dropped. The 8-core graphics processor has brought a super-high 6-fold increase in graphics performance to the Mac mini. This will allow users to complete previously impossible tasks on the Mac mini, such asdesigning an image in Unity. Intensive games, even after the design is completed,further increase the graphics settings to enjoy the excellent game “Baldur’s Gate 3” compared with its compact design.The performance of the Mac mini is beyond imagination.If you take the Ma Compared with the best-selling desktops of the same price, the c mini Mac mini is only one-tenth of its volume, but it can deliver up to 5 times the performance. The Mac mini makes competing products beyond the dust. There are more exciting next! M1 brings the neural network engine to the Mac mini, which greatly improves machine learning capabilities. Compared with the previous generation, it has up to 15 times themachine learning performance improvement. This means that the new Mac mini will make every effort to speed upthe innovations brought by various machine learning. Features such as using Pixelmator Pro toinstantly increase the image resolution, making the image clearer and more detailed, Mac mini has also becomea good helper for developers, scientists, and engineers to benefit from deep learning technologies such as TensorFlow or Create ML The technical performance of the M1 has also been improved. With the Mac minis advanced heat dissipation design, the M1 can give full play to its performance and easily maintain the excellent performance while keeping the Mac mini calm. When it comes to connectivity, theMac mini provides a series of I/O interfaces including Two USB-Cports support both Thunderbolt and USB 4.You can connect a series of external devices including Pro Display XDR with full image quality 6K resolution. With the M1 chip and Big Sur, our most versatile Macis now fully loaded with unimaginable performance. Performance and incredible new features, while providing such strong performance and features, the Mac mini starts at only $699. Compared with the previous generation, the Mac mini is $100 lower than the previous generation. No other desktop computer can bring this to users at this price. Eye-catching performance. This is our powerful new Mac mini equipped with M1 chip. The performance has been greatly improved. The central processing unit can be increased by up to 3 times. Thegraphics processor can be increased by up to 6 times. The neural network enginecan improve the machine learning performance by up to Up to 15 times the new Mac mini is an excellent desktop computer.The versatility and performance are the strongest in all generations. Now I will return the time to John. This is really the strongest Mac mini we have launched. Thanks to the excellent graphics processing capabilities integrated in the M1. This new Mac mini will bring high performance and general-purpose computing previously impossible to achieve in such a compact design. This is a unique Mac mini, but we have not stopped here. Everyone has seen the high energy efficiency and high integration of the M1. The powerful functions and performance brought to the MacBook Air and Mac mini are enough to be the chip choice for our other popular Mac. The perfect Mac for many creative professionals. This is the new generation of 13-inch MacBook Pro equipped with M1. Chip Our most popular andmost cost-effective MacBook Pro has overturned your expectations of compactpro-class laptops. Please Shruti for the big Home details 13-inch MacBook Prois very popular among its kind and attracts different types of users. Students rely on it to complete university studies.Professionals can use it to enhance creativity and create amazing works. Users like it because of its powerful performance.And the gorgeous display is all contained in a neat, portabledesign that is less than 3 kg. With the M1 chip, the 13-inch MacBook Pro becomes more powerful and the professional 8-core central processing unit increases the operating speedby up to 2.8 times. For those using Xcode For developers,this will bring a revolutionary change . The speed at which they write apps is 3 times faster than in the past. Photographers using Photoshop can apply filters and effects on high-resolution photos at an unprecedented speed. In terms of graphics, 8-core graphics The processor speed can beincreased by up to 5 times, so whether you use Shapr3D to design new products or create an immersive new world in Cinema 4D, the new MacBook Pro can easily control the speed as fast as the best-sellingWindows laptops of the same level.3 times. In fact, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro can achieve functions that other compactpro-class laptops less than 3 times can not achieve. For example,playing 8K ProRes full-quality video in DaVinci Resolve will not have any frame loss. In machine learning Its performance is very good thanks to the neural network engine, which isup to 11 times faster than the previous generation of machine learning. This means that the new 13-inch MacBook Pro is thefastest and most compact for device-side machine learning tasks that use the neural network engine. The new MacBook Pro isalso equipped with an active cooling system, which makes it easy to handle intensive tasks while maintaining excellent professional performance. For example, converting video codes in Compressor not only has such excellent computing power . The battery life is even more amazing. Thanks to Big Sur running efficiently on the M1 chip. The new MacBook Pro can provideup to 17 hours of web browsing under wireless networks and up to 20 hours of video playback. In 10 hours, this is the longest battery life in the history of the Mac series .The combination of ultra-high performance and excellent battery life will make the productivity of our professional users soar. For example, software developers can write four times the previous code with a single charge. The new MacBook Pro is also equipped witha studio-grade microphone that optimizes the signal-to-noise ratio, so whether you are doing FaceT The sound quality of ime callsand recordings is very clear thanks to theadvanced image signal processor of the M1 chip. When users and colleagues make video calls, the video will be clearer and less grainy. In low light conditions, there will be better contrast and details.With the help of Big Sur and In the security compartment, you will enjoy ultra-high-level security featuressuch as activation lock , which can provide protection even if your Mac is lost or stolen. Finally,with the help of two Thunderbolt ports that support USB 4, the new MacBook Procan connect more external devices. The design includes the Pro Display XDR with full image quality 6K resolution. These surprisingly significant leaps in performance, new features, and battery life are still all contained in a portable design less than 3 kg. The Big Sur and M1 chips are the core13 The inch MacBook Pro breaks the performance limit of compact pro-classlaptops. With all these features and new features, the new MacBook Pro is priced at only $1,299. The educational discount price is $1,199 . It is a great value for students and professionals. The new MacBook Pro is equipped with the M1 chip.Our most popular MacBook Pro has rapidly improved thecentral processing unit, graphics processor and machine learning performance, plus studio-grade microphones and optimized camera performance.Its battery life isalso the longest of all Macs. This is not only a comprehensive upgrade of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, itis the ultimate expression of the powerful performance of the M1 chip. The Mac experience you are familiar with and like, but it has become faster and better in many ways. These systems provide a CPU with aperformance increase of up to 3 times and a graphics processor with a performance increase of up to 6 times. This is a new product in the past. The most significant improvement in the media has ported many excellent features of iPad and iPhoneto the Mac, such as instant wake-up, long battery life, and performance improvement of up to 15 times.Machine learning performance and industry-leading security systems are built on the same architecture. Mac can take advantage of the vibrant software ecosystem that covers the world. We are also very proud of these products. These products are adhering to our carbon neutral concept during the design process. The most environmentally friendly energy is the energy that is not used.Thanks to the efficient M1 chip . The energy consumption of the product is used. Reduce to 60%. Although there is still a lot we can do, we are excited to make such progress and rebuild our three most popular and most cost-effective Mac laptops.It is exciting and even more exciting is that the new MacBook Air, Mac mini and MacBook Pro can be ordered from today. It will be fully available next week. macOS Big Sur will officially launch a new system equipped with the M1 chip this Thursdayto join our other The Mac product line includes some of the blockbuster products we launched last year, making up the most powerful Mac lineup to date. The transition to the Apple Silicon chip will have a profound impact on the Mac. It will bring unprecedented performance and functionality. This journey will take several years.We still have a long way to gobut we have successfully taken the first step. We are proud of our new family of products. We cant waitto see how our users will use them. Now Im going to return the time to Tim.But before that, we made a short video for the new Mac. Hope you all like it (the creator of the new generation) (Meet the new Mac). The original boot sound is back? I like this… the sound -this chip-I saw “Apple M1” -it’s the Apple chip!-Its so cool. Then I started to use it. Its just a second. The reaction is super fast. Wow, its really fast. It feels fun.-I clicked. The8 core hasnt gotten hot at all in such a small computer. The cool battery lasts longer than the time I have been awake in a day.There is no noise. I cant hear anything. What s very satisfying is thatwhen you show others the progress of work, they say: “I want this…”Then you Its done very quickly. “Awesome”. You can meet the needs of customers faster. In my opinion, its like magic. Operation on MacBook Airmeans it’s more convenient. I’m addicted. Oh, so fast! Its incredible. This is undoubtedly a very important day for Mac and Apple. Only bold changes can achieve this level of leap. The M1 chip is the most powerful chip we have built so far. It makes the new generation of Mac faster and new. Features and long battery life, and allows Mac to run more software. This isthe reason why we transitioned from Mac to Apple Silicon. At Apple, our mission is to createproducts that play an important role in peoples lives. 2020 is a lot ofA year that is unique in all respects.We are deeply inspired by the strength, tenacity and creativity displayed by people all over the world. We are also very proud that our team has created such an excellent product in such a challenging period. We look forward to it. How will you use these products? We are also looking forward to bringing you a better experience in 2021. Thank you for watching, I wish you peace and health, and I wish you a good day! Wait a minute, there’s another thing. Hi, Im a PC . Do you have time to ask questions? Very good because I have a question. Why? Why are these improvements necessary?What’s the point? right? You are listening quietly now. I am a machine. I am proud to make this sound. This is my fan working. Longer battery life? Just plug it in. Where are you going? Just plug it in. Fast? Im pretty fast, dont believe you, Im still a treasured sword, and the PC can still run .(Preparation of hygiene and safety) (Daily health check and temperature check) (Regular examination of the host, actors andstaff) (Maintain appropriate social distancing at all times and actively monitor) (Provide masks for everyone) (except Host and actors in front of the camera) (Only the host, actors and staff) (On the production site) (When multiple hosts are shooting at the same time) (Isolate each other) (The production site has been thoroughly disinfected regularly) (Take all defensive measures) (to protect the host, actors, and all staff) (we followed) (all guidelines established by Santa Clara and Alameda counties) (and other health and safety measures) (hope you I like this show) (Be careful wherever you are) (Apple Special EventCupertino Apple Park).

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